More Introductory Missions for Control Schemes and Stuff

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Feb 23, 2018
Now that the game has been given a control scheme update, there needs to be a proper introduction in the campaign. Thus, I think there should be a series of missions similar to "Learn to Fly" which introduce the player to new control schemes and types of tech. The concept of switching control schemes should be taught as early as possible, perhaps in "Learn to Fly" or right at the start of the game, but the schemes themselves are going to need proper tutelage.

~Learn to Do More Flying~

The player would get this mission at Venture grade 2, providing they have already done the aeroplane tutorial. Suzie Vroom would spawn with a practice helicopter and a short aerobatics course to await the starry-eyed cadet. Suzie would say something like "Gee, you look like you need some helicopter in your life! Here, why don't you borrow this one and try it out?", then explain the controls. The player would be sent through the course, which would need more vertical movement than the aeroplane course but not so much as to discourage a beginner. They'd be allowed to keep the helicopter afterwards.

Example helicopter:

Tiny Chopper.png

~Learn to Hover~

This mission would be Venture grade 3. It would follow the same format as the helicopter mission; the player gets a hovercraft and some advice from Suzie, then tries their hand at a short race. The mission would have to spawn on flat terrain and have a fairly wide track to account for drifting, although the example hovercraft I made can turn well enough. Again, the player would be allowed to keep it on completion.

Example hovercraft:

Hover Fun Time.png

~Advanced Hovering~

At Better Future grade 1, whichever quest NPC they turn out to have would explain how hover rings work and invite the player to try out a course in a Better Future hovercraft. Once the player switches to the craft, however, the NPC would give the player four small air brakes to add to the sides.

Once the player completes the course, the Better Future NPC would congratulate them as usual, only to drop a bombshell: The player isn't allowed to keep the tech! "I mean, come on, we can't just give them away!", the NPC would crow before stashing away the craft. Then they'd say something along the lines of "Oh, all right, I suppose we should help our members..." and drop a handful of hover rings, maybe with a free air brake.

Example hovercraft with room for air brakes and stuff:

Hover of Tomorrow.png

~Defying Gravity~

This mission should be for Better Future grade 2, assuming that's when you unlock the stabilising computer and the linear motion engine. The player would find the Better Future NPC and the beginner's hovercraft again, except the hovercraft would have a stabilising computer and gyro already attached.

The NPC would introduce the linear motion engine and explain how variable thrust works, then ask them to attach four linear engines to the hovercraft. With that done, the player would have to raise the tech sixty metres into the air, then switch back to their own craft. The NPC would mention how the stabilising computer is holding the hovercraft steady up there.

Once again, the NPC would scoff at the idea of letting the player keep the tech. After leaving, however, they would have a change of heart and drop a free stabilising computer and linear motion engine.

~Taking Control~

For the Better Future grade 3 mission, the player would find the NPC once again with their example hovercraft. This time, it would be kitted out with a shield, repair bubble, control block, hover control block and some batteries. There would also be a low arch nearby, low enough that the hovercraft would crash into the top normally.

The NPC would explain the control block and ask the player to switch off the shield to save power. With that task completed, the NPC would mention the short arch and instruct the player to lower the craft's hover power using the hover control block. By doing that, the player would be able to hover low and squeeze the tech under the arch. Finally, the player would have to switch the hovers off altogether to park the tech.

This time, the NPC would be furious with the player for wanting to keep the tech. They would lecture the player at length about how it's wrong to demand free stuff and make their exit with the hover tech in tow. Moments later, however, two free control blocks would fall from the sky...