Multiplayer crafting unlock mod


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Aug 19, 2021
Hello everyone, I just found out that I can't craft things in multiplayer which is pretty disappointing, I downloaded some custom blocks that add some things like conveyors and refineries which seem to work absolutely fine in co-op. Now is my question, is there a mod that enables the vanilla counterparts of these blocks?


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Nov 11, 2015
Would love full functionality in single player to be in multiplayer. Gets boring after a while when there's not much to do but drive around. Be nice to be able to craft & build with some dedicated base building blocks, as well as some more terrain types like rivers & so forth.

It's not a high visual quality game, but it's so damn fun & addictive. I got this years ago to play with my kids to find out multiplayer wasn't a thing, but since it's introduction, we've been having so much fun. The improved missions are great as well, relative to your vehicle size & strength are mobs spawning. But it's getting to that point where there's not much to do other than delete the saved multiplayer session & start again.

So come on guys, fix the bugs in the crafting & let us have some fun. Even if the crafting is no better than what it's like in single player, at least we have something to play with.