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Discussion in 'Techs' started by Flan, Aug 3, 2018.

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    Testing out all the exciting new Blockchain™ features in TerraTech 1.0.

    Disclaimer: There will be no blockchain features in 1.0. I don't even know what that would entail.
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    You built that very high up, does that make it Blockchain technology in the Cloud(s)?
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    Now I know a new backronym: "hold on for dear life". Every day smarter...
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    Remove the v in that URL, and change the BB code from (URL) to (IMG), in square brackets (obviously), and it will actually embed the gif, rather than link to the video of the gif. Like so: [​IMG]
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    Also, fun fact about blockchains and Bitcoin mining: It is actually possible to override the system and cheat, but it requires a system more powerful than all other systems that are running the process combined. I.e. The "cheating" system must both produce the next stage of the blockchain, and then also verify it before any other system is capable of detecting that it has been tampered with (which would result in failure for the cheating system). In other words, it must effectively act as a witness to itself, and get away with it.
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    Thanks for the tip. Still figuring out the forum :p

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