Newbie How To: How Blocks work


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Sep 16, 2015
Hello newbies! Here you can learn what do the blocks do!

1. Blocks. They construct the structure of your Tech. There are:
GSO One-Five blocks. Currently only One-Three blocks are craftable.
Venture Short-Long blocks. They're lighter at a cost of health.
GeoCorp Short, Long and The Big One blocks. More HP than all GSO blocks together.

2. Weapons. They are the main point. No weapons = impossible to defeat opponents.
The GSO Cab has 2 lasers that are weaker STUD lasers.
ZK-47 "Kempykov" is a machine gun that is avaliable at start, when you land. Short range, good for mining blocks at a close range.
Narrow Gauge COIL Laser is a laser you obtain after you destroy Big Tony, as long as you didn't destroy it. Long range, great for sniping enemies. Cannot attack from sides and from behind.

COIL's counterpart is STUD Laser, front faced but stronger. Greater for sniping than COIL.

3Pound Canon fires heavy duty bullets at a slow rate of fire.

Megaton Cannon fires explosivo bulletos! Only for megatechs!

Venture has quickfire weapons. They are: Oozee Smg, Hail Fire Rifle and (coming soon) Pip MG.

3. Drills. Used for melee attacks and mining.
Venture has no drills, sorry! No hi-speed mining!

GSO has Mini Drills and Rock Drills. The former is for attacks, the latter is for mining.
GeoCorp? They have Cerberus Grinders, Diamond Ram and Hammer Piston. Full option.

4. Propulsion.
GSO has wheels (Dirt, Trekker, Hub), boosters and fuel (Popper, Big Poppa, Tetrox, Redux, Horn Steering) and wings.
Venture has the propeller, compressed tanks and stud boosters.
GeoCorp has megawheels.

5. Lights. No much use other than lighting the area and lagging the game.

6. Base parts.
Refinery is for refining crystals.
Delivery Cannon sells minerals and blocks. Refined sell for higher, much higher sells Alloys.
Foundry combines refined ingredients into alloys. Requires Plumbia and a alloyable mineral. The most valuable alloy is Pennia, sells for 888 BB.
Conveyors and Receivers are for receiving and moving minerals.
Generators produce electricity for batteries, bubbles and base parts.
Anchors allow for base building or creating sentries.
Fabricators create blocks with minerals or alloys.
Terminal allows for buying items.

More block types coming soon.
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