Mission ideas thread

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Mar 8, 2016
I have some ideas to...freshen up the mission selection.

Race missions: unlike the time trial missions, you are pitted against AI opponents to try and get to the finish line first. Pretty straightforward
Cross country race: basically a normal race against AI, but with no set route to the finish line. Take whatever route you want! It doesn’t matter as long as you reach the finish.
Cross country time trial: a cross country race but without AI and it’s timed


search and destroy: you have to find an enemy tech in a large area, and destroy it in a timely fashion (A.K.A. Timed)

Search and rescue: you have to find a tech that is being held hostage by a band of bad guys, find them, destroy the bad guys guarding the hostage. Rescue the hostage. Within the time limit
mega tech destroyer: you get sent to destroy a huge enemy tech that is terrorizing the area. There is a random chance that AI techs will show up and help you destroy the mega tech. You also get a huge reward of about 15-20 blocks and 100,000 along with the AI that may have joined you.

Gather resources: a prospector has requested anybody to gather resources and drop them off at their base. The prospector of course, will pay handsomely for your troubles.
Better future
Hover race: pretty much the venture races but for hovercrafts. first to the finish wins.
Collect funds: GSO’s budgets have been stretched incredibly thin this week. Help GSO by collecting money in any way possible. (Usually to about 50,000 BB)


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Jun 30, 2018
Once proposed by me some time ago...
Shadow deals.
The mission would consist of well-known personas(Crafty Mike, Big Pete, et cetera) conducting an off-the-radar trade near your location. They would ask you to bring some resource blocks and/or guard them during the trade. During the trade, you will have to place resource blocks onto an another craft. When you finish placing the blocks, the mission can continue following either of three ways:
1) Ambush. The objective will be to guard your persona and eluminate the hostiles.
2) Sudden price increase - Place some more resource blocks - 1 or 2.
3) Deal. The trade follows peacefully.
After the mission, you get a bigger than usual reward - because resource blocks are rather expensive.
The mission should not be very hard to code, as it consits of the bits that are already encountered. For example, we have an opportunity place a booster on Crafty Mike's craft in one mission.
Also, the trade could be an instant ambush.
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