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Discussion in 'Open' started by Redlegdaddy, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Redlegdaddy

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    1-How does damage propagate. If I deal 12 damage to block A and 10 damage destroys the block where does the remaining 2 damage go?
    2-The random Techs in the world are those made by players or are they set by the devs?
    3-What determines the size of the "wild" techs?
    4-Are the weight/health values of blocks and stats of the weapons listed anywhere?
  2. Zargn

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    First, yes the techs you find can be made by players or the devs. You can submit 3 techs each week to Community core where they try them out and if they like it then they add it to the game. This is a link to the Community core Thread:

    Second, I think that the techs that spawn is based on your current grades and the cost of your Tech.

    I think some people has tried to make a list of weight of blocks but i dont remember where. And I dont know the answer to your first question sadly.
  3. Dellamorte

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    Now I have some time I will try to fill you in;

    1. All the damage goes to one block, if that block is destroyed the "extra" damage does not go to the next block. The exception to this is weapons with AOE (area of effect) damage that can cover many block but the same basic rules apply.

    2. Yes the Techs are player made for the most part, some are made by the devs but not many.

    3. Enemy spawns are based on your licence level for the corp also the blocks you have on your Tech. The number and type of blocks count but each block has a "value" in the game that is used to scale things.

    4. These values are not shown any where in the game yet, there is plans for a blockpedia block that will be added at some stage. This will have all the values like weight, health, weapon damage etc.

    I hope this helps, if you need more information post and I am sure someone will add to this.

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