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Green Theem

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Apr 8, 2020
I’d like some tech-bound plantlife - decoration blocks that will turn your hover - ship into a hover - home!
Such examples can include:

A happy flower pot

A bush’s bungalow

perhaps a watering spout to keep your plants thriving

Some truly see-through window blocks (choose your Corporation) to let the light in but not the bullets,

a succulent rock-bed of succulents

Glowy shroom tree minis (different color) to add a new color of “ooh!”

Grassy planter boxes for your mechanical cattle to graze on

Baby trees for sustainable indoor gardening (and not just another Christmas tree)

or at the least - I hope to see a single sprout, where all plant life starts!
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Jun 16, 2020
Above gave me this idea.

Shroom tree farm

Info: a 3 wide, 3 long, 6 tall autominer with a single shroom tree in it, will generate wood and sap at a set rate generally 3 wood then one sap in a burst. Doesn't require a seam and will go on forever.

This is designed to allow for large tree farms that are decorative and functional. Would come in three versions.

Green shroom farm
info: produces mostly wood

Purple shroom Tree farm
info: produces 50% wood and 50% sap.

portable tree farm
info: halved production rate but doesn't require the tech to be anchored to produce. only produces wood. good for those with furnace generators.

These autofarms would be unlimited in their producation but weak in their defense requiring you to build a base around them. Their theming would be GSO.
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Jun 28, 2018
  • Futuristic looking track for BF
  • Geocorps XXL tracks are actually still pretty small and suffer from poor off road capability. What about an really large Christie suspension based track that actually is really large. I think about a track that consists of several GeoCorp Big-Boy Wheels as road wheels... maybe even something that approaches Behemoth wheel size. Those tracks also should be pretty wide, too.

    Having large roadwheels and the resulting suspension travel capability should fix the offroading issues that current XXL tracks have.

    Picture 1:

    Picture 2:

  • The Hawkeye Type 45 Naval Gun would be almost perfect... it it wasnt for the fact that instead of firing a loud thundering broadside of pure devastation it fires fires tiny ludicrous sounding projectiles in rapid succession.

    It is probably to late to fix that one.... but could we please get heavy artillery worth the name in sound and damage?

    Slow rotation, heavy armor.... just like Type 45... but with broadside fire mode and high damage, long range, high accuracy but low rate of fire. We got all those shiny energy weapons and missiles.... it would be really cool to have a proper turret cannon, too.

    Less poff poff poff.... more


    You want something that makes all techs within 2 km scramble for cover in fear by sound alone. :p

    Here are some examples of what type of sound effect I have in mind:




A merc who loves blowing up large targets.
Jun 16, 2020

HE weapon suggestion

Heavy Rotary Cannon
, twice the length of their large fixed angle cannon, this heavy rotary cannon fires an impressive amount of explosive slugs at the enemy. having a high fire rate and damage as teh cost of its long profile and limited firing angle.

Designed for AA builds, comes in two versions angle mount and forward mount, where angle mount have the gun angled at 30 degrees and has 20 degrees of vertical movement while only having 2 of horizontal.

the standard mount has the same aim limits as the normal HE fixed cannon.

Build design: this thing is designed for two types of builds, anti air/hover and I want an a-10.


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Jun 10, 2020
Isn't science great? Sometimes it's not about "why", but about "why not"?
Though please no explosive shells we have enough heavy weapons countered by shields. >.>

And this makes me think... can we have a RR tank track, or at least larger wheels than 2x2xZ? 2x2x1 wheels are tiny... like... microscopic (don't ask about 1x1x1 wheels) with things like the GMB and a need for Passive Gyros in small techs stealing limited space, something like the Big Daddy HE wheel or a 4x4xZ wheel is more preferable. Here is the excuse for such a carrying capacity RR wheel...

Sometimes.. you need some heavy duty lab wheels to carry an assortment of rather heavy testing equipment.... like I don't know... an emplacement of 4 Giga Plasma in a 4x4xZ arrangement of volume while still being visually exposed for note taking?.. For science purposes.... because.... we can do some extreme tests about how well something deals with being blasted by plasma! Can't have our fancy contraptions be unable to tolerate self-inflicted high temperatures comparable to a surface blasted by 4 Giga Plasmas! But our current RR wheels are too small for a chassis housing such a heavy testing vehicle.. And we don't want patents from other corporations!

Matt do not delete this, I ensured to include some TT block ideas related to s c i e n c e . I know your tendency to delete my posts before reading them fully.


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Apr 26, 2021
I feel like we need some sort of seamless wing, so I can build massive planes without having empty spaces in the wings.
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A merc who loves blowing up large targets.
Jun 16, 2020
RR prototype SCU

Function: an extremely long range SCU that has just above the range of the GEO SCU. its size beeing a 4x4x4 cube with some fancy looks. while anchored it will instantly pick up any parts in its range but it comes at a cost. This SCU has no connection points and once anchored can not be put back into storage. meaning once you place it down it is down for good and you can't build it to a tech.

This is more for large bases then anything else.

RR anchor ramp, an angled ramp that has an anchor, will connect to the ground and allow techs to drive up it.

RR Printer: a large 6x6x6 block that is a 3d printer, will print a pre designed "signle block" drone that consists of 4 wheels, a laser turret and a cab the build is themed after a small rat. Costs energy to print the builds which are AI controlled only two max active. If you have ever played crossout think of these like the drone modules from that.


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Dec 18, 2019
While I do prefer performance, bug fixes, UI trim ups, and mechanism changes, I still have a few block ideas.

1x1x2 wireless charger, something a bit more than just the regular one
Fuel to power converter. With a low efficiency return and high drain (like all GSO boosters), you could activate it with the same key as boosters and it’ll give a minuscule amount of power for fuel. Being that it’ll be on the same key as boosters, it’ll either be like a dynamo with forced propulsion with the rest of your boosters or it’ll be incorporated into a neat little nighttime generator that could have some lighting that adds more to the starry black.
It’d also be moderately bulky and probably with a smokestack on top of it.
Nuclear reactor! We all know GSO’s origins are Russian, so why not have out own little Chernobyl. High cost, takes damage naturally, decent power generation, large size, grade 5, of course. Or we could have varying levels of safety, reliability, cost, power generation, and size for different grades
Manufacturing blocks akin to the delivery cannon. My vision is that a even bare-bones setup would look like a proper factory, and I think it easy could. Of course, all of the pieces should have dual inputs and outputs so the size is for more than just looks
Mast and flag blocks, maybe even windows, for ships of course
Perhaps a slightly more efficient but much more fragile version of the GSO fuel burner, because VEN has no power generation. Or just a small-scale wind turbine that could be either ground or tech-speed based
Dense Bulkheads, blocks that have very high weight, strong hp, vary in sizes, and have standard type hp. No weaknesses, no APs on the front, just raw mass. Would be good for keels if some have different AP layouts. Sizes might be 2x2x2 with sloped front for the smallest and 4x3x2 for the largest, or somethin
Even-based stabilizing computer, because I don’t like having to add 2 or making my tech asymmetrical
Odd-based sky anchor, same reason
Even-based vertical stabilizer, ‘nuff said
8x8x1 Superflat anchor. Please include friction on this one
3x1x1 Standard block, because I don’t like using the BF frame nor the GSO alternative. This could also be under HE, but HE already has enough.
Quad-barreled energy weapon. I don’t know what to call it, but it’d have medium range, fire energy-type projectiles that have gravity instead of a lifetime, and be at least 3x4x3. High fire rate, high damage, high cost, at the downside of range and energy type weapon.
If ok with the block count, adding a second version of all the color blocks that don’t have chamfering, because I don’t like the curves

Mild ideas, but ideas nonetheless


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May 6, 2021
3 Block long venture dune buggy wheel with good ground clearance and decent speed, to compete with the HE, GSO, and BF wheels of same length. HE heli AI, VEN plane AI, and BF anti-grav AI. if we could get a 12 block long, 3 block tall, and 2 block wide HE track styled after the T-34 or KV-1 would be nice too for all of those people(like me) who like making historical tank designs


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Apr 13, 2020
a mound of dirt somewhere
Ok this one is a bit more of a far shot.
Toggleable wings
Basically wings that work like landing gear but you can toggle them off and on. So you can make fast cars on the ground and then swap to plane mode to fly into the air.
Either that or have them work like landing gear where they automatically deploy when you are in the air and retract when you get close to the ground
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