More Conveyors


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Jun 27, 2020
I think every corporation should have its own conveyors. Currently, only GSO and Venture have their own variants. So, I've come up with ideas for each of the other corporations.

  • GeoCorp: The GeoCorp conveyor would be two blocks wide, like most GeoCorp blocks. It would have four slots per conveyor block for resource chunks and be slightly slower than the GSO conveyor. Machines with an input/output slot next to a GeoCorp conveyor would be able to pull/push from any slot on it, to prevent weirdness with fabricators. This conveyor would also try to even out chunks so that there are two side by side at the front of the line and no "holes," i.e. a continuous group of chunks.

  • Hawkeye: The Hawkeye conveyor would be rather unremarkable in terms of functionality, like the Venture conveyor. It would, of course, have more HP, but that would be about it in terms of differences. It would be cool if its model had side walls, to signify that it is armored.

  • Better Future: The Better Future conveyor would not be a conveyor, per se. It would be a vacuum tube that resource chunks simply slide through. There would, of course, have to be at least a straight piece, an elbow piece, and a junction piece, but this system would be much more versatile and controllable. It would also look neater and more compact, because the resource chunks would be held far lower. The tubes could also have attachment points on the top and sides, allowing for interesting designs.
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