Modded Workshop Discussion


Mindless Dominion Fleet Admiral
Nov 5, 2015
@WhitePaw2002, @Exund, @Mindlessmrawesome, @Matt I summon you. Also anyone else who wishes to contribute, by all means. Open forum.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the MODsplosion. Im a chess player of sorts, and when i see pieces moving into position i make my move. Last week Matt approached the Modding community with an open hand of support from the Devs. Mindless Mr. Awesome Joined the ranks of the 'Official' Modders, and Mod discussions seem to be brimming up all over the forums. And just recently Whitepaw has announced an intent to publish a sort of block creation guide, though still a work in progress this will undoubtedly increase the amount of modded content being created by leaps and bounds. I propose that we, the Modding community make our first answer to the Developer's offer to support in the form of an officially supported Mod and Modded content sharing service through the steam workshop. I feel that eventually, inevitably, the explosion of modded content that is going to happen in months to come when Whitepaw publishes his Custom Blocks guide will terribly overload our current github system. Beyond that, Open access and support for modded players and builders to share their creations with other modded players and to showcase them to non modded players. These things will be essential framework for the growth that's about to happen here in the modded community. And I believe a conversation about it ought to be started.

So. That's my Proposal to kick off the MODsplosion. Modders? Community Manager? Devs? Modded players? Non-Modded players? two cents doesn't make a bill.