My Gigantic techs

What is your most favourite corporation? (mine is gso! )

  • GSO

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  • GEO corp

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  • Hawkeye

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  • Venture

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  • Reticule Research

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  • Better Future

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  • Santa hat :)

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Jun 30, 2020
My techs arent GINORMOUS , but they are pretty big. Ive tried to make these techs match their corporations looks and style

Here is the hawkeye artillery called "The Battery". Dangerous for its size, just behind a huge floating block of hawkeye naval cannons in terms of firepower. Its sturdy and would last long if it wasnt for me putting the cab a bit further away from the center. I have also tried putting in some fenders for the wheels


Now i cant get a good angle of this, but this is a gso styled landship called "Steelman" . is strangely weak, its cab can get easily destroyed. Though its firepower is...fine.

(I cant really upload pictures in the forum so i am gonna use imgur from now on... )

And here is a giant! it isnt as weaponized as it looks, but its sturdy!

This is the outpost! Its the biggest tech i have (though its anchored) it is also the most expensive (about 15 Million BB). It has a load of gso rocket pods for some protection, now i say "some" because it usually gets destroyed, by flying techs and max sized tanks or blocks of cannons... also my pc can barely handle it

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