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Nov 5, 2015
That's right, Ladies and Gentlemen. It's happening. MINDL3SS M0DDING PR3SENTS: THE FIRST MODDED COMCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes that's right. By FAR the most requested thing in the Modded community is now being organised. I have secured a Mystery Benefactor with ample and impressive Video production skills. He is a YouTuber you all know and love, and an old Ally from the days of the Hatchet. (Only clue you're getting) Now, iv got a couple of Mindl3ss M0dders chompin at the bit already and im
not far behind.

Same Rules as Comcore Folks. Submit to me up to 3 techs or Showcase multiple Techs within one Save file. Post your explanations IN RED!!! and no wordyness limit. Unlike payload's comcores the Host will be aptly prepared to run the techs you present before going on Screen Cap.

For this first episode, I would very much like to keep it simple. none of this stupidly complicated crap...
My Video guy is new to Mods, and 30 different hotkeys is gonna be... overwhelming.
Be nice this week.
That being said, I would like to do an all around showcase of builds, Maybe try to feature some of the custom blocks to give our M0dders work some screen time.

So just as an example, Im going to finish Better Spider. Everyone wants legs. i made them. Husky made the Blocks that let me make them. This is really where it all started for me so, Better Spider is a build thats a bit special to me. also like six people will stop harassing me to finish it on Discord... Cough*HeX*Cough...
Here's a little Evolution of the project.
And by week's end, it'l be be walking and jumping and if we're lucky maybe some other trixy spider things.

So Go Build, my Modded Community Friends. Build, to impress. Because this time, The Hype is Real.


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Sep 30, 2015
Here's my 3 entries, all of which are stationary. I will be uploading all snapshots with these techs.

1: Coiler


This is a small, simple, Mostly Better Future Wireless charging station. It's compact size makes it perfect for quick deployment, though it is expensive. This bad boy can charge distant techs quite well!

Mods used: BF Wireless Charger made by me and with the help of GWLegion.

2: Coil Tower:


If you want a more permanent charging station, this is the tower for you. Very expensive due to the power complex as well as the coils. it can charge up multiple techs within range, and has a large capacity as well.

Mods used: Better future Wireless charger by me, Power Complex MK1 Also by me. Texturing help from GWLegion.

3: Satellite charger:

If you want power, extremely fast charging and the sweet looks of a hovering satellite, this is the tech for you. Insanely expensive due to the 4 MK 2 complexes, the solars, and the coils (357 Million Block bucks). The added benefit of the gigantic blanket solars makes this thing, when properly protected, an absolute foe. Press the left or right arrows to make the solars and coils spin.

Mods used: Large blanket arrays by me, MK2 Power Complex by me, Floating Point Projectors by me , Better Future Wireless Chargers made by me, textured by GWLegion, Small GSO Swivels made by Aceba1

(Edited to reflect some changes.)


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Feb 2, 2019
1 - the titan :
TITAN T 1 V2.png
Heavy vehicle, with high fire power turret.
use control blocks .

2- the mobile SCU
mobile SCU 6 T2.png
part hunter ... low fire power but high maneovrability ...
use control blocks

3-compact station
compact station 2 v3.png
original compact station from fossil on the workshop
heavely modified
Can scrap, store and craft everything ...
use big battery


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Nov 5, 2015
When is this? I might make a mobile construction vehicle.
When we are ready. and no, i do not know when that's gonna be. Soon, though. im not going to send my mystery youtuber into the Modded playground without some training. Some of these techs are ... Kinda scary. like i had to stop making Shrike more complicated because i ran out of hotkeys...
1---Walk Forwards Toggle
2---Walk Backwards Toggle
3---Flip Out Main Wings
4---Flip In Main Wings
5---Retract Stabiliser Wings
6---Extend Stabiliser Wings
7---Bend Legs Close
8---Bend Legs Open
9---Fold Body Out
0---Fold Body In
C---Bend In Arms
V---Bend Out Arms
G---Bend Feet Out
H---Bend Feet In
U---Bend Main Wings Down
I---Bend Main Wings Up
J---Bend Rear Wheels In
K---Bend Rear Wheels Out
L;---Toggle Stance Wide/Thin
,---Head Piston
NM---Rotate Hand
[]---Toggle Blade Rotation
UP---Bend Wings Out
DOWN---Bend Wings In
LEFT---Look Right
RIGHT--- Look Left
NUM0---Toggle Arm Length
NUM1---Turn Legs Left
NUM3---Turn Legs Right
AD---Turn Left/Right

And it uses Standard Aeroplane controls on top of that. so WSAD, L Shift and Lctrl are bound as well. as well as q and e for bank and page up and down for rise and fall? i think so. anyways. lots of controls. not dumping stuff like that anyone without some kinda training.
So.. yeah. Thanks @HeX For writing those out.

Also i want to get a good crop of techs to choose from to share and give him time to learn them so he doesnt just fumble around with them trying to figure them out on camera. this is a showcase, designed to attract more Modding community intrest. Best of the Best folks. and if it's successful we'll TALK about more vids in the future, SO you all better Like and Sub when this does come out. :cool:
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Nov 5, 2015
and please do. make a mobile construction vehicle that is. it would be much appreciated.
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Mar 1, 2019
Mechanising the world
That is a lot of keybinds... my favorite idea considering I like mecha bipedal destruction robots...
I do like building things myself. I do have a working spider... that slips in place while walking... maybe someone can resolve this by making a working version of friction pads? I code Python, not C# so I can't really do anything.

@Mindl3ss , can you show me how to give traction to bi-pedals (2 legs) and octa-pedals (8 legs)?
Maybe show me what you're using to give Shrike traction?

I am running unstable version.
Here is my build (contained in the save) :
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Jul 4, 2018
I don't think I ever finished the controls for the Bantam so I might go back to that eventually.


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Dec 12, 2018
In heck
Prototype MCV.png
Meet the GSO Mobile construction vehicle! It sadly cant do much. WASD to move, space to deploy. anchor for added immersion. Unstable, reload if it goes crazy. ALSO: Its meant to have ether the crane or the treads out not both.
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