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Discussion in 'Ramblings' started by Boomik, Jun 8, 2018.

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  1. Boomik

    Boomik ...

    Put your complaints here about my profile. Not that I would really care, but here it is anyway.
  2. WhitePaw2002

    WhitePaw2002 Modding Husky

    ...Is it possible that you want attention?

    There are much better ways to do that than this.

    That, or you want a reason to be mad, as goes by the title... In which case, it is really not a good idea to persue with that mindset. Whatever it is that you want deeper down can be found in different ways. And agression between others is what I believe to not be the right path.
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  3. TheAlmightyBread

    TheAlmightyBread Well-Known Member

    Since you can't delete me here, the way you made your profile work is aggravating. As @WhitePaw2002 said, it seems like you want attention badly. But I also sense a lot of jealousy and ego here.

    Deleting comments that get more likes than your status got is just spiteful. If you wanted attention you wouldn't care about that, so you seem to want more than just attention.

    Turning off profile comments is understandable, if you want it to PURELY be YOUR status feed, but if you still let people comment then it shows me you want to look better than everyone else, and make them suffer for getting more likes than you got in one tiny scenario.

    And also:
    Really? That is textbook passive aggressive.

    I'm not aiming to be mean. More just... critical? The way you're acting just doesn't seem right. I've conversed with you a little bit in the past and I do not remember you being like this. In fact I know you were not like this until recently because if you scroll down a bit on your profile then you'll find these:

    And this:
    (In this one MrTwister wasn't even replying to anything, he just commented on you)

    So I'm not sure what's changed, but if you want attention this isn't the right way to get it. Or actually, now that I think about it you are already on top so I don't know why you're doing this... well, I hope you feel better soon! Goodbye.
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  4. rdoom2003

    rdoom2003 乚乇卂刀乇尺 口下 卄乇乚工口丂

    Word Art 3.png

    Embrace the fact that we can discuss things here. If you speak expect people wanting to respond. (EVEN IF ITS ON YOUR PROFILE)


    Just let the conversation carry on.

    Please Turn back on comments.

    We like discussion If we didn't we wouldn't join a forum would we?

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  5. Boomik

    Boomik ...

    What part of IT'S MY PROFILE don't you people get?!?
  6. Boomik

    Boomik ...

    And if you think my profile is so bad that I don't let others get likes, why do you want to post on it so badly anyway? I don't get your logic.
  7. Jamie


    This thread is going against forum rules 3, 4, 7 and 13. It has been locked and you have been issued with another forum warning. Please refrain from this kind of thing in the future.
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