Making Multitech Linkages Viable

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Sep 29, 2015
So these ideas came to me while trying to make a multitech that can be successfully snapshotted. I was trying to use explosive bolts and the various links but kept running into the same issue...

All tech linkage parts cannot auto connect due to overlapping hitboxes.

So I have come up with hopefully multiple viable ideas to make multitechs practical and viable for use in game without requiring manual setup.

  1. Modify buildboxes of linkage parts so their mesh extends beyond it/ allow overlap exception.
    • While this may only work for the larger hooks, it still would provide functional multi techs that can split via explosive bolt with the links lined up with minimal changes, a bit hacky but sometimes simpler is better
  2. Make blocks comprised of a complete pair of links that work as explosive bolt
    • A particularly attractive option for multitechs is building them like single techs! The linkage pair could simply be an explosive bolt that starts as a single block with the appearance of two linkage components already joined. The clever part though is, when the bolt triggers, the modified bolt replaces itself with its respective halves on each end of the split. The result of this would be the linkage being already perfectly aligned, and at the moment of the split both halves are sharing the same angle, relative position, and zero velocity relative to eachother!
  3. Give matching linkage components a scrap magnet like attraction
    • Now this one could be implemented on its own or with option 1 or 2 and may provide the best result if done right. The idea would be is that both linkage halves act like scrap magnets, but they tug on eachother to close the distance until they perfectly overlap. What is most fascinating about this concept is that it would not only help with linking the techs, but improve stability while in motion. This idea is mostly inspired by the connectors of space engineers, which when moved close together, pull at one another not directly into one another, but have a neutral position which makes them line up perfectly, as shown in the following link here
    I sincerely hope some of these ideas will help with making multitechs go from an experimental little gimmick to a primary feature of the game!


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Jun 30, 2018
As for me, existing explosive bolts work fine enough. Build a single tech with joints and bolts and then press x.
Really like the third idea, altough unsure, if this can be done without a lot of additional work..

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Jul 17, 2015
Yorkshire Dales under a rock.

I must admit I haven't played a lot with multi-techs mostly as thy never work as well as I envision and more often than not fall apart as soon as I try and do something useful. The "multi-tech" model used by Space Engineers is far superior to the one used in TT but I'm unsure if that is due to engine limitations or just a difference in style from Keen to Payload.

I think someone suggested that multi-tech parts should come as a single block so that when placed they're already in alignment. Then when you use the explosive bolt they break into their respective parts. (Your option 2 without actually being explosive bolts?) All I'd suggest is a disable physics option so you can build complex multi-techs without needing perfect alignment...

So option 2 for building.
Option 3 for using.
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