More Corporation-based Conveyors

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A dapper dragon
Sep 9, 2017
Tír na nÓg
So GSO and Venture have conveyors. This is good. I like it. But I feel that one of the areas that still makes TerraTech feel like an early-access game is that the crafting is usually 100% GSO (except for fabricators and scrapper and maybe the odd delivery cannon.) There is literally no incentive to use Venture conveyors except for if you want a change of scene or if you want to try out the new bois. In addition, the crafting blocks categories for GeoCorp and Hawkeye look really sad if you imagine them without resource blocks. In order to make Venture conveyors better and spark ideas for other corporation-based conveyors, here is the list of changes and additions I would suggest. (Naturally I would also include filters, droppers and alternators to complete each set.)

GSO conveyor:
  • Cheap
  • Always available from trading stations
  • Doesn't work on mobile techs
  • Weak to damage
  • Can only hold one resource per unit
  • Fastest conveyor
Venture conveyor:
  • Moderately cheap
  • Can be crafted easily
  • Does work on mobile techs
  • Weak to damage
  • Can only hold one resource per unit
  • Quite fast
  • (Venture conveyors would become available about as soon as mobile crafting blocks would be anyway.)
  • Moderately priced
  • Can be crafted easily
  • Doesn't work on mobile techs
  • Puts up with damage
  • Can hold three (or more) resources per unit, each one being able to be drawn from by filters and mobile furnaces
  • Slower than GSO, Venture and Hawkeye, but more efficient due to special power of holding lots
  • Moderately priced
  • Can be crafted relatively easily but requires some rare resource in small amounts
  • Does work on mobile techs
  • Takes a beating the way crusaders would like to take Jerusalem (very well)
  • Can hold one resource per unit
  • Slow, but not as slow as GeoCorp


On the path to becoming a grand-master idiot
Feb 9, 2018
My box
i think this:
GSO: only right-side up on unanchored techs, any way on anchored techs, moderate speed
Venture: slowish while unanchored and very fast anchored, but when anchored it burns out quickly
Geo: VERY slow while unanchored, gradually gets faster while anchored, with max speed at 1 day long anchorage (to promote use in bases) can transport many items at a time (WEIGHS A LOT)
Hawkeye: can tolerate tilting more, but goes kinda slow, can transport 2 items at a time
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Duck on holiday
Jun 24, 2017
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GSO: only right-side up on unanchored techs, any way on anchored techs, moderate speed
But what if an anchored tech unanchors to become a mobile tech? What then?

Personally, I don't think conveyor rotations (or any block for that matter) should be restricted. This is a sandbox game after all, we are supposed to be able to build anything in any way.
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Tinkerer of Titäns
Oct 8, 2016
I agree with more corporation-based manufacturing, especially Geocorp ones, because that's what they're mostly about.

I heard from the devs before that having high-capacity conveyors like suggested before (2x2x1 if I remember it right) takes a lot of coding time. So there's that.

And I prefer to stick with an unrestricted rotation; Duck boi is right. This is the same issue with wheels - restricting orientation also restricts creativity. I'm not fond of that change to be honest.
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