New UI is... not nice


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Sep 20, 2019
No offense to people who worked hard, but the new interface is jarring.

I like the layouit. But not the look. It's glaring and obtusive.

Worse, it does not match the existing UI.
Which does look good, AND it's what we are used to.
It looks a lot like the first early UI's.
It looks a lot like it was designed for a tablet. And that's not good.

Simple fix: Make it blue, and round off the corners so it matches what we have already. Add the white line back in.
And maybe make it a bit transparent. If possible.
And either shrink the icons, or let us choose the size or something.
Oh, and i think the 'which blacks do i need to spawn this thing' feature is missing.

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Jun 21, 2018
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I do think new UI need some refinement, mainly the inventory, the inventory is the most used bar in the game, but the new UI blocks a big portion of your view from your left, that makes building techs feels a bit unpleasant, maybe make transparency adjustable is a good idea, or at least give people option to switch back to old UI.


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Sep 20, 2019
Sure. Merege away. I don't kjnow how to do that, so someone will have to do it for me, or teach me how.

Yeah, i think it would be good to shrink down that side bar a bit.


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Jun 29, 2017
I believe this thread should be merged
Hey. I've been tending to do this less, recently. I mostly only did it to curate the bugs section, to keep that info more easily accessible for the devs, but they've not been visibly using that section much this year, so....

Also, as a forum poster I don't want to be swooping in with my moderator powers to kind of take ownership of *all* discussions. Much as I prefer to keep things together, having others spontaneously suggest similar issues may also carry more weight with devs, or get noticed more. Like, its not just players jumping on my bandwagon. (I'm not suggesting thread spam.)

Anyone is welcome to make a post in my thread, linked above, to link back here (and summarise the content, if you like).:)