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Jul 23, 2018
Community Core is a live stream where we showcase the best creations players have made in TerraTech.

This week's Community Core will be a bit different. We want you to submit your modded Techs!

If you'd like to have your tech showcased you can submit your techs by attaching snapshots, game saves or Steam Workshop links in this thread.

You'll be able to watch them in action on Wednesday 4th December from 4pm GMT on Twitch:

A limit of no more than TWO Snapshots/Steam Workshops or 3 Techs in a GAME SAVE per player, please :) If submitting a GAME SAVE please specify if it's R&D or Creative in your submission.

NOTE: INSTRUCTIONS for how Techs should be shown must be displayed in RED. Please include which MODS were used in GREEN. Text that is not marked this way will likely be ignored. All instructions must be written in no more than 140 characters. Attaching a video of the Tech in action to your thread is strongly advised.

This thread will be archived just before the stream to make way for the next wave of Community Core submissions.


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Feb 13, 2019

One of the first combat vehicles manufactured by ГГ Corps (rr), MLRA Cricket, an artillery designed for quick movement from location to location with advanced traversal and aiming systems. The turret was originally used for an AA gun, but we decided to slap it onto some legs and attach a few hands to see what comes out.

Not much for instructions, just drive around and shoot some static or moving techs in creative, targeting computer lets it stay on target on any speed.
Not much for controls either:
CTRL - tilt the legs back, can be used for manual aiming if hands are disabled

The tech can only turn while going forward, cant go in reverse
Mods required:
Control blocks by WP
HE Rangefinder by Sozin
HE Heavy Autocannon by Sozin
BF Rangefinder by gwlegion
VEN Boards by Rafs
BF Vector engine by Rafs
HE Composite armor by Rafs
HE Sloped blocks by Rafs
HE Targeting Computer by Mindless in Weapons NMore


MLRA Cricket.png

Design inspired by Just Cause 3 Land Assault DLC Blackhand mechs

EDIT: added the skins for full experience


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Nov 5, 2015
Okay... First things first. None of my modded techs are so simple that they can be explained in 140 characters or less. Sorry Payload, that's just an unrealistic constraint for anything using control blocks... i know it's an attempt to save time, but all you are doing is negating any builds that are truely impressive. that being said, i very much hope you look beyond that and dont disqualify this based on a letter count. i think you will dissappoint a lot of people if you do. Whoever is doing this needs to PM me or preferably catch me on the Modded or Mod Discussion Discords, because there is just too much instruction to just list controls. it will take practice to use certain features adequitely (Like Melee fighting). And sequences must be triggered in certain orders or horrible clipping ensues, and im a perfectionist, so No clipping allowed, save for a couple spots where i thought i looked good. Anyways

I know everyone int the Modded community has been dying to see one of my Transformers in action and HERE I submit one. In fact the Fourth Transformer i have publiushed to the community in one way shape or form. The Geocorp/Hawkeye Collaboration, Featuring my very own Custom Mech Head. I Present to you, Geo Cyclops.

SO Here's the short Version (Thank you Hex)
1>>>Extends and retracts the hips for Robot Mode
2>>>Lower the legs
3>>>Raise the legs
4>>>Lower the Anchors
5>>>Raise the Anchors
x>>>Main Transformation to Robot Mode
z>>>Main Transformation from Robot Mode
N>>>Lowers the Digger Shovel, Adjusts Ballest in Turret Mode
M>>>Raises the Digger Shovel, Adjusts Ballest in Turret Mode
RCtrl>>>Widen/Narrow Wheelbase, and Extends/Retracts the Digger Shovel
9>>>Raise Plow/Close Cargo Platform
0>>>Lower Plow/Open Cargo Platform
->>>Backhand Blades
=>>>Extend Blades
L>>>Retract Shoulders
;>>>Deploy Shoulders
,>>>Arms rotate In
.>>>Arms Rotate Out
G>>>Lower Upper Arms
H>>>Raise Upper Arms
J>>>Lower Lower Arms/Lower Turret Deck
K>>>Raise Lower Arms/Raise Turret Deck
[]>>>Swivels Wrists (Not really that useful, More for animation)
8>>>Retract Cannons
7>>>Deploy Cannons

Arrow Left/Right>>> Waist Swivel

Then regular Car control scheme in all 4 modes, though in Vehicle modes, it drives Backwards.
Spacebar to fire.

So there are too many intricacies to discuss here as far as animation sequences go (like i said, in order to do the Tech justice i would have to work with the operator before hand. it is no simple vehicle) But the major ones are the transformation sequences.
To begin revert from Save Position to Tank Mode. Hold J and M until they are fully retracted. You are now in Tank Mode. In this mode, Use 6 and 7 to change the elevation on you Nuclear Cannons, and Left and right arrows to control the Chassis Rotation. leave your other transformational controls alone here or you get Clipping. Here he is in Tank Mode:
Okay Now we start simple. Geo has a linear transformation sequence, so it transforms mode to mode to mode to mode, rather than any mode to any mode. SO Im listing from Tank mode to robot mode. obviously the reverse is the reverse process. Alright. To Transform into Digger Mode, Simply Hold N until the Digger is fully deployed and press Right Control to extend the Digger and the Wheelbase and expose the Delivery Cannons. in this mode, 9 and 0 operate the SHovel beneath the Digger, and all previous Features from the Tank also are available, including the Cannons. Here's DIgger Mode:
Okay, Now here's where things get a little more complicated. Geo's Turret Mode is a stationary mining and artillary platform. To transform, Hold 2 and 4 to lower the legs and recoil Anchors all the way. this will lift the Tech off the ground. Using J and K, Position the Arms so that the Blades are pointing strait up. These are you Com Antennae in this mode. The use 6 and 7 to angle the cannons. Finally tap X once or twice to slightly transform the chassis. To be properly transformed, no blocks will clip when you use the waist swivel, but they will come close. See the Image below. Use N and M to control the digger or use it as a counterweight Ballast for the Nuclear Cannons. Here is Turret Mode:

Due to the Complexity of this mech in even it's simplest operation will require another set of file attachments, so Continued in Part 2 (And probably Part 3)
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Nov 5, 2015
(Part 2)
Okay Moving right along.
So you are now in Turret mode. Here's where the real fun begins. Press 1 and hold X and M to transform the body and back (my one bit of allowed clipping makes a Spine) Now Transform the arms. Semicolon and Comma rotate the arms into position and G lowers the arms, but always keep them cocked out slightly or you will have a little clipping and it looks awkward. Use the arm controls above to along with the waist Swivel to maneuver the arms around. it's capible of quite the variety of moves in Melee including sweeping slashes, overhead power strikes, Charging thrusts, and backhand jabs. All these require a complex sequence of commands that i dont even have mastered yet. Play with it first. Also, 6 and 7 lock the guns into Shooting and Melee Positions. 4 and 5 also extend and retract the Recoil Anchors. Here's Cyclops in Robot Mode:
Well. There you have it. I recomend demoing it on creative invincable, as i havent worked Sheilds or repair into the design. Next time i promise. it is pretty heavy armor Tho...

Now with FACE LASER!!!

Heres the Tech PNG:
Cyclops Melee.png

To make Cyclops, I have used Only the Block Injector and Control Block Mods.
Custom Blocks used
GSO Small Swivel- Husky
GSO Medium Swivel- Husky
GSO Small Piston- Husky
Venture Swivel- Husky
Hawkeye Piston- Husky
GEO Small Traction Pads- Husky and the Modding Community (We made that one live)
Hawkeye Hyper Drill- Husky
Better Future Ion Saber- Rafs
LK KnightFall Nuclear Cannon- Potato
GSO Veiwport- Mindl3ss M0dding
GEO Cyclops Face Laser Head- Mindl3ss M0dding

Special Thank you to Husky. Without your work this would not have happened. 4 times now no less.
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Feb 5, 2019
Ben & jerry's ice cream tub
I made a somewhat small airship because why not. It uses the TAC Starship Engine and the TAC TurboJet to a great effect.
Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 5.27.26 PM.png
Mods used: -Legionite's TAC Pack
-Raf's Better Future flotation tanks
-Raf's Better Future blank
-Raf's Hawkeye blast walls & columns
-Raf's Hawkeye chassis blocks
-Raf's Hawkeye double-sloped blocks

Controls: -W A S D for standard movement
-Q E for strafing
-page up/down (rebind to Z and C for better control) to elevate and descend

Due to the nature of the TAC TurboJet, the controls may be a little slidey at high speeds or fast turns.

Hopefully this gets in the modded stream!​



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Jul 9, 2016
I made some 40k-inspired stuff because of course I did.

Imperator Nova:
Mods Used:
- Control Blocks by Whitepaw
- TAC pack by Legionite
- Hawkeye-TAC MK23 127mm Broadside Turret by Legionite
- HE Composite Plates by Rafs
- HE Double Sloped Blocks by Rafs
- HE Chassis Blocks by Rafs
- GSO Girders by Rafs
- Knightfall Cannon by Potato
- 40k Pack by Me
- Naval Pack (Flak Cannon) by Me
- Utilities Pack by Me

Imperator Nova.png
- Wait a while for it to charge. It can charge itself because it uses some overpowered, non-purchaseable perpetual generators.
- WASD for standard movement
- QE for strafe
- Up/Down for up/down
- Pg. Up/Pg. Down for pitch
- LEft CTRL for boost

Mods Used:
- TAC pack by Legionite
- HE Double Sloped Blocks by Rafs
- HE Chassis Blocks by Rafs
- Knightfall Cannon by Potato
- 40k Pack by Me
- Naval Pack (Perses Cruiser Turret, Flak Cannon) by Me
- SciFi Pack by Me
- Utilities Pack by Me

- Wait a while for it to charge. It can charge itself because it uses some overpowered, non-purchaseable perpetual generators.
- WASD for standard movement
- QE for strafe
- Up/Down for up/down
- Pg. Up/Pg. Down for pitch
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Feb 13, 2019

One of the latest ГГ Corps combat vehicles, a 110 foot tall behemoth with gunpower enough to take out fleets on its own, meant to be used as the first vehicles to enter a battle. Designed for scaring the opponent into retreat.

Same story as with my last post, show off its functions on random enemy techs.
W - tilt the legs and go forward
To go backwards hold S and then W
Can turn in place, hold A or D
Turret rotation - Q/E
ALT to do a weird stance with legs
R for FPS cam
Same as my last post, but with
LK Knightfall cannons by Potato
LK Lemon battery by Potato
BF Panels by Rafs
GSO Weight blocks by WP in Motion blocks
GSO Chassis by Rafs
GSO Single viewport by Mindless
HE Isotropic reactor by Sozin
HE Blast walls by Rafs
Fusion blocks by WP


TITAN Class Vanguard.png

vanguard pic.png
vanguard pic 2.png

Design inspired by Supreme Commanders 2 RVE mod UEF Hammer mech.
This took about 8 hours to create, and ill probably keep working on it.


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Oct 8, 2016
A nuclear-armed Landship designed to support smaller units with superior firepower on the ground.

Use WASD for basic Car controls.

Mods used:
LK Knightfall Nuclear Cannon

LK Small Standard Block
LK Small Lemonade Battery
LK Crusader Armored Wheel
LK Bunker Cab
LK Small Slope Armor
LK Corner Slope Armor
LK Inverted Corner Slope Armor
LK Small Lemonade Ion Generator

HE Mimir Panopticon (Sozin)
HE Orion Flak Cannon (Sozin)
Medium Embedded Swivel (Whitepaw, Control Blocks mod)

Snapshot below



Fancy Modder
I have way less impressive techs to show

But they still are quite big... but require some special manipulations to load

Mods :
  • ProceduralBlocks
  • NativeOptions (should download automatically with ProceduralBlocks)

Launch the game once with the mods installed and then put the images in the "TechArt" folder of your TT install (ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TerraTech\TechArt)

When in game you can configure the keybindings in the options (NativeOptions adds a new tab in the vanila game option) (it's set to "M" by default)

When configured hold "CTRL + CONFIGURED_KEYBIND" in game and select which tech to load
There is also an option to make the tech vanilla friendly

GSO Cab.pngNuterra.pngTerraTech.png

You can also have custom ones but the image must be 64x64 pixels maximum
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taking a break from TAC Pack
May 20, 2017
The Technocratic AI Colony Corp
The Developers will get the most recent copy of the TAC Pack for use before stream day.
The TAC Pack is not yet released to the public yet. It is not yet attainable on the forums or Discord for the time being.

The actual mod pack is still pending revisions prior to release, this is a not-so-well-made Tech showcasing all the parts, which operate in seemingly new ways compared to existing parts.
Right now there are issues with the projectile trails not being colored, and a general basis of balance is still being weighed out.

A number of greebles are currently being added, as well as slope blocks.


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Jul 4, 2018
These are just some techs i made using Legionite's TAC pack.
TAC Pack by Legionite

TAC Ulti Explorer:
TAC Ulti Explorer.png
It's not the fastest tech but it is certainly able to go anywhere you want.

Hoverbug stuff for controls...
Trundler V2:
Just a slight alteration of Legionite's Trundler tech which was given in privacy. Have fun :)
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