Neat looking HE weapon found(ish)


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Apr 21, 2016
London, UK
Good spot! Actually that is the first prototype missile weapon we added to the game. The HE Pod Missile was later the form we chose to use, but this experimental block still exists somewhere ;)

Not sure what is going on with the textures on the plane body, it might be some of the old experimental 1x1x1 blocks that are no longer in use and have incorrect texture coordinates.


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Jul 31, 2017
Somewhere off the map
I just got the HE license and found a glitched plane floating in the sky. So I went and take a look...

Neat weapon you have

Interesting and really bizarre...

Honestly, I like those missiles! They look more like the ones you would see on a helicopter (and I like building helicopters!).

Also, why is there warning signs on the cab? I can see 2 small orange things on it.

Also, if you plan to add a missile like them, tweak them a tiny bit so they are less square ended.

Last of all, that plane lacks landing gear lol.