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Nov 2, 2016
The scaling looks slightly odd with the AP/line overlapping in the above picture. Due to the rescaling how much does it affect the FPS/graphics?

The zero G would be sooo fun to play around in, especially if we could anchor techs like the flight missions gates. However I can see so many problems with this (Build beam and AI mostly). We would also need proper controls for 3D movement. Are you able to surpass the game speed limit we are able to reach currently (getting to and above 1000 mph for example)?

Are you able to build off the rotated blocks, or are they treated as an end cap/single AP type block? How much does it screw with the grid system (outside of being on non 90 angles), collisions, and are you able to move around with it in place easily?

Even though this is a mod, has the devs talked to you about it showing us some possibilities (maybe even future planned mechanics) of TT? The Zero G one I could see easily being added to the normal game.
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For the FPS it doesn't look like it affects performances too much

For the speed limit : the gravity is turned off but the deceleration is still on and I haven't search to turn it off for now

For the rotated blocks : the APs are still on the same place : only the model and the collisions are modified so the grid system still works normally
On loose scaled blocks the APs seems to follow the model but it's just the rendering.
The position in the grid is set when the block is placed.

The position,rotation,and scale are relative to the Tech position,rotation,and scale so it's easy to use.
The only problem with the scaling are the Wheels which behaves strangely.

And the last, No I wasn't contacted by the devs
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Apr 14, 2016
I would be really curious to some of the UI code you wrote. Since I never did something with UI really I would love to know how you implemented making dialogs and such :)

Love your dedication to modding, it's inspiring
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