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Dec 27, 2022

I recently picked this game up with a few friends, and apart from a few issues we've had the game has been fun.

The main issue we've had is the button layout and control mechanics with hovers and helicopters. The binding options (console) make efficient control for hovers and helicopters impossible. Additional issues such as controls becoming inverted when there is no inverted option checked on any vehicles makes things even worse. Not sure why that is happening.

Another issue I've come across is hover drifting. I started building a small to medium build, making sure its perfectly symmetrical, and checking its balance and maneuverability along the way. Towards the end, the hover started to drift. I started removing the parts I added from last to first, keeping the removals symmetrical, and checking the build along the way. I had to remove almost every piece I added before the hover regained its balance and stopped drifting, way past the point it started drifting at, and beyond point it would previously be balanced at. This was a lot of wasted time. The only thing I can come up with is that it takes some time before the game implements the behavior of the pieces added to the hover.

Regarding controls becoming Inverted (PSN). I have to either set my hover/heli to car control scheme in order for it to stop steering inverted or reset controls to default. Otherwise, messing with the hover/heli (not sure about airplane) yaw/turning control scheme makes the left controller stick permanently inverted for some reason (checking the inverted option doesn't make a difference). Also, for those wondering, builds have nothing to do with this particular issue. The builds available in creative mode, already made by the game, have the same issue.

Missing blocks. Not sure why this happens but it has cost me quite a bit of time trying to figure out why blocks from saved techs go missing, and having to rebuild techs from scratch because of this issue.

The last issue id like to mention is that the game has "hiccups", it freezes for a moment, but it happens very often no matter the size of the build im operating or how many techs I have out.

Some of the above issues have cause some of my friends to drop the game all together.

Everything else is great! I like the biomes, the build complexity. I like that I can make a mobile base! The quests are pretty cool, the lab missions are fun, trying to get past lasers and all. Pretty fun game overall.

Don't let this game die out, keep up the good work!

Some suggestions:

Id like to see some of the previous campaign missions repeat at a certain point. Like the mission where you get the auto mining tech. Im not sure what I did with my mining tech but I can not find another one anywhere, none of the stations sell one. So im stuck not being able to mine at all. This is on coop campaign. Please correct me if coop campaign doesn't feature mining.

I strongly recommend revisiting button layout, binding options, and overall maneuverability (for consoles at least), and adding more binding options and a bit of polish.

Hovers and helis can use better maneuverability. Plenty of games out there feature sharp, accurate hover and helicopter maneuverability. You can toss this up as a build issue, but ive built enough to know maneuverability can be better.

Id like to have a tech blueprint spawn option. That way when blocks go randomly missing, or even destroyed, I can spawn the blueprint of my tech and replace the blocks that are missing with other blocks in my inventory.

Id like to be able to upload my builds to a section of the game where other players can see, and even copy them. A place where you can browse and search for different builds by name, manufacturer type, and such.

Some large enemy outposts in the world would be fun to tackle in solo or with friends.

Walls, roads and buildings would be a nice addition for base building. Where we can build research facilities for different tech such as base defense turrets. I understand we can already build defenses in a particular area, but building a base with walls would be nice.

Seasons might not be a bad idea. I know some players don't like seasons but they can be fun and come with incentive to play when done right.

Ill stop here. Enjoy the Holidays!


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Feb 7, 2016
Hello all from the first who created the scales in this game))

I will support Gameflow about tech button layouts

It`s really annoying to pick up needed layout again and again, when you load plane instead of automobile or etc.

When layouts will have more settings, like different sensivity on axis, and if techs will have their own presets, the game will be way more comfortable.