Missile deterrent systems.

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Epic afdc

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Mar 8, 2016
Since I hear everyone complaining about missiles and how OP they are, here are some suggestions to “nerf” them, not by adjusting their power, but by adding countermeasures to shoot down or distract the missiles.

Flares: these magical little things fire out from a mortar like gun, when deployed the missiles follow the flares, missing your tech entirely. Every Corp has their own version. GSO flare launchers are the all rounder of the bunch, decent fire rate, decent range. GEOcorp flare launcher fires a volley of 3-4 flares quite far away. These are the best for distracting multiple, slow firing missiles. The Venture flares are great for rapid fire missiles. Since it fires the flares rather quickly. The Hawkeye flares are great at defending against missiles that catch you off guard, since they fire automatically upon detecting a missile lock on. Better Future flare launchers launch pretty blue flares that are great at grabbing a missile’s attention. Because missiles like blue things apparently

Interceptor missiles: because the best thing to fight missiles is more missiles! These missiles aren’t made for tracking down techs, they’re rather weak for that. But they are perfect for destroying incoming missiles. GSO interceptor missile’s launch like a cluster of small missiles, each tracking down a separate missile. GEOcorp doesn’t have these things for obvious reasons. Venture has rapid fire missile interceptors with great tracking, though they are weak against larger missiles. Hawkeye interceptors fire automatically. Better Future missiles are the best at tracking

Those are my ideas, feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below, and vote in the magical poll

Captain Load

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Mar 8, 2016
Not to be mean but this could have easily been posted in one of those recent missile discussions you mention..there is at least one right on the front page. I think most people agree by now that anti-missile systems of some kind are a gaping hole in the game along with reasons to craft, simplified helicopter controls and a number of other things. Personally I'd prefer each faction to have as unique an answer as possible. I'd give BF an anti-air laser. Payload seems determined to not give GC any true ranged weapons so something like a defensive gravel launcher or plasma projector might be appropriate. Of course we all know that everyone will just use whatever is most effective so maybe its a moot point.