My game save on Xbox one is broken


New Member
Oct 15, 2019
I opened my last game save from yesterday. As soon as it loaded, the game thought that my tech got destroyed (it definitely didn't). The game then showed me the option to respawn my previous tech. Once I did that the block limit was suddenly exceeded (6500), when I tried to switch to my apparently destroyed tech the game showed me that all the techs I had at the moment where only 3000 blocks. I restarted the game and tried it again this time the game suddenly crashed. On the map it showed the location of my apparently destroyed tech. I went to look for it, but nothing was at the shown location. Everytime I load the game now the same thing happens and the game crashes. I think my tech may have fallen through the ground?
Has anything similar happened to someone else? And if so, where you able to fix it?