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Jul 15, 2020
Welcome to my novelty pawn shop, home to whatever weird fever-dreams I turn into reality.
I've had a request to make a builds thread from the TT Discord Server, so here it is. Some of the techs are designed to look cool and have extra functionality, while others are simply designed to look cool. I don't think I'll post prototypes here though, only fully realized and finished wacky ideas. Don't expect any of them to be particularly efficient at combat. Even more so, don't take these abominations into public lobbies. Pls & thanks.

Dropping the Discord Link since that's where I'm probably most alive:
Feel free to throw some ideas my way, I'd make about anything if i can visualize it possibly existing.

Most of my builds will be modded builds, mods of which include:

From TTMM:
From Unofficial Mods:
From Steam Workshop:
  • Control Blocks
  • Advanced Building
  • Fusion Blocks (maybe)
  • Buff Blocks
  • Rafs' Blocks
  • Sozin's Blocks
  • TAC Blocks
  • Black Labs Blocks
  • Lemon Kingdom Blocks
  • The Citadel Barrier
  • Seth's Vanilla Corp Blocks
  • Legionite's Letter Blocks
  • Waifu Blocks

If I begin to use new blocks, I'll update the list. If I don't, feel free to remind me.

Here are some examples of the things I have created: (snaps coming later)


Shady Alleyway Tech Salesman
Jul 15, 2020
Let's start small...

The TAC x GT "Insectoid" High-Speed Tank
GT x TAC Insectoid.png

Quick Factoids:
  • Speed: 240 mph, Straight Line Boosted, 81 mph w/o Boost
  • Price: 3.9 M BB
  • Weapons:
    • 7 TAC Draccor Missiles
    • 10 TAC Zorg Missiles
    • 3 TAC ICBMs
    • 2 TACtor Beams
    • 3 Pursuit Convergence Missiles
  • Handling/Controls:
    • Uses Car controls
    • Q, S, & E shift the direction of the booster to shunt boost to their respective sides
    • A & D tilt the booster 3 degrees in each respective direction (any more and control is nonexistent) while also extending the same side track (to avoid flipping over)
  • Notes:
    • Shielding/Healing wasn't a priority, it was mainly a prototype build that I found cool enough to make into a fully fledged tech.
    • You cannot take loads of damage, in this thing, it was designed for a "hit and run" style of play. Your speed is your greatest strength.
    • As you could imagine, this likely doesn't take hills/mounds very well.
    • This utilizes the current RR cab "infinite fuel" bug, so I can see this tech becoming obsolete if that is fixed. If it is, then I might add some TAC fuel generators instead.
    • Can go flying if you angle it right.
    • No radar because I was lazy you're going to be in their faces anyway.
    • The tech's sheer speed makes the back-fired ICBMs travel in reverse, they're just as effective nonetheless

"Candid" Shots:
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Shady Alleyway Tech Salesman
Jul 15, 2020
Here's my collections of GTA inspired planes:
Since it's a bulk drop, I can't really go too much into detail about them. They all perform similarly enough anyway, they're just normal planes.
Warning: All tech skins have a chance of being borked, I'm sorry, but it's a thing that has to do with how the workshop skins work. (this applies to future submissions here until skin IDs are worked out).

General Facts:

  • Speeds: 161 mph, 171 mph, 177 mph, 163 mph, 119 mph, respectively
  • Prices: 481k, 634k, 976k, 373k, 502k, respectively
  • I tried to make the controls as accurate to GTA 5/Online as I could, so they should handle somewhat similarly
  • These vehicles are very lightly armed, their weapons were chosen to closely match their in-game variants
  • No bubbles lol
  • You can break off the middle wings of the Pyro to increase speed and agility, at the cost of stability and losing your entire back end.
  • The Hydra has internal Hoverbug to VTOL, so pressing LCTRL pushes you up and angles you into the sky, then you can accelerate by holding W.
  • The Strikeforce has an inherent downward pitch and is made ENTIRELY of RR Dark Matter blocks. It was my first plane build, where I realized it was a horrible idea to use those and that Venture basic blocks and 0Prop fuselages are far more effective.
  • The Starling needs to have an explosive bolt detonated before flight, or else it handles horribly. Don't ask me why, I don't know tbh. Center of mass is also weirdly at the tail.
  • Fair word of warning about The Savage, helicopter controls were very unintuitive for me to learn, so expect that from the Savage as well.
The "Pyro" (A.K.A. The De Havilland Vampire)
GTA Pyro.png
The "Hydra" (A.K.A. McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II)
GTA Hydra VTOL.png
The "B-11 Strikeforce" (A.K.A. come on, you know what this is)
A10 Weaponized Adv.png
The "Starling" (A.K.A. Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet)
GTA Starling.png
The "Savage" (A.K.A. Mil Mi-24 "Hind")
GTA Savage.png


Shady Alleyway Tech Salesman
Jul 15, 2020
Here's my probably first drop of GTA inspired land vehicles:
Like last post, since it's a bulk drop, I can't go into too much depth about each vehicle.

General Facts:
  • Speeds: 84 mph, 91 mph, 93 mph, 94 mph, 0 mph (it's a trailer), respectively
  • Prices: 2.8M, 2.0M, 3.4M, 4.3M, 6.9M, respectively
  • The trucks are only armed with missile batteries.
  • Bubbles lol
  • The Phantom Wedge's ramp can't be vaulted off nor climbed, but it can however push blocks out of the way.
  • There was a Phantom Custom that I could have included, but it performed too similarly to the Hauler. I might include it in a future post.
  • The Terrorbyte and The Chernobog have primitive aim, requiring manual use of the Arrow keys to position the SAM batteries.
  • The MOC Trailer is a glorified charger. Use the Arrow keys to open and close the Hitch Catcher.
  • Both trucks included with the post have GC magnets that act as hitches, and they can tow the MOC around.
The Phantom Wedge
GTA Phantom Wedge.png

The Hauler Custom
GTA Hauler Custom.png

The Terrorbyte
GTA Terrorbyte.png

The Chernobog
GTA Chernobog.png

The MOC Trailer
GTA MOC Trailer.png


Shady Alleyway Tech Salesman
Jul 15, 2020
The Gyro Collection
This collection is dedicated to several different gyro designs that I felt looked cool. These don't actually correct position or anything, they're just decorative.

The Gyros utilize spinny piston mechanics to look pretty while serving some basic function. The Citadel Barrier still barriers, but the red shield spins and stuff. The gyro with the radar is the GT radar, which the gyro compliments for in that the radar was kind of small for the range it provided. The Mega Gyro was just a funny test to see how far I could extend the rings outward before starting to look square.
Press 1 to toggle gyrating.

Spinadel Barrier.pngGyroscope.pngMega Gyro.png

"Candid" Shots:


Shady Alleyway Tech Salesman
Jul 15, 2020
Something admittedly really small this time.
The Yes/No Board
(Tech Snapshot)
YesNo Board.png
That's literally it. A yes/no board. If you feel like streaming or something and don't feel like saying anything, you can use this extremely heavily situational tech. Pressing 1 reads a "Yes", and the pointer extends and points the firework launcher in the direction of the "Yes" and fires a salvo. If you press 2, it reads a "No", where then the pointer does the same thing, but pointing toward the "No" option.
The input is global, so you can emote a y/n even if you're in a different tech.
It also looks at you no matter what, so at least it can keep you company.

Do note though that once you initialize the thing, you may need to press the numbers twice to get a result.


Shady Alleyway Tech Salesman
Jul 15, 2020
My apologies for not keeping up the shop, things happened and it slipped my mind. Anywhoo, can you take these in exchange for forgiveness?
One of my earlier builds was inspired by the Borderlands series of games, so I present:
The Helios Hyperion Space Stations
Huge Helios Station.png, Mini Helios.png
One was made as a giant floating charging base while the other was a precursor concept. Both have the same premise however, being sky entities that are capable of raining a few explosives from above. Of course, you also have the ever-so-famous "Eye of Helios"at the center of the techs, of which is supposed to be the most damaging weapon in the build.

I'm sorry if they are kinda bland, especially as a returning piece, but I promise, more control block techs are on the way. I
just recently finished revising the U-Haul van to make work in multiplayer / without official block mods, so there's something to look forward to.

Here's basically the references I was referencing:


Shady Alleyway Tech Salesman
Jul 15, 2020
No fancy description, colors, or anything really today. After getting the boot from the discord server made it a wee bit difficult to share what little original works I had left, but here. I made some boxes that open up and transform into cool stuff. Enjoy.
Press [1] to open the box, Press [1] again and hold [2] to close it. [1] also triggers any associated function, like autoaim and such.

Edit: The Eagle Artillery Box is still broken due to the citadel barrier being broken. If it's fixed, the snap will work.

Status update for those who care about little old me:
After I got wiped from the server and the update breaking modded shields, I probably won't be posting for a real long time. Motivation is in the gutter and I can't even use some of my cooler techs to play around, like my U-Haul van or my Voltarus/Love Train.

Either way, I wish everyone in the Discord, and any viewers a good day.
- Meffanphetamine