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  1. Greg

    Greg Technical Designer

    Hi everyone!

    My name's Greg and I'm the new designer working on Terratech. Nice to meet you all!

    My main focus at the moment is going to be finding and fixing scripting bugs in missions. These can be anything ranging from how missions progress to the way certain objectives spawn in the world.

    Let's use this thread to identify any current issues with missions. If you spot a bug in a mission, no matter how big or small, please post it below with as much information as you can, so that we can have a look at fixing it and subsequently improve your playing experience!
  2. Jamie


    Hi Greg!
  3. Tfin

    Tfin Well-Known Member

    Well then... Hello.
    In a newly started 0.5.14 game, having beaten the Troll and after attaching the tractor pad that drops, I'm still being asked to attach the delivery cannon to my tech, though one hasn't dropped and neither of them has been unlocked for purchase.
  4. Nate

    Nate Well-Known Member

    Same exact problem in a new 0.5.14 game. Beat Troll, no tractor pad dropped. Bought tractor pad. No delivery cannon dropped. Can't purchase a delivery cannon.
  5. Shiggsy

    Shiggsy Well-Known Member

    I've found that if you rename your player name Folder inside the Save folder and then start a new game the bug is gone. This has worked 5 of 5 times for me, with it only bugging if I try to make a new game with one already 'active'
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  6. streak1

    streak1 Well-Known Member Streak1 Old Banners

  7. dwright

    dwright Well-Known Member

    Upon discovery of the airplane mission, the airplane got destroyed. It didn't re-spawn, and I couldn't find plane parts in the wild to rebuild the plane. Since many people tend to hide their cabs deep inside the tech, it might be a good idea to make people buy an extra cab before starting the plane mission.
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  8. Nightchills

    Nightchills New Member

    Welcome Greg, glad to have you with us.
  9. streak1

    streak1 Well-Known Member Streak1 Old Banners

    Not really a bug I guess, though I am not sure what to call it. I didn't do anything to manipulate the game into making this happen, so I guess it could be called a passive exploit? It is mission related, so I guess it is relevant enough.

    Anyway, this big venture bot spawned near the vendor troll and started attacking it. They duked it out in an epic corporate battle, and the Venture bot eventually won. The game acted as if the player defeated the bot once the Venture bot killed it, so it didn't break the game in any way. I just never actually shot the troll. The game beat the boss for me.

    I would imagine that this would be extremely unlikely to happen in another game, but it might be something that you would want to add measures against. Some radius around the vendor where other bots can't spawn or something. screen6.png screen7.png
  10. Bigtoad

    Bigtoad Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't call that a bug or an exploit. I think it would be perfectly valid tactics to kite another bot onto the troll and let them fight it out.

    I finally managed to trigger the bug where I can't get the delivery cannon. I have some half baked theories about why that happened. Guess it's time to start another game or three.

    So I started a new game, and this time I blew up the battery. It's been a while since I did that. I forgot how difficult things are when you don't have a battery and a shield. I defeated the troll by kiting another bot onto it, and I barely survived that. I'm probably going to lose all the gear from the troll because I had to run back to my base to heal, and that's a bummer - usually I sell troll junk and buy the tractor pad and delivery cannon in one go. I'm not sure I like this new tutorial style where you have to fight for your parts. At the very least, the game should keep throwing weak techs carrying needed parts at you until you have a functional battery and shield in your possession.

    Edit 2:
    Seems like the workaround for destroying the battery or shield is to keep driving a small tech. The little techs with batteries and shields will keep spawning. Just stash all the spare parts by your base until you have the battery and shield. If you build a bigger tech, the small techs with the needed parts quit spawning.
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  11. Bigtoad

    Bigtoad Well-Known Member

    And hi Greg. :) Since we're talking about missions, one of my pet peeves is that xp gain stalls out until you complete the mission task, so you literally get 0 xp for defeating the troll. That feels a little unfair since that is likely the toughest foe you have faced at that point in the game.
  12. Bigtoad

    Bigtoad Well-Known Member

    Okay, this is just getting silly. This time around I killed both the battery and the shield. The techs that carried them seemed to be designed in a way that the battery and shield were in the location most likely to be damaged. I guess I just need to run around in the basic starting tech until I get both devices.
  13. Tombstone

    Tombstone New Member

    Known problems not listed: story line progress not saving: i.e got to level 3 now back to level 1 (saying maxed but does not move to next) story line: does not spawn in delivery cannon(gets stuck on "might of dropped on other side) Not saving discovered blocks (i.e found and using big boy wheels geocorp but cannot buy from trade post or console) Found and used plane: every log back in asking me to fly the plane again and again. save corruptions Ore glitching into tech, having to take my tech apart to get it out to stop me from flipping / sliding ............................................................................................................... will post more as i find more
  14. Bigtoad

    Bigtoad Well-Known Member

    Sooo... I just got updated to 0.5.15 and started a new game. Now there seems to be a new bug with the delivery cannon. I took it back to base, attached it, and... nothing. I still had the prompt to attach it to my base. The receiver didn't fall on my head. I couldn't load anything manually into the cannon either.

    I gave up after a few minutes and headed towards the trade station, and part way there the receiver fell from the sky. So I grabbed it, ran back, and hooked it up. Now it's stuck again, telling me to pick up the receiver that is already attached. I've got a couple of items floating on the receiver but the cannon still isn't working.

    I also have an invader, maybe that's related? I'm far outside the red circle but I still have the "Leave this area." message on the screen.

    Maybe that was it - I got the "purchase a refinery" message as soon as I killed the invader.

    Edit 2:
    The missions may be continuing, but the delivery cannon is still non-functional. I can't feed anything to it directly and it won't take anything from the receiver.

    Edit 3:
    I don't think it was the invader. Now I'm hung up on the conveyor for the refinery. I took the refinery to base, hooked it up, and then the mission stuck there. When I headed back to the trade station, the conveyor and receiver for the refinery fell from the sky at about the same spot out in the desert where the receiver for the cannon fell. It doesn't register when I attach the conveyor to the refinery - just keeps telling me to pick up the conveyor. At least the refinery works, unlike the cannon. I took the conveyor back out in the desert where I found it, dropped it and picked it up, and the message changed to "Attach Conveyor to Refinery". I took it back to the refinery, carrying it with the mouse, and when I attached it nothing changed. I'm going to try dragging the refinery out to where I found the conveyor and see if I can attach it there.

    By the way, a lot of these problems seem like they are issues with corrupted map coordinates. That includes the issues with the solar generator falling outside the crater, and the issue with all of the bases spawning on top of each other.

    Edit 4:
    Hah! That didn't work out so well. When I got to the spot in the desert, the mission reverted to telling me to take the refinery to my solar generator. When I put it on the ground, it told me to attach the refinery to my tech. Attaching the conveyor and receiver didn't do anything useful. I took it back to my base but the mission message is still stuck. Nothing changed when I attached the refinery or the other parts. I gave up on that game and started another.
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  15. .G.

    .G. New Member


    After defeating the harvest boss, there's been a huge mess, an enemy base spawned right on top of mine (they clip through each other now), and I think there's a few more techs that spawned at once than originally intended (for the record, I took care of all of them).


    Issue also reported here.
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  16. ArmchairGravy

    ArmchairGravy Well-Known Member

    After acquiring the delivery cannon, attached to my solar panel. Mission did not advance, cannon did not extend. This is the solar panel from the crater. The cannon extends and immediately retracts when attached to the panel.

  17. Bigtoad

    Bigtoad Well-Known Member

    I managed to trigger the delivery cannon bug again. I'm not sure it's relevant, but both times it has happened I sold some items at the trading station BEFORE I used the terminal to order the tractor pad.
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  18. Robert Stolorz

    Robert Stolorz Well-Known Member

    I just had something strange happen to me. My missions randomly reset starting me to Level 1. Except this time I can't do the missions to progress I'm just stuck at Level 1. Not exactly sure how the triggers work but the missions should be tied to the level you are at in case quest progression gets bugged.

    I included my save as well.

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  19. Bigtoad

    Bigtoad Well-Known Member

    I'm going to mention this here because it's related to missions, but I don't think it's really a bug - just something that hasn't been implemented yet...

    I really hope that additional missions will be added to unlock the 4-slot and 5-slot fabricators. As the game stands now (0.5.15), once I finish the missions I end up spending a ridiculous amount of time running around looking for dispensers. I really want the filter conveyor, and I either need to find one on a dispenser or find the 4-slot fabricator so I can craft one.
  20. GamingGhast

    GamingGhast Well-Known Member

    *plays batman theme"

    Welcome ^_^

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