Mod Suggestion: Instant Death Blocks


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Jul 1, 2019
I want to suggest a mod that will remove the small invulnerability window where when a block dies it blinks red multiple times for a second before exploding. With this mod enabled when a block reaches 0 hp it will not linger for any longer and will instantly blow up. This is NOT like the no block detach mod, this mod would eliminate blocks having any form of invulnerability. Why? This mod would improve non explosive weapons drastically like laser weapons for example. A massive laser can only chew through a tech as fast as a second a block because of the short invulnerability before they die. Not only would this look amazing but it would be extremely satisfying using a giant laser or a great deal of machine guns to evaporate a target. >>>This would also enhance auto targeting using lasers because when a block is dead itll blow up instantly so a laser could move on to the next part of the tech without needing to wait until the block has finished blinking before destruction.