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Jul 13, 2018
Nice! I really like it when the community has a say in things!

My ideas would probably be discovery-based missions, similar to the ones with crates. The idea of finding things across biomes is really awesome, and I felt hurt when the old system of finding a tractor beam full of a specific block was removed, as I have fond memories of finding 6 GEO Tractor Pads while rock crawling up a mountain back when I played TerraTech off a USB Drive.

Incentivising these missions to discover crates or the tractor columns full of unique blocks would be nice.
I also haven't seem much of a variety of airship enemies, so developing AI that can handle airships and placing them along a slightly more straightforward BF Air race would be pretty interesting.
If the AI could handle planes as well, an interesting choice would be an aerial defense test - see if the player flying tech could make it through a start gate, ward off a large amount of small, single-gun planes, with the intent of having AA guns or turrets mounted with other guns that are Mission-Neutral techs shoot them down, thus becoming either a "Survive" mission where the player has to shoot them down and fly over their own defences to aid that, or to take them out with their own aircraft. The mission thus has three endings: Failure to survive, surviving by shooting down all of the following enemies, or surviving by lasting long enough to complete the "course" and having other turrets take the enemies out for you.
This mission could also be played over the ground as other people have mentioned - making yourself chased for once by allowing your tech to enter an area and then be chased by another tech until it loses interest or you destroy it. The mission would thus have two endings: Take care of the well-defended tech that has the intention of picking blocks off you until you can't move, or gain enough distance, like @Sozin put it, that the tech "loses interest" of you. I would suggest a distance rather than a time, because you could be fairly close when the timer runs out, and it would feel like a cheaty ending. This would also prioritize the mission for speed rather than a mixed combination as the missions where you chase another tech tend to require, as you need to gain a lead on the enemy rather than just survive, causing requirements of yourself to be set considerably higher, as the mission won't end until you're capable of losing them. The mission thus has three ways to play, and an ending for each: A fast combination that can keep you ahead of the enemy's guns so you can fire back and slowly cripple the enemy to run away from them, or losing the enemy with sheer speed, or bringing a tank and cleaning the enemy out, despite the spawning of an enemy that should be slow but considerably more powerful.
A Venture mission in which you have to bring a tech that can sustain a ludicrous speed or greater, such as 140MPH for a few seconds in order to pass through a gauntlet of evenly spaced turrets that are trying to take you apart. The size limit shouldn't be the gate, but the turrets, so there's a sort of border as to how close you'd prefer to be to a turret, not a limit.

Also, this mission only spawns in Salt Flats. we want to be difficult, but not cruel to players.
It needs to have a mission description with "Remember that one bus in that one movie? Well, 50 MPH is too slow. Run this gauntlet of turrets at [number] MPH."

I also really like the use of @Aardvark123's idea of delivery. It would give another use to Scrap magnets.


Nov 10, 2019
A delivery mission would be cool, the way I see it going is you accept the mission from the trade station and it spits out a block (lets say one of those cool new blocks that might be coming up in the block suggestion thread like the radar/speedometer in one blocks, or just anything really) you have to get that block to X location (can be timed, not timed) but if it is timed then you could see that before accepting so you can get your tech ready.
The catch is your weapons are disabled while you are on this mission/during the time limit (these modifiers might be a reason to always have some kind of time limit on this mission so that it is always a temporary "debuff")
The catch is flying/hovering is disabled
Regen bubbles and/or shields are disabled
Have increased enemy spawn
You could have a "boss" tech spawn at the deliver location
Other interesting mission modifiers that people here can come up with.

If an enemy kills your cab, or destroy the block then you lose and you have to try and get the block from another mission when it comes up again.

The reward is you get access to that block from the terminal/trade stations (as in this block will ALWAYS be for sale at the trade station not randomly in there) of the corresponding Corp, and able to craft it.

There are a lot of blocks you could "unlock" this way, there would be a sense of progression, and I think it would be more fun to "earn" the block rather than just going from trade station to trade station and hope the block I want is in there.

For me, the planning would be the fun part. Depending on the mission modifier I could see if one of my regular techs would work, or if I would need to design a tech to try and accomplish the goal. For instance I get a "Flying hunters will try and destroy you and steal the block", "Weapons disabled" and "Shields disabled" mission modifiers then depending on the biomes that are nearby I would make a fast, but big tech and bury the block near the center and not use batteries or other blocks that explode when destroyed and try and make a big fat, but fast and nimble tech to get the block to the delivery site.

An issue that might come up is you could get an extremely hard mission if the modifiers are very random, but I don't think I would mind. One of the only things I think this game lacks challenging game play at times. Worst case scenario though... you just don't accept that mission and try the mission board again for a different set of modifiers and possibly get a block you don't already have unlocked.

It doesn't HAVE to be delivery type mission either. The mission could have text like, "Were sending down a science lab to fabricate you <insert block>" and you have to defend the lab for X amount of minutes then the lab pops out your block (unlocking it) and launches back into orbit.
That would be fun to me because lets say the science lab is going to fabricate me

Bring back the old Boss and Overlord Cabs, but with newer features - a cab that can be viable in the end game. The one I posted above has an Altimeter, Speedometer, Fuel and Energy Gauge along with twin 3-pounders. and lots of armor.
Then I would set up a charging stations, base defenses and more to get something like that, and it would be totally worth the time investment.


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May 20, 2017
From an old thread called [Modular Monuments]
Monuments referring to Set Pieces

This features a mission were you don't build big, build flying, or build complex.
You have to build Small & Smart

This may not seem very appealing at first, but then things can get VERY interesting without requiring too much processing power.

The "Intelligence" is basically a special block that cannot be crafted normally, only obtained through the mission"

This template can also be used for raiding enemy bases for "intel", resisting attacks from an enemy normally too powerful for the player to take down.
Hawkeye "Smash and Grab" missions that involve navigating a "monument-made" enemy base (placed in unspawned terrain areas to prevent issues with player Techs) and blowing up the Techs within, to get a rare (and expensive) block delivered to a HK NPC.
Something like this:
HK^3 Smash and Grab

A bunch of Hawkeye Rebels have stolen
our covert Intelligence! Time to smash
those rebels and grab the intelligence
back! Don't lose(destroy) the Intelligence
or it is a mission failure!

  • Meet [>Insert NPC name here<] at the Mission Marker
  • Blast your way into the rebel base (mission marker is at Rebel Installation Entrance)
  • Attack your way to the Intelligence
  • Grab the Intelligence
  • Run before the base explodes! (>Insert Timer Here<)
  • Return to [>Insert NPC name here<] and hand him/her/it the Intelligence

HK 3000 XP
BB 1000

You would have to go to a Trading Station to initiate the mission, then go to it's first respective mission marker to begin (the NPC).
It would start off with "[>Insert NPC name here<]- You have to infiltrate this facility and destroy the Techs within to get back our intel!"
Marker points to the "Rebel Installation Entrance"
Blast the entrance open!(It is basically a flat wall tech with a bunch of explosives behind it)
Battle enemies to get to the mission marker
Grab the Intelligence!
Escape the Rebel Installation before the self-destruct countdown reaches zero!
Ends with the whole "monument base" exploding, deleting all of the installation monuments, leaving the area clean of unwanted obstructions. The player then goes to the mission marker to put the intelligence on an NPC, sort of like how one of the Crafty Mike missions work. The NPC then flies away on his/her's/it's helicopter blades to end the mission.


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Feb 25, 2015
So seeing how the new fort and bridge are so cool I think there should be an underground Geo or Hawkeye mission.
The cavern would be already there waiting to be explored and cleared of enemies so no digging or terrain deforming by the player. It would just be a special Salt Flats biome that would replace an existing one.
The caverns leading underground would be kind of twisting down to a main large open area that would be larger than our current build limit by a fair bit.
It would be awesome to have more than one entrance as well. Maybe a large main one and a smaller one in the rear.
I would hope to be able to set up a full base underground with room to drive around comfortably.
Since this would be pretty dark underground I would also suggest creating a new light block for Geo Corp. One that could light up these massive areas with only a few in use. Just to cut down on lag from too many lights.

To make this truly awesome add in a second large underground area that is connected to the first that has a massive elevator capable of carrying a tech that is the max build limit. The elevator should be just a flat platform that other techs can anchor to, but if that isn't possible there could be railings that come up before the elevator moves. So that no techs could fall off. The whole elevator would be an animation with an up or down switch. That way there would be a ton less lag and no restrictions on the lifting power.
The ground above the elevator probably couldn't be anchorable so that it could be animated to open like a large door. If we could have techs anchored to the opening elevator doors I would say that the Dev's have outdone themselves.

What I am thinking of is an area that would be a perfect start for large underground mining or military bases.

Now the downside. If you happen to build in these caverns enemies should be drawn to attacking your bases entrances, but they should not be allowed to spawn anywhere inside the caverns. That would just be too dang cheap.

With all the mining we all do I think it is time that we get subterranean!
Have a good one [8D)


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Jan 18, 2019
Mission title: Salvage wreck
Corporation: GSO (potentially Geocorp as well)
License grade: 2-5 (different ship sizes)
Setpiece: crashed spaceship
Biomes: all would fit
Objective: retrieve x block
Enemies: rival tech groups (1-4 depending on size, each containing 2-6 techs) attacking everyone (including the other groups)
Friendly techs: 1-3 turrets inside in the harder missions
Difficulties: some rooms inside the ship are too small for most lategame techs


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Jun 30, 2018
Mission Title: Shadow Trade.
Corporation: All of them.
License Grade: 3-5(Grade means you've already earned some trust in the Corp)
The mission would consist of well-known personas( Crafty Mike, Big Pete, et cetera) ( or someone less known, such as "Squad Commander Mitchell") conducting an off-the-radar trade near your location. They would ask you to bring some resource blocks and/or guard them during the trade. During the trade, you will have to place resource blocks onto an another craft.
When you finish, the mission can continue following either of three ways:
1) Ambush. The objective will be to guard your persona and eluminate the hostiles.
2) Sudden price increase - Place some more resource blocks - 1 or 2.
3) Deal. The trade follows peacefully.
After the mission, you get a bigger than usual reward - because resource blocks are rather expensive.
Approximate mission flow
1) Meet with the person.
2) Acquire the nessesary blocks.
3) Meet the person and the traders at a designated point.
4) Move designated blocks onto the trader's craft.
5) If Ambush - defend the person, kill the trader's guards.
6) If Price Increase - move some more blocks onto the trader's craft.
The blocks you need should be attached to your craft - the inventory won't do!
I would imagine the person's dialog as something like this.
"The rivaling company has acquired some sensitive information of mine. They offered me to get it back - for a hefty price, of course. However, the payment the need are the resource blocks, and I cannot acquire them in time. Would you help me settle this little problem?"


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Jun 29, 2017
What landscapes and structures would you like to see and build on/around?

The devs have asked for blue sky (unconstrained) suggestions, here. But what if we think about just what they are currently able to do (without substantial code support)...?

The new set-piece system lets them spawn:
• Arbitrary terrain (still only singular height, so no caves, sadly).
• Large fully 3D structures precisely placed (anchorable and non-anchorable).
• Enemy/neutral techs (pre-loaded or payload dropped on even triggers).

The hilltop fort and creek bridge have already inspired player builds there. What other settings would you like to see or use? With or without specifying what type of mission could take place there (the devs can backtrack to come up with something, I'm sure).

2019-11-17 landscapes 1.png

A few landscape ideas:

• Craters - Could fit into the game lore and terrain nicely. Many possible contexts for these.

• Ice in craters/lakes, as a kind of un-water mini biome. If devs can specify resources/seams, one could be a super-rich source of celestite, etc, etc.

• A perfectly shaped mountaintop mesa - circular, ~200m across, with ultra-steep sides enemies couldn't climb.

• Extra tall mountain - can terrain be made higher than the normal max? An monument/structure atop this might give a site to anchor an air-base that seems to float properly in the sky. Also could look properly majestic and uniquely identifiable from great distance (with increased render distance changes).

• Very hard to navigate (even more than pillars) spiky terrain (with trees).

• Floating mountains/boulders/artefacts - would not be terrain, or course, so probably no resources on them.

2019-11-17 Structures 1.png
Artefact ideas:

• Ziggurat - drivable ramps to a (mostly) flat top, big enough for a decent sized base, with large steps on the sloped corners (that could anchor turrets, etc). Mission wise, an aztec-ish priest NPC is sacrificing neutral techs - one blows up from explosive bolts as you arrive and it's parts sucked into an SCU on top (or whatever).

• (Ruined) Colosseum - if massive enough (250-500m across) could be a location for (repeatable) PvE challenge battles. Or previously mentioned AI battle arena.

• Very long wall - or dried river bed, some kind of trail to follow to a final site/confrontation. In lieu of a river, you could have an ice trail leading through forest/grasslands to an ice biome. Maybe minor enemy encampments along the way and then an 'ice king' castle, with an "Apocalypse Now" (Heart of Darkness) feel to the mission...

• Stone circles - like those in R&D. If the horizontal stones are big enough they could be built on (with tech parts dangling down, etc).

• Various geometric structures...

• Skeletal shipwreck (water or space vessels).

• Giant tree - overgrowing ruins or standing proud atop a forested hill, for example. Trees are lovely and the bigger and more convoluted the better! It might be awesome to have a magical area where trees grow back as fast as in R&D, for efficient harvesting. Ditto luxite (e.g in a dark crater), titanite, plumbite. (Some code support needed.)

What would you guys like to see?:

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Jun 29, 2017
friendly bases could spawn as part of a base defence mission
This is a good point: why are the techs we defend always mobile? They're forever nuzzling into our personal space. A small anchored base would be better behaved and could be made a little more resiliant, such that it needn't be made immune to damage (a slightly more interesting challenge).

finding things across biomes
Yes! Having mission locations be non-arbitrary would be great. More reasons to have to find biomes and explore non-flat terrain, etc. If a particular tech type only spawned in mountains and you needed to look there for them.

use to Scrap magnets
This would be cool too. If you needed to tidy up a whole load of loose blocks (e.g. dropped by explosive bolts), for a clumsy NPC. Moving them a short distance to feed their scrappers or SCU, so it would be very tedious to do by hand.

There's a few game mechanics like this that aren't explored in game mechanics. Like: set up a Geothermal generator (for night time charging), etc. :)


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Mar 12, 2019
Hawkeye mission 1:
"Soldier, our last mission has left some err... collateral damage... HQ needs you to go over to the mission's site and clean up those civilia - I mean enemies. (optional for introduction hawkeye SCU) Here, use this (drops in SCU) and swipe up anything that can be traced back to us."

Actual mission:
Go some random location and clean up any parts lying around, no enemies, just blocks you need to remove from the area

Hawkeye mission 2:
Commander: "*placeholder swearword*, that plane was carrying a top secret prototype. Soldier, go retrieve that cargo and deliver it to its destination, that's top priority!"

Actual mission:
Text above kinda speaks for itself, you go to a wreckage, pick up a package and deliver it to the commander or a hawkeye base
or something.
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Sep 20, 2019
Update the harvesting missions so they are delivering chunks to an actual place.
Makes the world seem more alive, and makes the mission seem more real.
Whether it be a base made of blocks, or a yellow version of the GSO trade station.

Also, delivering can be an adventure by itself.
And delivering 200 fibron chunks will be an adventure.


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Jun 29, 2017
OK, so here are my actual mission activity suggestions/brainstorming:

[1] Delivery and transport have been popular suggestions, my takes:

[a] Deliver vanity blocks (to unique NPCs).

E.g. take Lathrix-bot his top hat (from a "Mad Hatter" mission giver...?). Or if a more general block selection, then, after a mission series of deliveries, the starting NPC unlocks a new sales terminal (block) that lets players buy the vanity blocks directly. (As opposed to the occasional ones via crates, only.) Or a special Fabricator, potentially (but probably not).

[ b ] "Jump start" (power delivery) - charge up neutral tech's batteries.

• Potentially an introduction to wireless chargers (and mobile generators).
• Series of increasingly big capacity techs.
• Big one only at night (before dawn), for added challenge.
• Multiple targets to charge in a timed period, over a wide area.

[c] Transport resources from A to B:

• Take bulk raw chunks from Big Pete to processing plant. (Raw can't be bought and scrapped at destination as a shortcut.)
• Deliver your own harvested raw resources (as opposed to just breaking rocks).
• Component chunks (also can't just be easily bought/scrapped) - a bulk order or Craft Mike repairs service for techs needing to Fabricate a specific block (via neutral mini crafting bases set up ready to go).

[d] Payload delivery - special block that can not be picked up by SCU. Technobabble about quantum information storage that would be wiped by SCU teleportation tech, etc.

[e] Magnetic loose block transport - maybe an extension of d. Or the blocks just have no attach points (and won't be picked up by an SCU). Magnet uses! So underused right now.

[2] Better Future debt collector - e.g. from (enemy/neutral) techs/groups using bootleg BF blocks without paying for official licence.

• Intercept competitors delivery canon sales with Air Receiver. (This block seems like it was made with this in mind!)
• Destroy enemy resource base and bring back the resources (like 1c). Reward is triple sale price for resources brought back (as opposed to being kept). Bit complex...

[3] Space Junker - Junk yard (Dodgy) Dave:

• Get him blocks from a shopping list of specifics for his clients. Uncommon, then rare, then vanity (that you'd need to steal from semi-randomly spawned techs - search/mini-grind involved).

• De-spawned block shop - after mission (chain) completion you can then buy cheaply from him any of the blocks that were de-spawned from the world (tracked in world file save, up to a limit - FIFO list). This aims to lessen the loss after having a big tech destroyed and the parts vanish before you can go get them back, etc.

• Tidy up mess of loose blocks using magnets (to his SCU or scrappers?). These could be dropped by explosive bolts auto-deployed as part of an enemy tech, and could be spread fairly far in this way (with lots of bolts), but would need dialogue explanation for explosion.

[4] Investigate monuments:

• Install this beacon/scanner on top of nearby pyramid. (Reason to build VTOL/climber.)
• Treasure hunt - e.g. 'scan' a series of common monument types, ending up at a new, unique (e.g.) stone circle (i.e. from R&D).
• Or leads to site with special resource patches? e.g. rapidly replenishing luxite cluster in a dark crater, or actual Erudite, Celestite and Ignite seams in a (customised part of a) pillars biome.
• Oh, I menat to suggest an oversized Pillars (hexagon plinth) as a great base building location (to be spawned as a mission location).
• Fly through tiny ring (R&D obelisk). E.g. for an NPC to test a rumour.
• Ultimately unlock special teleporter monument locations...? (Maybe world map functionality unlock too, if ever added.)

[5] Research missions - Reticule Research(?):

• Fly to a certain altitude. (More interesting is atmospheric density simulation becomes a thing.)
• Drive at a certain speed for x seconds(? too similar to drag race, could precipitate the 200mph achievement).
• Destroy an extremely hardened test target within x seconds. e.g. Enhanced R&D brick with generator charger. 'Weapon calibration' - reward is a ridiculously powerful 'experimental' weapon.
• Withstand damage for x amount of time. (Weapon testing.)
• Find (pillars/ice) biome and place scanner.
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Jun 29, 2017
[6] *Don't* destroy this enemy tech!

• Player left alone for 1 minute (countdown) with a vulnerable target shaped tech made of explosive blocks.
• Spoof/comedy. So maybe blows itself up (or NPC does) after completion? And that's it...
• Or maybe you get to keep it if you don't destroy it? Or you get a Steam achievement for restraint...?

[7] Salt Flats Sailor:

• A comically frustrated nautically themed NPC with a salty attitude.
• Self aware satire about the lack of water in-game.
• Not sure what type of techs/gameplay would be associated...(?) Landships? Ocean ship shaped hover techs (of which there have been many built by the community)? Something to do with "anchoring"? Or just a futile search for water...?

[8] Crafty Business 8! - Everyone loves this guy, right?! Another mission to explain how component factories have to be used in series for making higher level blocks.

[9] Challenging combat missions:

[a] "Signal jammers" (acting like nearby enemies, but over a wider area) add extra danger to a combat mission.

[ b ] Destroy targets in sequence against the clock, spread out over a wide area. Need a tech that's very mobile and has good firepower. e.g. take out the spawn signal jammers.

[c] "Gauntlet" like the R&D turret lane:

• Physically blocked sides.
• Variety of different enemy 'obstacle' techs and gauntlet lengths.
• A separate thing from (potential) combat races - although those would be awesome too, this is more about raw firepower and resilience.
• Possibly randomised for repeatability?

[d] Invader battle arena:

• Fight invaders from other players without the 13 minute wait between spawns.
• Expensive buy-in (for the convenience). Or you somehow don't get to keep the enemy's blocks (but then you'd also have to not rick your own inventory).
• Perfect for a huge (ruined) colosseum venue.
• Tech spawning and anchoring is blocked within the arena and invaders start with deployed shields. (Bonus if enemy tech blocks fall off at the same damage percentage as player techs - hard mode.)

[10] Open-ended end-game game-play - like my first suggestion (battle bot arena/scenarios), it would be great to have play/features that greatly extend (campaign) play:

[a] Tech hunting/collecting - as per my Poke-tech-go thread. Features (continually updated) player community made (and selected) techs.

[ b ] Grinding random spawns:

• E.g. of specific types and/or in specific biomes (like (a), or part of the same thing).
• Additional aesthetic options - e.g. block skins.
• Randomised spontaneous drops, rather than kill 50 tech (yawn).
• Not sure I like the idea of slightly buffed block stat sets (something devs have talked about before). It would make inventory confused... But it it came by having to fabricate them with a special augmented fabricator, then great - extends play further and encourages mastering of crafting.
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Feb 1, 2019
here are some of my older mission ideas.

So the new missions are basically bosses Rock Creek Bridge is the geocorp boss and the Crown Top Hill fort is the hawkeye boss.

Venture Boss

The Venture boss is you against the fastest car in the game the way to win is race against him to get his new blocks. His new race will have jumps, loops, banked turns, unbanked turns, tunnels, straight aways and the last part has a big dome that you will have to go around mutable times before you can leave.

If you win he will become your allied tech or he will give you a lot of block bucks.

new blocks

Venture extreme light weight blocks - these blocks have about 5 health its size is 1by1by1 2by1by1 and 3by1by1

Venture super booster - that requires almost no fuel to use. It also gives the most amount of boost in the game. it size is 1by1by1 it has 25 health

Venture suspension - if this block is attached to a wheel it make it so that block is attached to any wheel block it will keep that wheel block from taking any fall damage. you will be able to change how bouncy the springs get.

No weapons or flight is allowed. Enemies can't spawn during the mission.

So like the normal blitz attack you have to defend a tech, but now you're are defending a bunch of techs here is how you determine the different techs

Parents-there are 2 of these techs size large

teenagers-there can be different amounts of them maybe 0 size medium

children-there can be different amounts of these aswell size small

house-there is a chance that a small base might be there one

there must be at least 1 child or teen. It can also be labeled as wave of bullies ects


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Jun 17, 2019
Relic recovery
(requires caves to be added/generated or a large structure to spawn)
if caves are added then the mission happens in some form of underground maze, if just spawning a structure then make a large Aztec like pyramid
Biomes: (structure spawns) salt flats, (caves added) anywhere

Your task is to get into the temple/cave and recover a priceless artifact and get it back to an NPC, within the temple there will be numerous traps which the player will face on the way in and out, these can consist of
-pitfalls (activate when the player is near, deactivate after a period of time)
-hidden flame throwers (trap activates based on player proximity and will deactivate once the player has destroyed a block at the end of the tunnel the flame throwers are in)
-themed ai tech
-etc (any trap from an Indiana Jones movie would work)

Win conditions: player retrieves the artifact and gives it to the NPC
Failure: artifact is destroyed before given to the NPC

Saelem Black

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Aug 25, 2018
One of the things I liked about the spider king mission is the area made for a good base with defended walls. I'd like a collection of missions with terrain features which can be used for cool bases after the mission is completed. For instance:

1. A king-of-the-hill style mission where you have to control/defend a plateau or mountaintop which is perfect for a high-altitude base once the mission is complete.

2. A very very large desert area with most of the region being blisteringly hot, causing moderate damage over time to techs close to the ground. It should be absolutely huge, but less hilly than the usual desert areas. Your mission is to find the oasis somewhere deep in the desert and repair a tech who has become stranded there (the oasis, of course, doesn't do the heat damage). Upon completion, you have an awesome area to build a base which is protected from the mooks because of the heat. They either don't spawn in that area at all, or are subject to the damage and eventually die when sitting idle in the desert.

I don't know if this is the right place to make this comment, but I've always felt that biomes need to be much larger. Probably the most fundamental gameplay loop of terratech is... simply travelling. We spend enormous amounts of time designing techs with the ability to travel with the exact specifications that the player desires. Missions and the procedural terrain generation should encourage that gameplay loop.


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Aug 12, 2018
Mad Mike’s crazy battle arena!

This is pretty much a thunder dome for techs. This introduces a new Npc, Mad mike! He is mike’s crazy twin brother and he runs the battle arena. The rules are simple: many techs enter, one tech leaves.
We already have Crafty Mike though, maybe something like "Mad Max" (as a reference to the movie) or maybe "Crazy Chris"
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