Melee Weapon AP Strength

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    Melee weapons which you would imagine would have the best engineering to remain on the tech they are mounted on even when running into large or semi-immobile objects in fact fall off more often than not when bumped against trees, rocks or other techs.

    Can the Attachment Points of blocks that are designed to take extra punishment be beefed up so that they can in fact take that punishment.

    On a related note the Blurb for the GC Bumper Bars mentions that it is "part of a set of blocks that can be used to make strong bull bars, bumpers and rams." However like the above mentioned melee weapons the Bumper Bars are neither especially healthy or likely to remain attached when performing their designated function, they too need improved AP strength!

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    I'd imagine that the more APs a block has connected, the less likely the block is to fall off when taking damage... Could also be a multiplier for each block, or a global multiplier at that...

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