More Miners!


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Apr 6, 2019
The Miner Variety in TT is low(only 1 exists),so I came up with some ideas for some more Miners:
Geocorp Deep Miner:
The GC Deep Miner(which i have already suggested in my thread About how to make permanent bases more viable)will work faster than a GSO quadminer,but due to ist larger scale you cannot put multiple on one vein.It will infinitely mine,but at the point where a GSO miner would not work anymore it will lose Efficiency.You can also place it anywhere and it will produce random rock or Crystal resources very slowly,with of Course the more valuable resources being rarer.I imagine it about twice as big as a GSO miner and having the same general shape,just in GC style.
Venture Restock Miner:
The Venture Restock Miner works 5x as fast as a GSO Miner but only gives you 20% of what a GSO miner would give you from a vein and is 2 wide and 2 Long,but 3 high.It is ment to be put on an Exploration tech to be put down whenever you need some stuff to burn on the go 20190610161352_1.jpg
Here is a rather terrible model of how i imagine it(some proportions are off and the black cylinder is supposed to be the drill
(havent made a Concept for a HE miner because i think it really doesnt fit in the General Concept of HE)
Better Future Laser Miner:
The Better Future Laser miner is the only miner that cant anchor by itself.It Looks like a claw Plasma cutter and with a wider beam and no beam Rotation.It can only be mounted facing downwards.It can infinitely mine at 3x the Speed of a GSO miner,but consumes elctricity(which is explained by the resource recovery beam which gets the resources out of the laser-drilled hole needing it).