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Jul 23, 2018
Hey Prospectors,

We're looking for some ideas for new blocks to add in an upcoming update.

So what have you got? Let us know in this thread, we'll choose our favourites and the team will work on adding them to the game.

There is one stipulation though, due to development timeframes the new blocks can only use existing functionality. That means we can't add anything too crazy like walker legs or buoyancy blocks for water that doesn't exist.

Think along the lines of a GeoCorp Shield Bubble or Projection Shield (that's actually a really good idea so no one steal it!). Maybe Hawkeye need more armour blocks? Could Venture do with an Air Brake?

I can't wait to see what you come up with.


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A Venture 3x2x1 Tail Wing Extender
3 attachment points on the bottom 2 on the top and with a neutral lift just like the tail wing
Would allow for bigger horizontal stabilizers and even more obscure configs using the Venture middle wing

Model example with a Venture Tail Wing on top used in a mod I never finished

Could potentially come in other sizes


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Apr 3, 2019
Main Z-Sector Black Hole
BF photon missile battery

Tribarreled (tritubed?) missile battery that fires 3 fast missiles in very short succession. 3x3x3, 6 secs reload in between bursts. Missiles have higher damage than cruises, but aoe similar to gso missiles. Slow turning for missiles, slightly slower than cruises, but high turret turn rate.

BF doesn't have a missile yet, i feel like it needs one, and this would be a good way to do it.


Apr 30, 2021
The moon
I’ll just pop down some ideas

large middle wing with built in turbine/thrusters

Geocorp fuel tanks

Large and form fitting Research shield/repair bubbles, basically forms a bubble in the same shape as the tech in a decently sized radius

maybe a large circular Hawkeye cab that looks like a plane cockpit

Something like a sky anchor except it can hone in and anchor onto techs (both player and enemy techs)

maybe a like 5 tier gso chip that “Removes the safety feature off your speedometer and let’s you go as fast as you please”

Research cannon that shoots a bomb which spilt into smaller bombs once exploded

That’s about it, thank you for reading


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Jun 16, 2020
Mag clamp and magnetic block.

Simple idea for two blocks, one block being a specialized magnet that only attracts a specific magnetic block, the other being the magnetic block. Reason reusable carriers.

Weapon suggestion

Infantry bay
info: a bottom or rear open 2x2x6 (2 wide, 2 tall, 6 long) bay that deploys small 1x2x1 (1 wide, 2 tall, 1 long) infantry robots armed with laser rifles. These micro techs will follow the hub and can be respawned when destroyed max 4 per bay.

Movement part suggestion

Vtol rotor

Works like any other prop but has a built in wing, rotates to act as a forward prop at high speeds (when using jets) rotates back to normal when not using boosters.


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Apr 30, 2021
Heres an idea, of course for future purposes with an AI revamp.

A pair of two blocks that act in consonant with each other.

The first block is placed on a mobile tech, so that when AI harvesting returns it will be used then. It's mechanics would be when this block is placed connecting to an AI control module allowing you to select an area for AIs to dump resources at. Another block, this one would also be a conveyor so it could flawlessly link up to receiver blocks. It will be where the AI dumps their resources on a mining tech towards.

For the harvest tech block. It would allow you tp set which receivers to dump their materials to. Labelled one to nine and a tenth option for nearby trade stations to sell, and a parameter you can set to customize how far or short the AI would search for receivers.

The receiver block would have numbers also labelled one to nine, and the AI would try dumping their materials there.

Another funny block would be a Component Disassembler. It would break down components into their base materials.

I find myself drowning in components when I scrap blocks to recycle them.
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EMR Lightning

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Nov 17, 2020
Suggestions for Blocks:
-More angled blocks maybe, we have the gso angled wing why not blocks.
-Maybe seamless blocks, Corp seamless blocks and seamless Corp transition blocks.
-Rubber blocks, for bouncing around. Also limits the damage take from falling, but causes you to bounce up.

Suggestions for Weapons:
-BF plasma bombs, canisters that when they hit make an explosion of plasma.
-More Venture weapons, can't think of any right now though.
-Coconut bomb, drop coconuts from the sky!

Suggestions for Movement parts:
-Seamless tracks, not sure how that would work though.
-High speed props, for tech that want to go fast with out boosters.

Misc, Suggestions:
-Rubber duckys, decorative rubber duckys, also maybe duck weapons, the projectile coming out of the beak like water out of a rubber ducky.
-Zugbug, Exund, etc blocks.
-Official bacon block when?

I can think of lots, I'll just give these for now.


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Oct 3, 2020

I am using a translation application. This will be a strange sentence) GeoCorp conveyor. It's very strange that they don't have it. We need to be able to complete the industry with just their blocks.
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Epic afdc

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Mar 8, 2016
RR hover wheel: Now what do i mean by that? Well normally it's a wheel that does wheel things, but when you use a hover controller, you can use a hover mode to go over obstacles a normal wheel couldnt!

Large RR balloon wheels: Pretty self explanatory.

Large RR mecanum wheel: self explanatory

RR small/medium/large battery: A group of incredibly energy dense batteries. Careful though...they are incredibly unstable and can explode easily!

RR "deleter" shield bubble: a fairly large shield bubble that is capable of blocking explosives. A huge energy drain when under fire. The shield block itself will explode violently if destroyed.

RR Combo bubble: it's basically a combination of a shield and healing bubble. Fairly useful for the people who hate how many bubbles are on their tech.

RR tractor beam: a ray styled weapon that deals very little damage but it pulls enemy techs towards you so they could get a face full of whatever short range weapons you have mounted on your tech.

RR energy mortar: a decently large gun that fires energy orbs that stick to techs and deal continuous damage in a small area. (Think pound cannon spash size)

RR plasma gun: a fast firing and chunky machine gun that fires plasma bolts that stick to the enemy and explode after a small delay of 1 or 2 seconds.

RR R.B.G. 11,000: the mother of all weapons, the weapon for the guy that just wants to flat out delete that enemy over there. This massive weapon is capable of vaporizing an entire enemy tech in a single shot. Though the energy demands of this weapon is astonishing. It drains 1 GC gluon battery with a single shot. You may be asking: "what does R.B.G. 11,000 stand for? It stands for Really Big Gun. And the 11,000 stands for how many iterations of this weapon there are. Though this is the only version that is available to the public.

RR Guinea Pig cab: it's much like the pioneer cab... except smaller... and less safe... and without the battery... and more cramped. Though it is a heck of a lot cheaper

GSO screw: a fairly bulky and slow but tanky early game omnidirectional movement device. It has incredible grip but a low top speed. Great for tricky terrain. (Just google screw tanks if you don't know what i'm talking about) and besides! It'll fit the Russian asthetic of GSO really nicely!


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Jun 16, 2020
re read things so something that uses existing functions in a way that isn't to complex.

BF Small internal generator.
info: a 2x2x2 block designed to be deep inside a build, this generates the power of a single solar panel day or night as it is a fusion generator. Though it comes at a cost, when it is destroyed it makes a big boom bigger then any other block.

BF large internal generator

info: same size as the large GEO battery, this block generates power day or night with the same strength as five solar panels, the down side is it has a low HP and if destroyed explodes violently putting even the small internal generator to shame.

BF crystal missile launchers
Info: 6 shot bust "missile" launchers that launch large purple crystals, these crystals don't explode and act similar to railgun projectiles piercing through blocks they hit.

HE internal control systems

Info: a 2x2x2 block that contains an AI core, power gauge, fuel gauge, speedometer, radar, and healling bubble.
function: an internal all in one for sub systems, while it lacks the altimeter it is designed for ground based tanks that are both player and AI controlled.

HE heavy defensive plate
info: the HE 2x2 flat plate with a shield in it that projects out 4 blocks from the part covers a 4x4 flat area, 4x6 flat curve, or 4x4x4 corner

HE heavy tank Railgun

info: a heavy railgun on a 360 mount cannon the size of the battleship cannon, has a much higher range and damage then the standard railgun, even has a built in directional shield.


INfo: a wing and a prop in one part, the prop is aimed up by default but when boosters are active rotates to the front, this works even if there are no boosters. Allowing for something to swap between a "copter" mode and plane mode with ease.

HE cruise missile bay
Info: a large 6 long, 2 high, 2 wide (6 high when active) ground to air cruise missile launcher. Designed primarily for AA, this thing fires 4 tomahawk ATG's which fly faster and longer then any other missile, its main down side is its slow fire high mass making it near impossible to mount to an aircraft. fires the burst of 4 then closes for reload taking a long time to reload.

not following rules bellow

HE decorative infantry
info: 2 tall one wide/long military androids, see NOVa pack for example come in unarmed decorative and armed turret forms. Later will have walking drone forms.

HE repulser jump system
info: using the venture repulsers in combination with boosters, these jump "jets" cause a huge burst of speed when next to the ground, they are basicly a small Venture repulser and booster in the same part.

HE Jet fuel system
info: A central system that generates fuel for boosters at the cost of power draining power at a low rate to keep fuel up, designed for long range jets this is meant to allow a single booster jet to function at speed with nothing more then 2 GEO batteries and 2 HE fuel tanks lasting 10 minutes with no shield or healing drain.


A merc who loves blowing up large targets.
Jun 16, 2020
Crawler m2 battery.png
snapshot above.

Last idea

BF charging battery

info: a large 2 wide, 2 tall, 5 long battery that looks similar to the image above, this holds the power of 8 BF batteries and has a built in charger to charge other nearby techs. the charger has the same range as GSO but not the same rate charging in quick 3 second bursts of constant energy flow.

note: the battery is highly explosive do to being both a battery and a charger in one.


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Feb 12, 2020
How about some Geocorp conveyors? We already got the receiver and everything else, might as well through them in too. They could even be big and hold twice as much as a normal GSO conveyor. And also, they're supposed to be the resource mining faction, so why haven't they got any yet?

Better Future could do with a better superweapon, due to the lackluster Class D(isapointment) Lazer, well being kinda bad.

Hawkeye seems pretty contemp rn, unless you would wanna flesh out more armor I guess?

Venture could do with some more blocks that are just kinda normal 1x1 but L o n g like the GSO 1x4 and such.

GSO is a tough case, what do we add to the starter faction that isn't something the other factions specialize in?

I say we add a Base PAD. Whats a Base PAD? Well I though you'd never ask!

Well, think of it as basically a long and wide block but with a bunch of anchors attached to the underside of it, thus creating a easy to place block/anchor combo for creating a resource or normal base when there is no flat ground available, such in the mountains or desert. Combine that with the flat RR Blocks, and you could build a whole city if you wanted. It could come in different sizes too. And it'd be relatively easy to create as well.

RR seems to be pretty covered in above posts so ima leave it be.


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Sep 28, 2020
A mortar long range
A longer hawkeye tread
A cluster missle so it fires then meters away it will burst into smaller projectiles that are explosive
A turret turning thing with no ancor on the bottom side but nobs
bigger jets for airplanes
Maybe a longer hawkeye cannon
Wall mounted miniguns
An auto cannon not minigun like 1 barrel cannon that every second for 15 seconds then has to reload it would be on a 1x4 platform or close to that scale with the barrel 2 blocks long
More wall mounted stuff like weapons
Maybe a rail gun
That was all
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Jan 21, 2016
Mirror Image to the Hawkey Notched Armor Plate
Because I like my techs symmetrical . .

Blast Shield (Bubble and/or Directional)
Stops explosions from penetrating through.

Combination between a flight propulsion block and a booster. So the block will push you through the air, but if you have a fuel tank you can engage the afterburners for a speed boost.

Gimbaled Thruster/Fan
Think Harrier Jump jet. Similar to the rotors or Linear Motion Engines it just points in the direction you want to move (on the X and Y axies)
This could also be incorporated into a wing design (think Quinjet from Avengers)

GeoCorp Conveyors
Enclosed conveyor system ?

Magnetic Trailer Hitches - Swivel & Non Swivel.
Been mentioned a few times in the past wish lists. Basically its like the trailer hitches but they pull towards its polar opposites. (polarity and activation are controlled through a radial menu). Its another way of having multi techs in the game

Tractor Beam.
I still think Geo Corp need a way to pull techs into all those wonderful melee weapons.
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Jun 13, 2020
oh, and why does geocorp doesn't have their own auto miner? kinda ironic for a corporation focused on mining
Imagine this but smaller maybe 3x2x2, it can only mine 1 node of resource but 3 times faster than GSO auto miner
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