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Jul 23, 2018
Hey Everyone,

With the introduction of Set Piece Missions, we now have a lot of freedom to add different types of missions.

So we want to use this thread to gather your ideas and suggestions for cool, fun types of missions that we could add in the future.

For once we won't be adding conditions to what your ideas must or mustn't be. They can be as complicated or as straightforward as you like.

After three weeks we will close this thread and pass on all the suggestions to our Design team who will use them as inspiration to create new, exciting missions in future updates.


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Jun 29, 2017
Battle bot arena(s)!:)

Like sumo, but with full AI. So more interesting and a broader design space. Essentially this suggestion, but integrated into campaign.

Maybe multiple arenas with varying terrain and win conditions (e.g. sumo, total annihilation, etc). But definitely varying opponents. In campaign, probably a fixed series of progressively tougher enemies. Potentially multiple enemies at once, etc. Then verses other player creations, so open ended play that could run for many hours.

Would give a great reason to set up base near the arena and uploading competitors would consume blocks, like invaders.


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Nov 1, 2019
A 5-minute Bully type mission for the opener (after this mission you get the license, like Big Yellow and Bird of Prey) of Legion. They are Ai-based, but you cannot use any AI to protect them (you cannot set the AI to Guard). You have to manually protect them.

A 10-wave attack for a Hawkeye Mission.

repeatable mining missions for GeoCorp.

Scrap 100 blocks for the opener of Space Junkers.

Craft 5 blocks that cannot be bought for the opener of Reticule Research. (like a GSO 6 block that gets unlocked when you accept the mission, or a Geocorp Hexadeciblock (twice the length of the Octo), or just hand over a fabricator for RR and craft 5 blocks from the corporation)
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Dec 6, 2015
Transport raid mission:

Originally I was thinking about an escort mission, but we kinda have one and generally they are not that fun, so I was thinking about a mission about attacking an escort, a big transport tech with goods, and a bunch of guard techs you need to take down first, they could be wheeled, hovering, or even flying(which might take a bit longer), your goal would obviously be to destroy the guard techs and the transport before it makes it to its destination which will also be shown.

Epic afdc

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Mar 8, 2016
Venture battle races!

You get to race against AIs and you get to blow each other up! Each track will be full of traps and hazards like sheer cliffs, big jumps, fire traps, spike traps ETC.

GEOcorp rouge theif

A theiving tech has been invading GEOcorp mines and stealing all the resources! Catch him and teach him a lesson. This will spawn a huge quarry for you to explore! Upon defeating the theif, friendly AI GEOcorp techs will populate the area and mine for resources

Better future counterfeiter

Better future has caught wind of a new corporation called Better Tomorrow that is making knock off better future blocks that are of significantly lower quality. Find and destroy vital parts of the better tomorrow factory, but get ready for a fight, since plenty of bulky techs will be gaurding the place! When you destroy the factory, the big boss will appear and your goal is to blow him to smithereens!

Mad Mike’s crazy battle arena!

This is pretty much a thunder dome for techs. This introduces a new Npc, Mad mike! He is mike’s crazy twin brother and he runs the battle arena. The rules are simple: many techs enter, one tech leaves.


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Jul 9, 2016
Fort Assault (Mid Game)

You have discovered the location of an enemy fortress! Destroy it to loot its vault!

Fort should consist of:
- 4 Medium defense turrets In a square shape
- 4 walls in the square's edges
- Generator tech inside to supply power
- Treasure tech (containing celestite/erudian etc blocks)

Victory Conditions:
- defense turrets dead
- generator tech dead

Reward: treasure tech, remaining walls given to you

Invading Cabal (Late Game) ... AKA Unbidden Lite

A large cabal of prospectors have banded together to try and take over! Drive them back before they become entrenched!

Nota Bene: specific parameters may be tuned as needed

Group of enemies spawn with various defense turrets surrounding a central core. This cabal will not fire on other members of the cabal, but will fire on everyone else.

Said core should have:
- 6 Heavy defense turrets in a hexagon shape surrounding the HQ/Generator
- 6 Medium defense turrets in the midpoints of the above hexagon
- A "Factory" tech, which looks like a factory but serves no immediate game purpose (outside of wave mechanics)
- A generator tech (with solar panels/geothermal/etc), with accompanying vent spawning in if needed
- An elaborate HQ tech/building (armed/shielded to the teeth)

Every _______ in game time, a new wave will spawn, and expand their territory by spawning a new "mini-core" with a "mini-HQ" nearby/adjacent to existing territory. (try and have it surround HQ first)

The "mini-core" should contain:
- 6 medium defense turrets in a hexagon shape surrounding the mini-core
- 6 small defense turrets in the midpoints of the above hexagon
- A "mini-factory" tech, which looks like a factory
- A small generator tech, with accompanying vent
- A small HQ building

Said new wave will spawn a number of enemy techs:
- 1 large/dangerous enemy tech if the main factory is online
- 1 small/cheap fodder tech for each factory that's not in the main HQ

To avoid runaway escalation:
- Delay spawn time by 5x if you are outside of chunk load range (keep track of last spawn time, simulate the spawns once you return)
- Have an absolute cap of Central HQ surrounded by 2 rings of mini-cores, at which point no new invasion cores will spawn, but enemy techs may
- ^ If one is destroyed, you may spawn another until you reach that absolute cap
- ^ If at least one is partially destroyed, one may be restored upon the next wave (only one per wave). Priority is given to HQ hex
- ^ If a wave is spent restoring destroyed fortifications, it will not spawn a new core. Enemy techs will still spawn, if possible
- There may be no more than 5 large/dangerous enemy techs at any one time
- There may be no more than 30 fodder enemy techs at any one time
- ^ If any tech is destroyed, you may spawn more at the next spawn wave until you reach the cap

Victory Conditions:
- The cabal will stop spawning new waves once central HQ is ded
- The cabal will be defeated and the mission complete once all cabal techs are ded
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Jul 9, 2016
Survival Mission (requires VEN/BF/HE 3+ in at least one, non-mountain terrain only)

An enemy prospector is gunning for your head! Stay ahead of him long enough for him to lose interest, or defeat him if you can!

Spawn an airship from a curated pool. Said airship must be able to float without energy, or have some continuous source of energy while non-anchored
- You can just give it energy each tick as if it has an imaginary reactor block, or introduce a reactor block and have the community build airships.
- If you auto-determine energy per tick, find how much energy it consumes/s (ignore extra energy from repairing damage or absorbing damage), and give the tech 120% of that energy per tick
- ^ Want energy just in case something needs AG to work properly.
Timer duration: 3 minutes

The airship will chase you and attempt to kill you for the duration of the timer.
If you switch techs, it will chase your new tech, and your new tech will be designated the target for victory/failure conditions

Airship spawns upon mission acceptance 100m from your location (with full battery, charged shield/AG/repair)
You get a 5s head start

Failure condition:
- Whatever tech you're controlling dies

Victory conditions:
- You survive the 3 minutes
- You kill the airship

sample Airship:


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Jun 21, 2018
now join the Holy Crusade
Caravan escort missions ,Tomb raiding missions and Capture artifact for Space junkers.

Caravan escort is like normal escort missions but on the move, it will only appear in flat biomes so the caravan won't be stuck.

Tomb raiding is you go to a location which an alien ruin will spawn along with enemies, you need to defeat ancient guardians or other Tomb raiders to gain access to the treasurer with in.

Capture artifact is to chase a tomb raider on the run, destroy it and claim the alien artifact.

Details for alien ruins and artifacts are here in the Black Market, Alien Ruins and Artifacts


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Jul 9, 2016
Actual Escort Mission (no mountains)

This shipment needs protection on its journey to its target! Eliminate all attacking enemies, and ensure the cargo makes it to its destination.

Spawn a convoy of 3 floating (hovercraft, no hoverbug) transports. Mission begins when you enter radius.
Transport will follow a predetermined path for 2-3 minutes.
Waves of 3-5 enemies will spawn every 30 seconds.

There are two possible mission branches. Which is which is randomly generated on start (similar to finding abandoned crate)

Branch 1: (Standard Escort)
There is a neutral (but still targetable by enemies) fort at the end of the path.
One transport is unloaded every 10 seconds.
An enemy tech will spawn every 5 seconds, and try to assault the fort/transports.

Defend until all transports unloaded. Once unloaded, a transport disappears a la crafty mike

Gain xp proportional to how many transports survived.
Fail mission if all transports are dead, or the fort dies

Branch 2: (ambush)
The fort at the end of the path is an enemy fort. It has been taken over by enemy prospectors, and will try to kill both you and the transports.

Destroy the converted fort.
Fail mission if all transports die.

Now, you have to escort the transports to the nearest trading station.
Same mechanics as first stage of the mission.

At the end, gain xp proportional to surviving transports, remaining transports disappear a la crafty mike.


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Nov 1, 2019
A mission that gets you your own personal mission board. The code for the mission board is already written, and blocks also exist that are basically parts of the trading station.
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Apr 15, 2018
How about an air battle?

Some guy has been stealing tons of flight blocks, and now we're getting reports of a huge flying fortress attacking bases! Go blast that menace out of the sky so we can get back to (insert generic job here). Oh, and we heard he stole some experimental new blocks too, (insert corporation here) will be happy to give you some so long as that madman doesn't try something like this again...

setting would probably be in the salt flats, where the ground has been pounded flat into a runway. upon arriving, you will see this absolutely massive plane take off and fly away. However, a fighter jet was left behind. Jump in and chase him down! Arial bossfight ensues. Blow up some weakpoints and turrets and such and the plane will come crashing down. As a landmark, it leaves behind an impact crater/trail thing and some wreckage that bases can be built on, plus tons of flight related loot and possibly some new blocks. Another plus: you can keep the jet!


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Jun 21, 2018
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Prototype testing missions for Reticule Research: basically you will be given a block form them, you put it on and do tasks according to the block,
for example: kill some enemies while the weapon is attached, fly a certain distance while the thruster or propeller is on, refining number of resources with their refineries.

System hijacking missions for Legion: you have to hack the targeted enemy tech or base to capture it and collect data using Legion's electronic warfare weapons which can slowly take over enemy tech, the more AI on it, the more resistance against hacking, you will fail the mission if you destroy the target.
great chance to utilize non lethal weapons

General Data collecting missions for Legion: hijack number of enemies to collect data, it only count if the enemy is not destroyed but converted.


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Mar 20, 2019
(Venture lvl 2 or 3 mission) A bumby terrain racetrack with some ramps here and there allmost like the gauntlet ramps around the track, and the finishline in in the air so you need a little bit exstra speed to drive up the ramp to get through (boosters will be helpfull).
Then you can use the slower wheels with better suspention instead of going full speed wheels all the time.


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Feb 23, 2018
I have a few ideas for new types of procedurally-generated mission. Here they are:

~Corporate Sponsorship~

For these missions, a representative from one of the corporations would ask the player to build a tech which mostly uses their blocks, then show them off in order to generate hype. The mission-giver would frequently chime in with marketing slogans. Methods of "showing off" could include hunting fast enemies, destroying strong enemies, besieging bases or any of the usual challenges. For example, the player might be tasked with using a Venture-only (or at least 90% Venture stuff by volume) tech to destroy a base in exchange for a sizeable sum of money and experience, plus a free selection of Venture equipment, during which process you'd hear someone extolling the speed and power of Venture stuff without any shame.

Now, Legion, Space Junkers and the GSO aren't as corporate as the rest of the bunch, so they'd need a slightly different version of this mission. The GSO would be more interested in proving they're still relevant, Legion in intimidating people or carrying out false-flag attacks, and Space Junkers would just want the player to use their blocks for a laugh.

~Block Heist~

This is probably a mission type best suited to Hawkeye and Legion, in which the player is tasked with stealing a valuable block from patrolling guard techs. The player would either be able to sneak past the guards in a small, fast tech, attach the block to it and make a hasty exit, or attack the guards at the risk of damaging the block. If they fired their guns, used any boosters or turned on their lights at night, the guards would probably notice. Airlifting the block before the guards could react would be an option, or even just charging in with a car too fast to be hit.

~AI Challenge~

For this mission, the player would get a call from one of the usual quest NPCs (Crafty Mike, Big Pete and the rest) challenging them to a pokémon battle an AI-controlled follower tournament. The player would have to bring an AI-controlled tech, or several, to a designated quest area. All their main tech's weapons would be disabled, but they'd also be protected from splash damage. Their follower(s) would duke it out with the quest NPC's followers to earn money, XP, blocks and glory.

~Base Defence~

This type of mission could be a game-changer, in the sense that it would change the game to some degree. By adding friendly bases to the world. The player would be able to sell resources (minus tax), recharge their tech, use the payload terminals, craft blocks (for a fee, but still at better value than just buying them outright) or just take shelter at these bases. They would not be allowed to take any of a base's blocks for their own, nor any smaller techs bundled with it.

Among other things, friendly bases could spawn as part of a base defence mission, which would see the player tasked with travelling some distance to a base and defending it from a few waves of enemies. Low-level base defence missions would deal with small outposts, whereas high-level missions would see the player teaming up with multiple allied techs to protect a large base from fearsome enemy hordes. These missions would, of course, have to be pretty rare, or else the world would end up knee-deep in bases.

~Crafting Writ~

A simple mission where the player is tasked with crafting something and delivering it to a trading station. I don't have too much to say about the idea. On that note, however:


A mission where the player is asked to deliver a block or small tech to a base or a trading station. If it's a small tech, the player will probably have to connect to it with trailer hooks, or just shove it along with ploughs. A block would be easier. Either way, the journey would be pretty long, and probably include an ambush. If the block the player has to carry is destroyed, they'd fail the mission. If they're tasked with transporting a tech and that gets damaged, they would still be able to complete the mission, but for a smaller reward.


A mission where the player is tasked with damaging, but not destroying, a tech belonging to someone the quest-giver wants to make suffer, by knocking off a percentage of its blocks. If they destroyed the tech, the player would not get a reward. Targets could include prospectors who've stolen secret technology, bullies who need taking down a peg, people who owe the quest-giver money, or aggressively determined suitors who won't take no for an answer.

Venture and the GSO probably wouldn't offer this mission, but Better Future would, with the quest-giver hiding their malice behind a veil of smug politeness.


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Sep 20, 2019
  1. Delivery runs with tight timeframes. Deliver this batch of blocks to this place 3 biomes over, in a hurry.
  2. Gauntlet: drive your tech to point X without switching techs, and fighting or racing past a buch of deployed enemies.
  3. provide resources to a base.
  4. Assasin: attack a specific tech in a convoy, and not the rest. Convoy size based on your tech.
  5. Convoy: escourt a stack of techs from point A to point B, and defend them. [no mouintains] X% of techs must arrive, and you can patch up the techs if necessary.
  6. Manufacturing: Make X number of blocks or pull from storage and delviver.