Multiple cabs/taking damage on a tech makes controls go super weird in MP


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Jul 1, 2016

So, I'm just sitting there in build beam, my tech is rotated to the side. The tech is an anti-ship missile- the front of it is filled with Z-4 explosive bolts, and basically it rams an enemy and then you press space and it digs into the opponent. I have multiple cabs on it's rear to make sure that's where the enemy aims for. Problem is, when one of the cabs gets destroyed, a weird bug occurs where the tech seems to be rotated off to the wrong side, and for whatever reason, your controls go to hell. Like as in pressing D will make you decellerate, roll, and turn at once (just for an example). It's a very strange bug and I suspect that it has to do with MP assigning a forwards direction that isn't based on one of the cabs whenever a cab is destroyed, but I don't know your game, you guys can figure this one out.

Btw, it seems to happen more often when the game is lagging (not from connection but from CPU), but I have had it happen to me when there was relatively little lag. So take that as you will.

Here's the missile if you want it, though this happens to pretty much any tech with multiple cabs so I don't think it's needed. Basically, you fly up in the air, turn the hovers on with the hover controller, remove the GSO block connecting the missile to the launch helicopter thing, and then press C to switch controls to missile mode. Then you ram the enemy (presumably under fire), press x and space when you hit, then just keep digging into their guts.
antiship missile 2a.png