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Nov 1, 2019

Near the endgame, you have this wealth of one blocks and two blocks. Your task is to build a new tech that has at least 1000 one blocks and 500 two blocks that gets around with at least 250 wheels. You can also use GC Basic and Long blocks instead of one and two blocks, since they are technically the one and two blocks of Geocorp. The one blocks and two blocks can be from any corporation, so if you only have 200 one blocks from each corporation, you could get it. The only thing is, you have to have at least one block from each corporation. You also must build it from scratch, you cannot build onto an existing Tech. This gets nastier if you have maxed out all 5 corporations: You also need a way to anchor it and all 5 payload terminals.


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Tech Hunting Mission :

- A prospector's base in this area was raided by a scavenging tech and made off with several valuable items. The victim has provided the coordinates of their raided base and stated that the thief was heading [direction of travel N/S/E/W]. They have a reward for anyone able to return their property.

> Accept mission
> First marker leads player to the raided base.
> Player must travel off in the direction given by a neutral tech waiting at the base
> After traveling in that direction for idk... 500m the player will find a marker of some kind indicating that the thief was there. Potentially a bunch of knocked over trees indicating a direction of travel.
> After going in that direction player eventually finds several random blocks in a trail
> following the block trail will either lead too...

A) The thief tech that needs to be killed or bartered with for the raided base blocks

B) A scene where the thief tech was apparently stolen from itself with extra parts scattered everywhere around it and none of the raided base blocks in sight. Thief is neutral and can be asked what happened.

C) Thief is nowhere to be found. He got away. (leaving the "End point" area or staying within x number of meters of the endpoint for too long will proceed the mission)

If B or C the mission will change too be completed by giving the raided prospector blocks the player has made/purchased (He'll never know) by placing them on the raided base.

If A the mission will be completed by placing the retrieved base blocks from the thief on the prospector's base. Indicated blocks cannot be picked up by SCU, used for crafting, or scraping, and will not despawn unless the mission is canceled*
Geo Corp Cargo Courier Mission :

- A Geo Corp outpost nearby is requesting the service of any courier in the area to deliver several compressed resource chunk blocks to a [storage facility/Fuel depo/production plant] about 10km away for [Safekeeping/generating power for an underground mine/a new drill head needed at a strip mine]. The trip will be difficult but they are paying well.

>Accept mission
>First marker leads player to a small Geo Corp outpost
>A waiting neutral tech will greet the player and ask if they are the one who signed on as a courier.
>Player is given 10-20 Geo Compressed resource blocks, and a marker 10 km away (Type of resource is based on delivery site)
>Given resource blocks cannot be picked up by SCU, used for crafting, or scraping, and will not despawn unless the mission is canceled*
>Player must figure out how to move the cargo to the destination any way possible.
>Player's end reward is based on the number of blocks that actually make it to the delivery site.

At the delivery site a neutral tech will be waiting outside a building and will search the player's tech for the cargo. Their response will be dependent on the number of blocks that make it, and will then request that they be placed on a conveyor leading into the building to complete the contract.
Operation Turbo Dominant Eagle :

- Sargent Smash is currently in the operating area and is requesting that you meet him ASAP. An enemy sky fortress was spotted by a recon team and he is planning on you being able to bring it down given your past rep sheet. It too high up for any ground based weapons to hit it so it might be a good idea to bring a flyer of some kind.

>Accept mission
>Player Is given marker to meet the Sargent
>Sargent gives briefing
>Player needs to fly up to the base and shoot out its hover pads
>base is defended by small floating drones (basically a small hover but with a height boost so it can hover that high and the AI will still understand how to move and chase the player) Weapons can be anything that can at least hit and aircraft

When all hover pads are destroyed the floating fortress falls to the ground and explodes on impact, payment is made. Sargent is complementing on the explosion's beauty. ect...

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Aug 15, 2018
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How about an assortment of Bounty missions?
GSO want's Crafty Mike for Licensing misuse ...
Geo Corp, has Questions for Big Pete regarding his time card.
Hawkeye wants Sergeant Slaughter to com in for his yearly Evaluation.
Venture Corp has Questions for Suzie about unsponsored races.
One of Better Future's Hubble Vendors is malfunctioning and dropping random techs with out getting paid.


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Dec 28, 2016
Cloak and dagger:
High rewards mission/license-granting mission one of the remaining factions (Junkers, Reticule, Legion). Perhaps even a fork.

The context for the mission (quest giver Reticule or Legion): "A group of prospectors from our corporation has defected and landed on this planet, and we want to know their whereabouts and eliminate them before they become a threat to us. The first step for that is espionage. And how does this relate to you? Well, you see, you've earned quite a name for yourself on this planet, and we think you're the best one for this job. We have captured one of their techs and the driver is *ahem* taken care of. We have dropped it off nearby. Go to the marked location to pick it up to proceed with the mission."

So the player picks up the tech and heads toward the group. Upon arriving, the group leader asks where (name), who is the player's alias, went. After a few questions and answers, the player gets accepted into the group 'again'.

Turns out, the defected group has joined a new faction, the junkers. Most of the groups' techs are a messy mix of Junker parts and Legion/Reticule parts.

During the time the player spent with the group, the player rises in the ranks, at first doing harvesting jobs assigned by higher-ups, but the importance of the tasks slowly increase. During the time the player is working for the defected group, the player is periodically requested to go to a quiet area and report back to the quest-giver, for parts and reward. The final part of this cloak and dagger mission will be to lead an assault on the base belonging to the quest-giver which will unroot the only leg the quest-giver's faction has on this planet (for now). You may think that obviously the player (you) will choose to report this to the quest-giver, but it is not that straightforward and simple.

During the time spent with the defectors, the player learns the faults of the quest-giver, and also the sorrow of the defectors. Like maybe one of the stories would be that the defectors were sent on a mission to destroy a caravan of unarmed techs, families of mothers and children onboard fleeing from a region that was controlled by the quest-giver. Just little things like this which make the players question whether he/she should really be supporting the quest-giver corporation.

The player has two options to choose:
-report the assault to the quest-giving corporation, and join them in defending it, OR
-Join the defectors' cause.

Keep in mind that this does not lock any license away. In essence, this mission allows the player to chooose which faction they want to obtain first.

Ughhhh my brain hurts theres too many plot holes