NEW BLOG: A Whole New World


Pink Kitty

based upon past changes,
one could be a NEW (yet again) crafting system,
or another corporation,
or working ai(probably not as this is extremely difficult to do and would get wrecked by any new blocks with different functions)
or the often requested key remapping extensions
Well, it won't be another corp, as they've said officially and numerous times that there won't be another before 1.0.
And if they did, it would be dishonest, and brand the whole team as a pack of liars. So i doubt that's going to happen.

It won't be new biomes, because although that would be cool, it wouldn't be more dramatic than the current new terrain.
It wouldn't be the crafting upgrades, because although they might be cool, it's not exactly ground breaking.

We know the coders are working on multiplayer. That would do it. The 'Mining Crew' update.
Working AI could do it. The 'Friends' update.
Also key mapping could be part of that if AI work fed into keymapping work, somehow. The 'Control'.

As before, if they start being coy about upcoming stuff, it's relatively easy to get a feel for what it involves, based on who you suddenly don't see on camera.

you see coders on camera even less than usual: Multiplayer.
You almost never see Jason anymore, but you do see Anton. So: biomes (Anton mostly does models & blocks).
When Anton vanished for a couple of months, that's when the new corp came out.

Which makes sense really. They're too busy, and additionally they don't want them accidentally giving anything away.