Make it easier to distinguish ally techs on the radar


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Jun 30, 2015

When you have loads of bases / techs all over the game world it can sometimes be extremely difficult to find the one you are looking for because on the radar they all look exactly the same.

#1 solution:

I mentioned it previously but my explanation of the idea was terrible:
I'd like to be able to change (and sometimes even disable or limit the range) markers of my techs both on the map and on the radar.
I wanted to say: "make ally markers customizable so we can change their form and colour". By "Disable or limit the range" I meant to say: "add the ability to hide techs on the radar or limit the range in which they are visible".

#2 solution (I like this solution more):
  1. Make it so each tech can be named by a player
  2. Make a way (e.g. click on the radar) to get a list of all your techs where you can set one as your target
  3. Once you set a tech as a target it's marker changes color
A name is required so we can distinguish techs in the list from one another. Also an ability to search a tech by name can be useful if you have many techs. Optionally there can be a thumbnail near each tech's name.


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Jan 8, 2015
Good point.

I'm pretty sure the devs said they were going to do something like this eventually.
Along with a map and a whole bunch of stuff.

For now i'd be happy with different coloured icon/arrows for mobile/fixed/rotating anchors.
Because then you could ID things on the radar.
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Feb 11, 2015
I don't have loads of map markers but a distance to each point would be nice, maybe it'd pop up when you mouse over the icon on the mini map.

I leave bread crumbs some days for spots I want to go look at but it's hard to see which is the closest one.
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