Lost my campaign save?

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    So, uhm, I'm a new player (Bought the game 2 days ago) and I'm having some problems. When I start the game and go to ''load'' my normal campaign save file isn't there. When I go to the folder ''TerraTech'' on my pc and go to saves the file is there but for some reason I can not open it in-game. I'd really like to get the file back so if anyone can help me, please do! :p

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    I've moved this thread to the "Community Help" section, from "Open". I may move/merge it to the bugs section, depending.

    Are you literally seeing nothing in the load menu? Or are you seeing it but getting an error message like this:
    We've been seeing quite a few reports about problems loading saves, finding snapshots, etc, since the devs moved the file location for them (on Windows) a few patches back. (Who knows what might go wrong due to Windows updates, too...)

    E.g. someone on the Steam forum found that their files were in "C:/MyGames/terratech/", for some reason, instead of the usual place "C:\Users\[users]\Documents\My Games\TerraTech".

    I may ask you the same questions:
    • Are you on Windows 10?
    • Is your Windows account an administrator account? (If not, can you run the game as Admin? I'm not sure if this can help.)
    • Can you find your save file and upload it here (drag-drop) for us to check it's OK and valid?
    • Could you try fully uninstalling and reinstalling the game, quickly?


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