Lemon Kingdom Blocks


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Jan 23, 2021
A gatling gun that fires big bertha rounds, would of course need to be fed resources and power

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Feb 10, 2021
Sorry if any of these ideas are impossible:
air blocks:
- Talos propeller: For air blocks, when I think of a mobile airbase, It kind of reminds me of the helicarrier from avengers. So what about some colossal rotor. It could be like the unmodded HE rotor, but very large and able to carry a lot of weight.
phalanx wings: Strong wings with a very high carry capacity. it also comes with two built-in rocket launchers. The rockets do the same amount of damage as a HE missile pod, but twice the reload time. Also, the missiles instantaneously fly from the middle of the wing and don't have any drop time.
Air weapons:
- SABER focus laser: this monstrosity uses battery power to cause mass destruction. It disables shields for 3 seconds and has a decent rate of fire. It also is ineffective against physical armor and the duration of the effect does not stack(like if I had 1 sec remaining and shot the laser, it would only reset to 3, and not add 3 to the total duration). This gun should be on a turret.
- pugio shredder: A kinetic rail gun. It has a very fast reload and is capable of piercing shields. The only big downsides are its relatively high spread and smaller range. The perfect tool for winning dog fights
land weapons:
- onager mortar: a 6 barreled mortar that does a lot of damage, although less than its bigger brother, the trebuchet mortar. It rains down lemony fury, filling the sky with lemon-shaped explosives. Just be warned, it does explode when destroyed, and it really hurts when it does.
- Trebuchet mortar: a 4 barreled mortar that packs a hefty punch. Launches lemon projectiles just like the onager mortar, but at a slower rate. Use this beast wisely, as its reload isn't that fast. It also explodes on destruction.
- Scorpio AA gun, basically a carbine built for range. It has the same fire rate as a hail-fire rifle and does decent damage. Its main feature is its good range and ability to rotate upwards. It looks kind of like a double-barreled machine gun on a stand.
- Nucleon: description: Too. Much. Power. this should just be practically impossible to get in terms of spending resources. It is basically a machine gun railgun hybrid on a turret. It shoots nuclear-tipped projectiles at an insane rate. The radius of the explosion should be minimal, just 1-2 block radius. It would be a very bad day for you if it was destroyed, so be careful!
fuel and energy blocks:
- Destrier jet thruster: this thruster isn't your out-of-the-mill grade of thrusters. It is built to keep massive techs going at the speed of your average venture tech, but it needs a massive amount of fuel. Good thing that it has an internal fuel canister!
- citrus engine: a furnace generator for the massive. It doesn't use resource chunks though, it uses resource blocks! It does give a lot of energy at an astonishing rate and has a very high hp.
- squeezer fuel injector: a very powerful fuel injector. It helps big techs regenerate fuel for the cost of resources. Maybe a bit broken, but who cares tbh!? This is the legit endgame! We can do what we want!

Thank you Potato for reading this and I hope you will consider adding them to the mod
[Edit] landing skids: Landing skids for VTOL craft and helicopters. granting them the ability to quite literally drop out of the sky. These landing skids are for larger techs, where HE landing pads are not usable.
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Feb 10, 2021
Another torrent of semi-impossible ideas (explosives edition) (. _ .)
Tsunami salvo launcher: a salvo launcher that functions similar to the pike missile launcher. It has a capacity of 25 rockets, more than double the capacity of the pike. The cooldown between shots is also quartered, allowing for a barrage of homing mutations. The only downsides to this are its larger size, longer cooldown, and smaller blast radius.
Harpoon missile launcher: a very powerful missile launcher. The harpoon missile launcher would encapsulate its munitions and fire nuclear-tipped missiles. This missile would have very good steering and exceptional damage. The radius of the explosion would be fairly large, given the nuclear warhead.
Typhoon missile launcher: a 5 round salvo missile launcher that shoots nuclear missiles. Slightly worse in terms of steering. The damage is less compared to the harpoon, but the explosion radius is very similar. The reload time is fairly long while the time between rockets is very short.
Stratopenetrator bomb bay: a bomb bay that drops vertical bombs that do damage on impact. The bomb's kinetic damage depends on how high the bomb was dropped. The bomb would then explode on impact, shooting fragments that do kinetic damage. Also, the explosion does splash damage. Kinda op but who cares.


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Oct 8, 2016


LK Small Fusion Drive, Small Twin Fusion Drive & Armored Gyro

Today is a grand day fellow Citrizens! We now have the basic blocks for helicopters! Imbibe upon these glorious giants!

  • Small Fusion Drive: This is a powerful prop similar to Better Future's Ion Drive, only much larger, more powerful and armored. However, it has a slow acceleration and deceleration, not to mention heavy and expensive, as with all LK blocks.​

  • Small Twin Fusion Drive: An even smaller version of the Fusion Drive, but this one has a nozzle on both ends - very versatile. But it comes at a cost of being less than half as powerful as its single nozzled brother to compensate for its flexibility.​

  • Armored Active All Axis Gyro: This is an end-game gyro, capable of stabilizing very large and heavy aerial Techs with great ease! It's very pricey however, but you can certainly sell off your gyros for a few of these to compensate.​

  • Durandal XL Rotor: This massive sword-rotor has been buffed according to the new calculation chart for thrusters and props. It can now lift a massive amount of weight - perfect for the heaviest of aircraft​

And with that, the Lemon Kingdom can now build very basic helicopters! Next in the list of blocks is a Fuel Tank and a Booster.

All hail the Lemon Kingdom!​
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Apr 8, 2020
Ideas are flooding in… OH NO HERE WE GO!

1: Master Sword beam:
- a “sword” drill that hurls forth a limited-range beam whose properties are also that of a drill. - Basically a sword that shoots a spirit of itself

2: Caltrops:
- remembering just how long Legionite’s TAC Spheroth cannonballs last, I feel it’d be pretty fun to have a similar gun, but with some differences: instead of huge spheres of death, tiny and many tetrahedrons (triangular pyramids) that deal damage on contact!

3: The Finest Forge’s Fires:
- a very large short-ranged, super wide frontal flamethrower, one to line the burners of a giant conventional stove or grace the molten maw of a mortal engine!
- alternatively, it could be a series of mini flamethrower blocks each covering a unique shape for fancier furnaces.

4: Arcane/Phaser Blade-saw:
- think your standard saw, but those blades are laser projections to reach deep into your intended target, damaging everything it merges with!
- this would basically be more like a cool
Reticule Research Vibro-Blade than a crazy plasma cutter.

5: (fine I’ll stop here) BIG FIST O’ PAIN:
- Imagine a jackhammer
- Now imagine it, but it’s back-&-forth range of motion is increased to a distance of “that’s scary”
- now imagine that but it also has what’s basically a
Venture Sonic Lance at the end of it that triggers when this thing hits something.
- now tell me, how much knockback should this have? >:)

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Feb 10, 2021
the knockback of the dawn breaker before nerf lol
Anyways, to ideas we go!
BIGGER TANK TRACKS: Why is the landship track called small? Because there are supposedly larger variants! Plz add medium and large variants of the small landship track.
wings: big wings with max armor and huge lift capacity. Also, built in kinetic railgun?!
crafting components: I hate having to use gso on lemon kingdom. I always have to hide them which is annoying for smaller scout techs that I want to also be able to refine and sell resources. Heavily armored and look like medieval age structures(eg. refinery looks like a windmill, auto miner looks like a mine shaft and so on). Conveyors are tubed with tons of armor.
collector: a 3 x 3 x 1 block that can hold 9 beams off 10 resources each. For heavy duty collecting in the midst of battle