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    Or was that the Lost Little Base... not sure, I do keep losing them... ;)

    My most fun times in TT at the moment is making over the top bases, often on or around the Alien Pyramid Monument (I've exhibited them in the past though perhaps not in this section of the forum) at least one of those attempts used creative editing of the save file to gain anchors that weren't vertical... I'll try and track some images down if any is still interested. That technique doesn't work any more as you cannot easily force blocks to clip into the terrain.

    So I work within the constraints of what we have today. The only limiting factor I have found is lack of the EXP Ramps & Platforms, so to be up fron in honesty on this all of these (pretty much) you see in my pictures and videos are edited in with a memory editor (editing the save is soooo last week). ;)

    Not my best video but my GPU died at the weekend (it was 5 years old) and the even older Radeon (9yrs) is not as good. :(

    Original base attempt ( https://imgur.com/a/dichw

    Many pictures of this base:

    No save but I can add it if anyone wants, there isn't anything especially unique here just me being proud of my clutter... :D
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    Some stuff I found in my Snapshots folder:
    Crashed Tech: (It's the one that explodes at the beginning of the HE unlock mission. This one won't... ever... if you want to use it legitimately you'll need to store/summon to remove the invulnerability tag. Unsure if you can get it in Campaign with fixing some of the blocks (being not generally available) in creative/R&D.)
    Crashed Tech.png
    Original Lift Off Cab (taken when it was still a GSO "mission":
    For creative Only (I think) a Selection of Skirting Blocks: (You can get them in R&D too, but you need to own it. Or in Campaign but you need to edit the save.)
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