New player here - first impressions and feedback


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Jun 28, 2018
Hello all,

I started playing this game a few days ago after having seen a youtube video about it. Here are my first impressions about it. (in no particular order)

  • Physics: The almost instant braking of a huge (by newbie standards maybe) GeoCorp vehicle feels a bit unrealistic if you take the enormous mass into account. Being a mountain of 10 X 5 X 4 of pure GC block steel one would expect more inertia... although then evading those trees made out of the hardest grade of titanium might be even more difficult. Accleration also sometimes feels a bit to speedy for such a heap of mass.
  • Physics: Suspension work also feels a bit to fast when braking this hard. One would imagine that the - overburdened by braking - front wheel suspension would "aftersway" somewhat after such a hard braking that distributed most of the techs weight to the front.
  • Physics: I understand that wheels are meant to be balanced differently but sometimes they feel quite underpowered.... fully flattened rock ressources still causing significant impairment. Or comparable "modest" hills being all but impossible to traverse.
  • SFX - Plasma cutter look AWESOME! :)
  • SFX - Laser guns look terrible unimpressive... could they not be more like the Plama cutters?
  • Graphics - zooming out of my - admitedly very large - GC techs makes bases and nearby tech look unsharp and low resolution. Even at medium settings.
  • There is no map which makes finding your stuff again a serious pain. Or you end up at the trading station (the one where you get the turret) instead of one where you can deliver your ressources or had your gear laying arround.
  • SCU inventory comes to late imho... also based on reading this topic:

    The heart ache of having to leave behind all those shiny blocks from defeated enemies - and one time my shattered remains - is real. Having no inventory but to stuff your main ride with all of it

    The pain of collecting them all.... and creating more than one frankenstein build in the process... not to mention overloading my already overburdened wheels even more was really frustrating until I get at least the trade station SCU. The magnet helped but it still causes - realistic mind you - weight issues.
  • The lack of map also made it impossible to find my solar power plant again which meant that until basically level 3 I had zero repair bubbles or shield capability, further making me shy away from combat.
  • Missions like crafty business seem to - possible - appear a bit to to much based on the luck of being at the proper trading station. I was in desperate search for it for over a day before finally getting the part unlocks that I wanted. Or remotly understanding how all this production stuff works.
  • Uncertainess of finding it again and risk enemy attacks so far have made my shy away from creating a base.
  • Still no map means I am at random guesswork where to find the biome that contains the needed ressource for my GC mission. Exploring isnt the most fun activity when your lumbering beast struggles with every single modest hill. Not to mention the terror of running into an invasion area and then running like hell (I mean as far as running like hell for a GC behemoth goes;)) from it because you are down to a few mining tools that dont look to promising to wield against an unkown.. imposing enemy.
  • Speaking of enemies... my heavy favouring of GC over GSO in my early game might be partially responsible for this.... but there is this jump. One second you fight puny techs that would fit neatly in your cargo hold and then 2 minutes later you are greated by a 4 GC block high wall of coil lasers that shreds you into the dust in less than 10 seconds.


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May 29, 2018
1) Gotta minecraft it. You don't have a map but you do have coords on your short range scanner. A map's already been suggested by many.

2) Agreed on the SCU. I had a friend who was going insane because a) no SCU tech and b) no SCU equipped trading posts were being generated in his game (weird, I know).

3) I always assumed crafty pete missions had some pattern to them but, truth be told, I just killed a hella bunch of GSO techs and was constantly outpacing the rewards/buildings from mike's missions.

4) Mike's missions teach you a few things about building, but nothing you can't figure out on your own. But yes, considering it's a tutorial you should always have a fresh tutorial mission available when you end the previous one.

5) I only get invasions on the desert and nowhere else. Assuming that holds true for everyone.. don't go into the desert ;)

6) GC vehicles do seem to have all the size and megatons, for some reason. A well build tech with basic weapons can still take them out though. Zero gravitas like adding "arms " to the vehicle for extra weapon space, I prefer a more naval approach :)
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