New kind of cab: The Gunner Cab


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Nov 23, 2019
Hello Payload Studios,

I had the idea of a new type of cabin. The Gunner Cab. This new cab is a kind of rotative turret without anchoring and controllable by a player or an AI (1).
The Gunner Cab get only weapon controls and is controlled by a player/AI even if a player/AI is drive the Tech (by a pilot cab)
This would allow player to create two-player Techs that would be very innovative in solo as well as multiplayer

The player in charge of the Gunner Cab can aim with the mouse cursor (as in Crossout) and he can assign the weapons controls between the Gunner Cab and the Pilot Cab. Add to this, the possibility of configurating specific controls (2) for each weapon. Example: [small turret -> LMB] [large gun -> RMB]

One last thing, I'm not sure if this idea would affect the gameplay, but I wanted to share it too. So I thought to add some special order to the combat AI usable only with the Gunner Cab. It would be an AI order like the usual '' Guard '' and '' Follow '' but specifically for the aiming and shooting of the Gunner Cab's AI. Exemple--

AimTarget = {Wheel/Cab/Weapon/Structure/Resource/CommonPart/and so on}
TargetPriority = {TargetDistance/TargetNumberOfPart/TargetTotalDamage/AndSoOn}

Thank you for reading my suggestion to the end.

(1) The / present in the text may mean: and, or, both.
(2) Only the weapons controls of the Gunner Cab should was configurable.