My concept for Co-op Campaign

Nerf Craft

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Sep 6, 2018
I think the co-op Campaign in the stream is not quite what I want, so here is how I think it could work:
1) Keep it very similar to singleplayer.
2) Have each UNIQUE player drop at a random location within 100 meters of the host spawn.
3) All players will go through the missions of solar gen, radar, Striking Out, etc. on their own.
4) Each player has a seperate inventory, wallet, mission log and licenses.
5) In the quest log, you have an option to 'invite' players to do a quest with you.
6) You cannot invite players to license or story missions.
7) A player accepting a quest participation invite must be within 50 meters of the person who initially accepted the quest at time of completion for any rewards.
8) Quest rewards are distributed evenly between all valid participants.(See #7)
9) No collision-scavenging, use the SCU.
10) Each player can choose a team color.
11) Two players on the same team can build on each other's techs.
12) Other teams can be assigned as 'Ally' or 'Enemy'.
13) Allies are treated as neutral techs, they cannot be built upon or attacked.
14) Enemies can be fired upon, but not built upon.
15) Wireless chargers will charge allies, but not enemies.
16) If a player kills an enemy that posses blocks from a corporation whose license they have not unlocked, they can keep the block, but if said block is a Fabricator, Payload Terminal, Refinery, Anchor Delivery Cannon, or other crafting related block, than said player cannot use it until they have achieved grade 1 for said license.
Other details regarding anchored blocks are still being worked out in my head, but that's the majority of my opinions for how co-op Campaign should work.