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Discussion in 'Techs' started by ZeroGravitas, Jun 27, 2018.

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    So, for whatever reasons I've ended up reverse engineering 4 of the game techs from the main menu fight scenes, and posting them to this collection on the Workshop.


    I welcome anyone else to make their own, careful recreations (e.g. from recording and watching back footage of the main menu). I'll add them to my collection, if they look right and good. (I admit a couple of mine have small omissions.)

    I happened to have taken a hour of video of the main menu in 0.7.8, when the devs had the game logging the tech spawns to the output_log.txt file, so I was able to (somewhat painstakingly) identify these all by name. Zip file of all these separate images also attached, below.

    Full resolution.

    There's a couple techs been taken out of these fights, too, including one cute little wobbler with a megaton head, just before 0.7.8, and I don't know what he's called...:(


    I'd suggest that it would be pretty easy for a modder to create the capability to spawn any game tech, by ID... But extracting content is against the EULA, and would take all the fun out of recreations, anyway.;)

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    Would love to be able to create enemy formations/buildings in a campaign map. This would let people create custom maps with huge challenge enemies or enemy nations to fight. In my view, this is what Terratech is missing and would allow massive amounts of custom content to be created by the community. Gif something like the command block from Minecraft please!

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