my conveyor goes to the wrong way and i tried it like 10 times no work?

Discussion in 'Community Help, Questions and Guides' started by Poopdsae, May 10, 2018.

  1. Poopdsae

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  2. TheSpaceMan

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    Your delivery cannon is not attached to the conveyor belt. It needs to be one whole Tech, dissasemble the refinery to delivery cannon part (Or just rebuild everything) and rebuild it,start from your refinery. Maybe your delivery cannon can't attach, but try my solution first. This is not a bug I think.
    (Edit: Attach a save if this doesnt work)
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  3. TheSpaceMan

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    Oh, your refinery can't refine stuff that is already refined. You can just attach additional conveyors to pass the refinery or just send them directly to the delivery cannon if you fixed it. This should rather be in the Community help.
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  4. Soviet_Samuelson

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    the tech with the refinery is disconnected from the tech with the resource cannon. you may need to make the tech on a flatter ground (or just not use conveyors at all, the refinery can pass resources without a conveyor)
  5. harpo99999

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    my suggestion is to start the build from the final destination ie the dcannon then the conveyers leading to the refinery, refinery (and have a bypass for refined and components) then out to the receivers
  6. ZeroGravitas

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    Yeah, you have 2 separate techs there, so the conveyors don't actually connect, despite looking like they are exactly adjacent. You have to be careful not to accidentally break your crafting techs in two when modifying them, if you have them laid out on the ground.

    I've moved this thread out of the "bugs" section, accordingly.

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