My Suggestions on how better TT AI should be like


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Apr 6, 2019
TT AI is not the best and everyone is asking for it to be improved.But what exactly should better AI be like?Here are my Ideas:
When you Right-click-hold(i dont know what else to call it)an AI cab you can open a big menu which is the main part of my AI System Suggestion.This menu goes over(almost)the full screen like the Options menu and doesnt auto-close like with the BF Controller menu,so has to be clicked away(so you have the time to go through all the Settings.This menu has the following parts:
-Movement Type:Here you select how the AI has to move your tech.options:
-None(for bases)
-Rotating(for Turrets)
-Driving(for cars)
-Flying(for planes)
-Hovering(for hovercraft)
-Levitating(for AGRAVs)
Task:Here you select what your AI Techs should do_Options:
-collect nearby parts(requires mobile SCU)
-collect nearby resources(requires collectors or recievers)(when you set this Task to area(more on that later)you have to select a tech to bring the resources to)(this Task and the one above are good when you have Defense Turrets and you want to clean up the area)(
-Harvest resources(the tech will break nearby resource Things(rocks,trees and crystals)and collect the resources)(when on area you have to select a tech to bring the resources to
Mode:Select if your tech is going to stay in an area to do ist Task or follow you and do ist Task on the way.If you set this to area the Tech will stay within a certain spherical area(which´s range has to be determined in another field)and do its Task from there.The Center of the sphere can be determined by coordinates,which can also easily be given using a"use current Position"button that enters the tech`s current coordinates into the field.The Height of Center of the sphere is determined by the height of the Ground at your coordinates.If you have Task that involves collecting resources you get another field where you can select from all techs with recievers in the area where the resources should be brought to.If you set Mode to Follow the tech will follow the Tech the player is currently in.It will do ist Task in a small sphere around the Player and all collected resources will be brought to the Player`s Tech.The Mode Seting is not available for Turrets or Bases.

This sounds very complicated but I think in the game it would actually be quite simple.