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Megaship Foundry
(Beligerus will be a placeholder image until I can come up with an actual flag)

"It is in your actions that Judgment holds jurisdiction" ~Beligerus

The Megaship Foundry
A now very old superbattleship made on their native planet, Malderin. One of three Magnellius class superbattleships produced, and the only one still standing. An absolute monolith in size, 8 miles long, half a mile wide, and a full mile high, the weight is still unknown due countless expansions and modifications but it's definitely not a lightweight. The only one of its sibling ships to have just a single AI to manage itself, but seeing as it is the only Magnellius class ship left currently, is doing incredibly well. It has as many legends told of it as well as its first commander, Beligerus, and has seen just about everything at this point, currently en route to the Lemon Kingdom to drop off survivors of the Malderin War Fleet (more explanation on that later).

Beligerus: First commander of the Megaship Foundry, also dead now

The Commander
Race: Eterian
Age: "Don't Ask" (295)
Gender: Female
Height: 9ft 4 inch
Weight: see Age
Allegiance(s): Megaship Foundry, TAC, GA, LK, Aftoria, Beligerus, Artonus

Pre-Malderin War Fleet
Synonymous with the oceans of her homeworld, blessing the beaches of existence with her charisma and calming personality... until provoked, then you get 3 cat. 5 hurricanes within 1000km of each other making landfall... truly a force to be reckoned with. She commands the majority of the Foundry's workforce and fighting force. Wife of Artonus Gandor Avlone, and daughter (in law) of Beligerus Rict Avlone. Responsible for the current size and vigor of the Megaship Foundry, as well as many of its current projects.

Post Malderin War Fleet (additions)
Having survived the battles that claimed her homeworld, she now seeks safety for her crews, primarily basing them on TAC Prime (friendly) soil and on the Lemon Kingdom homeworld, her fleet of 5 ships are being primarily assigned between TAC and Lemon Kingdom, but as a combined ops unit, taking orders from both factions as long as they stay friendly.

The Admiral
Race: Eterian
Age: 330
Gender: M
Height: 9ft 5inch
Weight: 507lbs
Allegiance(s): MSF, TAC, GA, Rodgina, Beligerus

The son of Beligerus. Admiral of the MSF's space forces, born and raised on the Foundry, he jokes about the the bridge being "his infirmary" since his mother (not Aftoria) was unable to get down to the medbay, so Demetrius had to come up to the bridge in order to commence the operation. He was the second tallest living Eterian, only shorter than his now deceased father Beligerus. Unnaturally high patience and a durability only possible due to his heritage, he is very comfortable nearly everywhere. "It's not that I don't worry, I do, but I have no doubts, and Rodgina often takes care of it well in advance. I swear she can read my mind sometimes"

(shall be posted later but tldr: 1 mk2 Dreadnought (Dawnstar) 1 mk5 Dreadnought (Tyrant) 1 mk9 Dreadnought (lacks an actual name, simply referred to as the mk9, 1 stealth cruiser (Verdayas), and 1 Mangellius Class Superbattleship (Prophecy's End))
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Prophecy's End
Magnellius class superbattleship
Length: 8 miles
width: .5 miles
height: .7 miles (1 mile counting superstructure)
weight: that'sagoodfreakingquestiontbh
Primary armament: Mk3 Magnellius WMC+WME
diameter: as tall as a mk2 dreadnought destructive capacity: anti-capital to planet cracker without risking crew safety (planet cracker brings the rest of the ship offline for the duration of the firing)

The Wave Motion Cannon was borked by Jeffry because Jeffry dislikes the idea of that being used anymore than absolutely necessary
Next possible firing: like 1 irl year at least

The last of the great superbattleships from Malderin’s Stardocks. Prophecy’s End, designed by Beligerus Rict Avlone had been intended to be the most efficient warship in the cosmos, capable of going toe-to-toe with the likes of the planet-sized “mongrel ships” from days now since past. Its powerplant and WMC are on an entirely different tier of power from the rest of its sibling-ships. The 3rd generation Magnellius WME+WMC output nearly two times the energy seen the previous generation, and two and a half times both of its sibling ships combined. At the time of its construction, most of the other stats other than flat armor mirrored this trend. In the eyes of Magnellius III, the ruler of Malderin and Beligerus’s blood father, it was unrivaled by any other ship of its size, and even then some. It was contracted by their allies along with its siblings for defensive actions in their area, and even by the Confederacy to assist the “dismantlement” of the ancient and titanic Kiwi-Wars relics.

Magnellius III, although a direct descendant of Magnellius II, was not as beloved as his predecessor, after his third century leading the Malderin system to a time of peace and civil politics, the conquest hungry generals and public began to stage a coup. He was going to be assassinated during his return to Malderin from one of their allies. The stage was set, everything in place, Prophecy’s End and its siblings ships would arriving within the SUTU, and no one would be the wiser. It was a bioweapon, a plague, designed specifically to target their immune system's absolute hatred of medicines, it would drive them mad from pain, cloud their judgement, and eventually, kill them. Through one fault or another, it was released, the population fallen ill to its madness, and most perished during the time the ships were jumping back. The scene beforeMagnellius III and Beligerus, who at the time was merely 200 years of age, was of dystopia, carnage, and destruction. They were unable to receive the news due their jump, and as such fell into what could loosely resemble a trap, the dystopia’s new “leadership” a once legendary general, had planned to seize the superbattleships, and destroy as much as he could, no star system left unviolated. A fighter “horde” since they were anything but in formation pounced onto the ships, although minimally damaging them, easily keeping them distracted as the larger vessels had shown up. The general had planned for them to counterattack, and as such already had a sizeable force in defensive positions, but Magnellius III gave one order

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(Prophecy's End Continued)

“Run, this is not our planet anymore”. Turning, anywhere, a single ally would be perfect, but they were all behind the ships, and the larger “doom” fleet was closing in, so the 3 superbattleships chose as clear of a course as they could in the minute, and with Prophecy’s End spearheading the jump, as it was best equipped to deal with unforeseen obstacles. The damage was done however, the fighters now hurling themselves into the two rear ships before they fled, carrying with them, the contagion. They managed to go to warp despite this, Beligerus commanding Prophecy’s end, Magnellius III and Aftoria’s father, Dostrius, commanding the other two. Maybe two minutes into the jump, reports came in about the crews of rear two ships succumbing to the bioweapon, and a decision was made.

Magnellius III: Dostrius, execute maneuver 37Alpha 37Alpha is a high warp procedure theorized by WME inventor and proliferator, Magnellius I, in which two vessel fire their WMCs along the port and starboard sides of a ship in warp, increasing the warp cone size and reducing drag to further increase the speed of a vessel to high multiples of the speed of light. All three ships must be in warp to do this, and afterwards, the two firing vessels are either completely lost due to power loss, or immediately dropped out of warp, rendered immobile until standard jumpstarting procedures are executed. A full powered WMC firing was already dangerous at this proximity, but two sandwiching a vessel between them mid warp? Unthinkable… but Beligerus didn’t dare go against the order, he already saw them readying the cannons, and some of the compromised areas of the ships attempting in vain to take the rest of them down. Beligerus ordered the computer to maintain their heading to within nanometer accuracy, and go to PNR so they could make use of the opportunity afforded to them. It complied, and as the WMCs poured forth, it left one message to its siblings and leader:

“Gone, but not forgotten”
Afterwards, they had exited nearly halfway across the Milky Way, arriving on the planet now known today as “Magnellius III” in honor of their leader, Beligerus went on to convert the ship and remaining society into a peace-keeping force, as Magnellius III had wished for, concealing his true age and name of himself and the ship, and swearing his crew to secrecy so that the future generations do not have to live with this memory, most of the original crew having passed over the next 600 years, leaving him, Demetrius, Jeffry, and the ship itself to carry on the burden of this tale.

No one has heard from the Malderin star system since, or what became of Magnellius’s and Dostrius’s ships, but we do know that their efforts were not in vain, as Prophecy’s End, now only known as the “Megaship Foundry” remains, and holds true to Magnellius III’s and Beligerus’s wishes.

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Project Fenrir

Class: Stealth Cruiser

Armament: 8x Broadside Assault laser modules, 16 laser disks, misc laser AA

Length: 40 blocks (longest cruiser according to MSF ship classifier)

Notable Features

+High armor for ship class and archetype
+Excellent detection countermeasures including relatively round shape and high rock content external plating (to appear like an asteroid at first)
+Commlink capabilities of a standard Mk2 Dreadnought battleship
+Large observation posts on port and starboard sides
+Lotsa data gathering equipment because Beligerus and MSFC need to know ***everything***

-Slow normal flight and relatively low maneuverability compared to standard cruisers
-although completely energy weapon based, weapons are a bit underpowered
-No tractor beam, cargo hold (except for its own necessary supplies), or HE shields (uses BF for efficiency and comparatively low detection)
-big 'ol cruiser
-limited remote piloting capabilities (Rasande can't just walk around the ship and pilot it at the same time like the mk7)
-warp recharge: cannot warp more than twice per day due to lower engine capacity and larger size compared to normal cruisers

Project Fenrir.png

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Dreadnought Mk9

Class: WMC Space Battleship

Captain: Major Rasande, Odyssey to a lesser degree

Armament: 2 dual BS cannon turrets, 12 Cruise "torpedos", misc AA

Length: 63 blocks

Notable Features

+High underhull armor
+Highest warp speed attainable compared to other vessels of its size
+Mk9 WME+WMC, intermediate power but low cooldown and does not lose warp capabilities after firing below 90%
+Lighter than a Mk7
+Dual AI capacity, one for the engineering side of the ship (WME management, thrust prioritizing), one for the combat and primary captain-ing.
+surprising amount of rear shielding, it actually easier to damage it from the front than the rear
+trac beam strength equal to mk7, but much more energy efficient

-cannot fire more than twice per week
-limited AA and close range combat equipment (escorts almost necessary)
-big boi
-less effective ship shear (not that we've ever actually used it)
-weaker WME than mk7
-Isn't a mk7

Dreadnought Mk9.png
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Dreadnought Mk5
Project "Tyrant"
Class: WMC Heavy Space Battleship
Armament: lots of broadsiding shite and two mk3 mt Turrets
Length: 138 Blocks

Notable Features
+stupidly high central armor
+stupidly good broadsiding
+Heaviest shielding of any Dreadnought
+Actually designed for melee ranges
+Dual AI
+Mk7 strength WMC and WME, featuring same model trac beam

+/- slowest warp of any Dreadnought, actually slower than most things can minimally go, sounds sorta like how the spitfire works

-Stupid Big: If you can't hit this thing you're either blind or in need of replacing
-Slow as fak: even out of warp it is slow, so it definitely isn't a getaway vehicle
-lacks missiles
-WMC recharge is double than that of the mk7, but can go to 130% charge if you don't mind dying
-Did I mention stupid Big

(just ask me on discord for the snapshots)


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Greetings, this is the leader of the Z SECTOR ENTITIES.
I wish to ally. We have abundant resources and technology capable of dealing with black holes. Our army is very small and we would like to acquire allies. We have already allied with the UESO. If you wish to ally, notify me and I will send an entity fragment and a package of erudite.
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