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Epic afdc

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Mar 8, 2016
Also GSO needs more machine guns and standard non explosive bullet weapons! I'll toss some ideas for said guns below

GSO ZPK: a heavily reworked ZK47 with a faster fire rate and longer range. It has a longer body and barrel, making it 3 blocks long

GSO KM heavy machine gun: a large machine gun with a long range, high fire rate, and fairly good damage.

GSO "annihalator" Anti tank rifle: a large, slow firing with an incredibly high velocity bullet, designed to destroy armor.


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Jul 31, 2017
Somewhere off the map
I've been extremely out of touch with the community for such a long time but I saw this and wondered if I could suggest stuff.
Originally I was going to suggest a navigation beacon block as I sometimes do find it annoying that you cannot way point stuff ingame but existing functionality for suggested blocks is in the rules so that's not applicable.

Here is an idea which I think fits and also I feel makes sense in universe taking into account some of GeoCorp's existing blocks:

Large Straight and Angled Plasma Cutters
The plasma cutters in game right now I still feel are a bit underpowered and short range, but the massive RR plasma beam weapon that exists now made me wonder if GeoCorp could have something similar but less powerful.
Its attach point footprint is 2x4 rectangular and its plasma beam is a somewhat flattened, oval shape. Basically the plasma equivalent to the excavator wheel part. Its lore blurb could include mentions of the RR plasma beam weapon that exists in game as I seem to remember that the gluing battery uses RR tech. As I said, its damage output is lower than the RR equivalent as it's a less experimental weapon and it keeps the RR option relevant. Though, it may be more practical in some situations, being that it can be attached to the front of a vehicle instead of needing to be ontop of one. The angled one would be further weaker than the linear one and would operate in virtually the same way but maybe slightly less powerful again as it is further easier to hit stuff with it.

That's the plasma cutters but here is a less specific to corp idea:

Adjustable Height Anchor
I dunno if this would work or not, especially with existing block functionality. Some anchors are taller than others, even from the same corp. For example the GSO AI turret module has a taller anchor than the fixed and rotating anchors. This idea is an anchor that can extend or retract its length using the lift keybind. This perhaps could be used to create portcullus for bases (a silly use but whatever), tweak the altitude a base is standing off of the ground or drop anchored barriers around other techs for protection. It's not a piston part as it cannot be used to extend parts up and down when attached like a piston, it only works as a variable height anchor block.

Some more minor suggestions.

Hawkeye has their plasma jaws but they are permanently angled down. How about a straight version, and 2 and 1 unit versions. They have 3 plasma outlets so how about the existing one is the 3 module plasma jaws and the others are the smaller versions.

Light switch block. I dunno if this is even possible as you'd have to do a load of rewrites of code I suspect but I think people would like to have the option to toggle the lights on their tech instead of them auto turning on at night.

Venture Vertical Springer Wheel. How about a version of the Springer wheel which has a 2x2 attach point area on the top and can be attached to the bottom of techs. Alternatively, this could be a type of larger venture modular track block system. Currently we have the 2x1x1 venture tracks and the 3x2x1 venture tracks (if I remember right). Some larger ones or more modular ones would be nice, especially as an option to have a midsection module for the 3x2x1 tracks as they look like end pieces.

Geocorp Anti-Pursuit Minelayer. Operates like the sticky bomb as that has a delay on its explosion for what I remember, or a missile as it's a dropped explosive of sorts that detonates on a timer. It's a weapon block that is attached to the back of a tech and helps deter pursuers as it explodes on the ground infront of them as you're being chased. Alternatively, this could be some sort of mortar where the projectile doesn't explode immediately. Regardless, the explosive sticks to nothing and would just roll off a tech if it lands on it.

That's some ideas I've had, many of which I came up with while writing others.
(Edit to say where I've been: As soon as I got Discord I've been away from here as I got far more immersed in doing other stuff and interacting with other communities. I do still love to see that the game is doing well and I've not completely stopped playing TT. I still do time to time and get excited to see the new additions being made.)


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Feb 23, 2018
I can think of a few empty niches in the block ecosystem that need to be filled:
  • A strong 2x2x2 machine gun. Much like Epic afdc suggested, I think a GSO heavy machine gun would be a good choice, especially as a partner for Megaton cannons.
  • Reticule Research need their own dedicated cab chassis.
  • Some massive boosters and turbine engines would be a boon to large techs. Reticule Research is probably the only company willing to offer that much propulsion in one block.
  • A lighter but more manoeuvreable type of bomb from Venture or the GSO would improve bomb diversity by approximately 100%.
  • Some very large shields and repair bubbles which only work when anchored, for ease of use in large bases.
  • Reticule Research deserves its own enormous plasma flamethrower.
  • Some quarter-circle-shaped air rig extenders to extend air rigs upwards. I know Better Future already has a lot of block variants, but these would (ahem) round out their collection quite nicely.
  • Smaller Hawkeye hover plates as a heavy, armoured alternative to Venture's fragile offering.
  • Decorative cat ears for small techs. These would add some additional cuteness to the detail block section.
  • Some multicoloured LEDs for Reticule Research, adding much-needed panache and a satisfying sense of end-game progression to the lighting.
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Nov 21, 2020
A Star Trek inspired Better Future modular laser system, confusing right? let me explain
Star trek has "Phaser Array's" on their ships which are railing that go alongside or in a hemisphere. These Phaser Array's" have the ability to produce a laser beam that can fight off enemy techs through the power of light! These railings could have the ability to produce a laser like the ones found on the Cyber disk and the FS Laser.

A Better Future version of the Spike Armor Extension
I know i know, not the most exciting suggestion, but its simple and i think the community (mainly me) would benefit from it.
HE blocks.png

A Larger Hawkeye battery
Wow im coming up with some real page turners right? anyways i would just like a larger Hawkeye battery, maybe 2x2x3?
A tank barrel, maybe from a Leopard?
Doesn't it suck when your trying to build a tank and then you realize you cant build a functional barrel because there are no good blocks to build it with, i mean your could use the MK3 Battleship cannon but that would leave that overlay on the bottom of the turret and thats why im proposing this. it could be 1x1x and how ever long you choose to make the barrel.


A Duck



These are just some of my ideas, ill probably edit this post if i come up with anything else.


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Jun 10, 2020
Side winder missiles (probably the wrong name), missiles that are launched straight out of their silo, wait a moment to get away from your tech, then swarm in once a timer expires to allow them to aim at the enemy. BMBs and other missiles instantly start rotating towards the enemy which is underwhelming both visually and effectively especially for larger techs. The missiles should not start auto aiming even with lock on enabled until they are far enough away from the tech as missiles like the seeker missile clip their surroundings way too easily if you lock on due to this instant start of rotation towards the locked target.

A 1x1x1 missile weapon, not powerful, but is just a weapon with homing, that is all I ask because trying to slap on a massive 2x2x2 GSO missile battery for gimble missile aiming is a sin for small techs, including the 1x2x1 seeker missiles, a 1x1x1 little missile battery even of just one seeker missile volleys but with full gimble rotation is sufficient. I hate how my smallest techs don't have access to any missile weaponry.

Some missile weapon that obeys the rules of anti point defenses. A missile launcher that just vomit's out it's entire salvo at the enemy as a massive swarm which quickly accelerates towards the enemy with no remorse. The cluster missiles (which do basically no damage though it isssss venture and is the bane of hovers) simply pop up and then slowly at a good 20kph approach the enemy. This missile weapon would just throw the missiles at the enemy while aimed and then the missiles active, inheriting their launch velocity to increase the effective range of them and their ability to get moving right away. This would make them good for air-air combat like the seekers and look very nice and is generally more practical if anti missile defenses become a thing. Imagen a GSO missile battery launching all 4 of it's missiles at once and launching them at considerable velocity before they activate shortly after.

Kinetic cannon with a high mass, high velocity bullet that deals massive damage on impact but has no AOE (since TT does not simulate how shock travels through the blocks, if it did, it would have AOE basically to adjacent blocks parallel to the direction the bullet fired in an outwards cone from the block it made contact with). It would be a menace of shields and large GC blocks (due to single bullet vs single block) but armor would be able to deal with it along with efficient bubbles. We got Laser cannons, we got High Explosive cannons, what about a good old inertia based Kinetic cannon??

Heavily armored weapons. Simple, weapons with a lot of health and count as armor in terms of their "material". I hate having weapons pop off before the hull under them. This is why turret caps are always armored just as well as the hull if not more heavily armored. They will rotate slow, be very expensive, and be very heavy.

Heavily armored blocks and armor. Just like before, just to add a bit of variance in our options of blocks, give us an idea to allocate very heavy and durable armor to strategic locations as building in just the heavy armor would make it very hard to maneuver even with tank tracks (which still suck by the way for turning).

Larger D-shield screens. (AND BUFF THEM!) Just a big screen of projected surface to sponge incoming fire that techs can use without worrying about having viable locations to house 4 projectors onto a single plain at a single location of the tech which is so annoying for techs that aren't bricks.

Dakka machine guns. The ones that actually go in the onomatopoeia expression of "Dakka dakka dakka" and can be imbedded into the tech with a frontal surface that aligns with the surfaces of blocks on the same flush plain. High rate of fire, high bullet velocity, moderate damage (less than Auto Cannon), nonexplosive, 2x1x1 proportions (the gun goes into the hull with it's barrel sticking out of it's flushed surface with the other blocks). The main draw is that you need many for them to effective but are very nice when you do just that.

Turret hole blocks (blocks with holes in them). The GSO megaton cannon. this block (the turret hole bock) when placed in front of the cannon will allow the cannon to fire through it (a visible hole) while also giving it protection from fire, exposing less of the cannon to line of sight. This can be done using armored slopes and such but this is rather annoying at times and inflates tech size massively. What if we had a single block that did that which could be attached to the block the cannon sits on to be in front of the cannon? I say yes please.

(Also, wow this thread got replies very quickly, hope you are ready for this Matt and the rest of the dev team.)


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Dec 9, 2018
I have one and only one suggestion(which is something the hawkeye type 45 naval gun was gonna be ) a artillery gun with one or more barrels that is long range big aoe a very high amount of damage but takes an eternity to reload and turns very very slowely thats it please(i have seen multiple other people ask for this too) i just want artillery please


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Sep 27, 2020
catacombs of deez
Embedded HE broadside gun, 1x2x1 or something around that, not that strong but good for filling space on larger Techs.
Hoverbug block - essentially hoverbug in a block, maybe 2x2 or something like that.
BF(?) silo - holds chunks en masse (e.g. 1000 or something insane like that), but in a virtual space to help with FPS issues. 2x2x5 in size, maybe 50000 BB in cost.
RR resource blocks - the name speaks for itself. Holds 72 resources in a glass sphere. 3x3x3 in size.
RR core drill - only one works if multiple are placed, generates resources endlessly with a filter on what you want to generate. Mainly for players who don't want to spend hours and hours mining Plumbite/Luxite/Titanite and other non-extractable resources. Very large, I imagine something on the scale of about 16x16x16. Cost could be something around 100K to 200K BB.
Venture rear propeller - speaks for itself. Dunno the dimensions. Around the cost of the Seraphim Nose Propeller.
BF (or RR) 1x1x1 sky anchor - less height, mainly for Techs with higher ground clearance yet are odd in width.
RR AI cab - instead of being for a mobile fleet, this could rather work like it's on a multitech turret, and no ability to build beam and mess up the tech, along with attempting to aim itself at the nearest enemy Tech (or the targeted Tech).
SPE corporation logos - 1x1x1 deely boppers of the corporation logos.
4x4x1 block for all corporations - speaks for itself.
RR antimatter generator - requires 1 Celestian Crystal every 100 seconds to generate an absurd amount of power for those 100 seconds. 10x10x10, meant for bases. Approx. 80000 BB.
(SPE) block dedicated to the unofficial modding community
HE spike block - hurts enemy Techs when driven/hovered over. 2x2x1 in dimensions, 400 BB in cost.
BF tree extractor - extracts 1 F*bron Chunk every 5 seconds, and 1 Rubber Chunk (or whatever the unrefined resource names are) every 10 seconds. Dimensions - 5x5x5? Cost - 3500 BB.

edit: Magnet blocks which connect 2 Techs together, even if they hit the build limit.
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Jun 17, 2019
Larger gravity magnifier engines for BF
A hover pad which can't gimbal, but has adjustment thrusters on its sides, possibly GEO, meant for large scale floating resource bases
A silo which stores resources internally for GEO, possibly filtered with a meter on the side which shows a relative level of how full the silo is, (This could also help with reducing lag for larger crafting bases)
A gravity amplifying weapon for RR just as a counterpart to the zero point energy gun, could just double the weight of a tech while it is in affect.


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Oct 28, 2020
A GSO armor plate thats a 3x3 and one thats a 6x3

more flight blocks / hover blocks for GEO Corp and R&R

a big Venture fuel tank

Better future Rail Gun, it can go through some blocks but the more blocks it goes through, the less damage it does, also the projectile is purple (Please I beg)

A shotgun mini gun, basically a faster firing shotgun, perhaps for hawkeye

2x2 better future ion drive

Thats all I can think of for now
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Dec 10, 2019
  1. Reticule Research Heavy Reactor
    1. Grade: 3
    2. Main Type: Power
    3. Description:
      1. "Don't let the unassuming appearance fool you. The heavy reactor is one of the most powerful utility blocks out there by sheer capacity, armor, and most of all its unsurpassed generation ability. Using extremely powerful doses of radioactive chemicals and a quantum replicator, this massive gizmo surges itself with electronic energy rapidly after a heat-up period, wiring increased output to all wheel and flight blocks while kickstarting its moat SCU. Its charger can link up to eight allied targets, and it possesses an integrated prototype shield, complete with impenetrable armor and a powerful healing apparatus. Surely it will still lose out to many other competitors on the field if you just want another huge battery which totally doesn't nuke everything when it gets wrecked, but hey, Reticule Research's a family corporation, so embrace the pain rather than trying to fight it off! The cost will significantly exceed the biggest howitzer you'll ever find, but it's good for the whole family. Wanna carry it on the move? Well, not good for your family, but its infinity fuel tank's just gonna do more than compensation."
  2. Reticule Research TOW Missile
    1. Grade: 3
    2. Main Type: Weapon
      1. Description:
        1. "This is where form meets function. A weapon that truly belongs in your grasp when your targeting systems fail you. Once fired, you will assume control of the warhead. It floats like a hovercraft and stings like a battleship gun. In other words, agility and precision, at your service. Missile and console comes with a radar, a self-destruct system, an extended fuel tank to compensate for potential inaccuracies, and an autopilot if you don't feel like wasting a shot. Also has an integrated an AI Module, which operates your other defenses for you when you're playing with that missile, and anytime else if you need to. ------Reticule Research, a family corporation."


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Jun 16, 2020
A missile AI module.

Simple idea, an HE AI module that has a missile launcher on it, similar to the minigun AI module. The main difference is this thing tries to keep at range from enemies.

IF possible does high DPH but low DPS on its internal weapon .


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Apr 20, 2020
I still find that harvesting resources is a pain.
I would like a harvester-type weapon that works in conjunction with hover crafts. Maybe something like a tractor beam? Better Future doesn't have a lot of melee weapons, and I believe something high-tech like a tractor beam might do. For appearances, make it look like it can mine asteroids.
Bigger and faster conveyors might be a plus, too. Everything that has to do with manufacturing is on GSOcorp, and it makes me sad.

joseph racer

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Feb 1, 2019
Wheel - Venture BIG wheel - A venture wheel as large as Geo Corps behemoth wheel but the ap's are in the middle and the wheel is much faster. The cool thing about this wheel is that you can have your tech go both fast and drive upsidown. If anybody has played Grip combat racing you know what I am talking about.


Weapon - Venture Spike - Name pretty much somes it up, it is a spike. The faster you go the more damage it deals. I think it would be fun to ram full spead into an enemy and rip in half.

GK vec

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Nov 17, 2017
1. Big strong GEO solar pannel.
2. Bigger, stronger RR Dynamo Generator.
3. HE unidirectional shield, must have bigger range than HE shield.
4. HE 1*1*7 big gun. Low fire rate, big recoil, biggest power, high projectile velocities.
5. HE ballistic missile. Low fire rate, big lock range, parabola trajectory, normal projectile velocities.
6. Switch of SCU.
7. BF Ion big gun. Launch ball lightning, can trace, high power, low projectile velocities, long exist time.
8. BF ball wheel, it's universal wheel, 1*1*1, 0.9 weight, can't load too much, have 5 attach points. can move like Mecanmum wheel.
9. A.I. of airplane. I saw it on official twitch before, hope you devs didn't give it up.
10. Please add another command of A.I., now there is 2 of them: follow mode and stop mode, just add a guard mode that won't go forward or backward please. It's easy to do it, and it's good for turrent with sky anchor.
11. BF huge hover ring: 8*8*2 blocks, biggest hover ring.
12. VEN 1 block wing.
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Jun 19, 2020
I always wanted to have more flying blocks, like a incredibly powerful jet which is 4x4 from venture so you can become an intercontinental missile when travelling. That's about it for me


A merc who loves blowing up large targets.
Jun 16, 2020
Rotating AI turret module

Ok hard to describe this one so posting an image, this AI module is meant to be placed through out a tech, and consists of a base and a heavy rotating gun, would have three versions minigun, Railgun, missile. These are meant to be on large battleship/tank type techs, and aim and fire independently of the main weapons.

Think of these as AI controlled defense turrets.

the image shows the idea in two forms, a large railgun and smaller minigun.

this is modded but the base idea would be pre built single model turrets that act the same, rotating and firing with out player input. The down side to these AI modules is they can not control a tech on their own only their sub weapons.


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