Legionite's Walkers, Hovers, Airborne AI Experiments and Stuff

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  1. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Festive Legion.png
    Hello, I am Legionite and this is technically my first time on the TerraTech forums. I have created some experimental techs in TerraTech that I have been wanting to share with the community for some time now. Some of these may be flat out random, while some may involve AI experiments.

    Feel free to build off of these concepts, since I really like the idea of other community-made AI aircraft to be shown off.

    They are currently limited by the AI's sight range, the enemy unload range, and the dreaded trees (but seem to work fine in R&D). They only work in the unstable.(Not anymore!)
    For your information, these Techs make the AI do something that it was not meant to do, so expect some strange behavior from the Enemy AI (like flying the wrong way).
    They will also fly off if left off of the "follow" leash. This includes save reloads, so pack them away in the SCU if you don't want to chase down a 70-98 mph AI bird. (currently SCU storing is not available, so don't use these Techs in the Campaign mode unless you know what you are doing.)

    Airborne AI Techs like the Red Bird and after the Red Bird work the best, so if you are going to use the preceding Techs, don't tell me I didn't warn you...

    This is a experimental flyer that builds off of older concepts, like AI, hover glitches and flying. By combining aircraft, AI, the useful hover bug, missiles, and the height changed hover plates-

    I present to you, the Airborne Avenger MK23
    Airborne Avenger AI.png
    It's best strength is good shielding, although it doesn't have the batteries to support that.

    All of the AI Aircraft below rely off of an engine that is constant- hover plate propulsion, so until the hover plates get the toggle key, the AI aircraft will never stop properly.
    Most of my creations will not be able to hold against cruise missile spam, so be wary of using them in survival. They will also fly off if you don't set them to "Follow/Guard" fast enough.

    Be warned- the hover bug may get patched, and when it does, the bulk of my AI Aircraft and concepts may cease to function. (I'm hoping that normal AI with aircraft-flying capabilities are in the game by then.)

    Edit: All of the pictures are at visible size now.

    If you are skeptical of my Airborne AI creations, then see the Tech at the end of the June 7th Community Core. It is normal to repel the notion of the cheesy AI flying an aircraft, but eventually it has to happen...(Even the Terra Tech developers were skeptical in that stream)
    Edit: added old profile pic
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  2. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Here's the save with the concept established- AI hover sustained low altitude flight in action.
    Updated to fix height problem;
    AirborneAvenger MK24.png

    Edit: The flying AI tech is charged now.
    2nd Edit: Save brought down due to issues and outdatedness.
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  3. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    This is a smaller version of the gunship that was made earlier:

    Meet the Flea AI Fighter, a nimble fast airborne AI craft the goes faster than it's descendent, but has less guns and batteries. It can dodge Megaton shells while orbiting the enemy/player, but is devastated by almost any missile setup and is a treehugger.
    Flea Assault AI.png
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  4. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    The next, and bigger than the previous two is the GreatDarkShark:

    A powerful airborne missile battleship that is, of course piloted by AI to attack while orbiting players or enemies. It boasts a supreme missile suite with lots of shields and tremendous battery power as well as Megaton dodging. The same cannot be said for it's cheapness and maneuverability however...
    AAI GreatDarkShark3.png
    Averages 69mph
    Hovers at 40ft

    Edit: Upon further testing, this thing unleashes an insane beating and flies lower than expected. It also has bad tail shielding, meaning that the aircraft's tail is really destructible.
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  5. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Something much different from the AI aircraft, The Destroyer is a mercenary who's make is inspired by the great Crafty Mike, and is more of the alter-ego of him. It/He/She? has a spread of weapons and a "mobile" solar array powered repair system (augmented healing?) for on the go.

    Fly this robot by pressing B (the Build Beam button) and Shift after gaining some height to fly (this may take several tries). Auto re-anchors when landing. This tech has the intense will to go in and destroy things- the polar opposite of Crafty Mike's intentions... (needs a better name though)
    The Destroyer.png
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  6. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Outdated Example
    The key to achieving AI height sustaining flight is a complex design.

    Here's the basic template/example for building Airborne Airplane AI Techs:
    AI Flight Template.png
    Orange: The steering rudder that the AI controls to enable roll in flight.

    Blue: Hover plate thrusters that propel the craft.

    Grey: Wheels that are used in conjunction with the hover plates nearby to produce thrust.

    Red: Gyroscopes to keep the aircraft upright.

    Green: Forward wings, needed to keep flight stable and to take off.

    Brown: These hover plates maintain the altitude of craft. If these are not strong enough, then the craft would nosedive on turns. Currently the Venture ones work the best.

    Yellow: The tail fins to guide the back of the craft. Make sure not to build the vertically aligned wing too much, or else the roll effect may not work.

    Black(front): The counterweight used to keep the craft to the ground and prevent upwards drifting, a good mounting spot for big weapons.

    Notice the angle that the plane sits at an angle when taking off.

    If done correctly, then the craft will fly well while turning, and it would take off fairly quickly.

    Edit: added "Outdated Example" to the top
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  7. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Guess what this is...
    Legion Display Only.png
    Note: The displayed tech above isn't the right one (a cab was used for the camera angle)
    See the picture directly below for the half finished tech:V
    Model MK2.png
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  8. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    And something extra:
    Space Junker Cab.png
    A Space Junker Cab with the Titan Wheels
  9. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    The Finished Legion Tech:
    Legion Tech1.png
    Doesn't crawl though.
    Lots of room inside for various components, like batteries.
  10. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Okay, for those who didn't know why I know things about Terra Tech, and why I came up with ideas out of the blue was because I was a Year One Terra Tech player who bought the game when it first came out on Steam.

    The reason why I didn't speak up earlier in the Terra Tech forums was because of second thoughts about the safety and concerns of the Internet.
  11. Nightblade Greyswandir

    Nightblade Greyswandir Well-Known Member

    What second thoughts?
  12. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Well, my parents say that the Internet is a very dark place (somewhat) full of Internet Trolls, who make fun of others' work...
    Luckily, this is not the case in the Terra Tech Forums.:)
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  13. Nightblade Greyswandir

    Nightblade Greyswandir Well-Known Member

    World is dark place ful of trolls who make fun of others work. You should not care less about them. Ignore trolls, and respect those who respect you... If you measure places by worse persons in that place then all places are bad, so measure places by best you can find in them.
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  14. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Now, back to the flying AI topic:
    Here is the A-Wing AI
    A Wing AI.png
    Handles fairly well, but not as well as it does in the canon.
    Inspired by @NGreyswandir's A-Wing (or was it a Snow Speeder? they both have the same form factor!)
  15. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Going with a more drone-like feel, the Tech Duster is a repurposed AI crop duster that is retrofitted with a horde of missiles for hit-n-run assaults and enemy pursuing- mostly intended to keep those pesky enemies from getting on your land.
    Tech Duster Drone AI.png

    It's make is very similar to the Airborne Avenger MK24, but the bulk of the missiles is put underneath the front wings, rather than on the midsection.

    Because of this, this AI Aircraft may be better at pursuing a moving enemy than the broadsiding Great Dark Shark.
    It's average speed is 70 mph, which may be a problem when trying to keep up with the Venture Techs (especially when the F1 wheels come out).

    It is obviously weaker than the Great Dark Shark, but has better enemy pursuing weapon placement to compensate, unlike the Great Dark Shark that was made to assault a stationary base or slow GEO Corp Tech ("Megaton Guntanks").

    This tech still needs work, so it is going to go through multiple versions until it is roughly optimized.
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  16. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Here is the fixed Space Junkers Concept Art Tech that has a whole thread about it:
    Space Junkers MK21.png
    To find out more, look up "Space Junkers Ideas and Thoughts Thread"
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  17. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    A new tiny AI Tech Aircraft that doesn't require Hawkeye has been created:

    The "Little Red Bird" is a small attack AI Aircraft designed to be cheaper than it's predecessors.
    Little Red Bird6.png

    It is revolutionary to the others by the fact that it's take-off time is nearly non-existant and that it doesn't trip up the AI as much.

    It handles quite well, and can attack enemies while orbiting them. Most of the craft is protected by the repair bubble, allowing it to heal damage done to it.

    It can outrun Megaton rounds that are hurled at it from a distance while it is orbiting, but is very weak to any missiles.

    Only GSO and VEN licenses are required to get this craft.

    The Great Dark Shark is still currently the strongest AI Aircraft in my arsenal.

    Edit: Placed a light on it
    Little Red Bird8.png
    It seems to have a problem with drifting off into the sky when encountering a sudden hill.
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  18. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Some more tinkering with the Little Red Bird and eventually I roughly appear to have created an AI-foolproof craft with the:
    Little Red Bird MK11
    Little Red Bird11.png
    Some of the bigger issues that people have been having with my designs have been ironed out (AI spamming the Build Beam), but I still haven't managed to make the craft turn on a dime, or perform pitch maneuvers.
    Those are what I plan on tackling for the future. ;)

    Currently, the only thing preventing this thing from becoming common place in armies is the Allied AI reseting it's role whenever a save is reloaded and the struggle to set it to "Follow".
    For now: The AI's cheesiness and lack of "I" has been engineered around.
    Warranty Not Included
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  19. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    My above designs happened to all have one issue, smashing into abrupt hills and trees.:oops:
    To make matters worse, apparently there were big pressing issues that I have failed to iron out, making the Airborne AI look less possible that before.

    This design (*should) shatters that notion, by being able to avoid trees better!:cool: It also avoids the terrain as well.
    After smashing more problems in my design, the Red Bird is a more powerful, and less likely to crash version of the Little Red Bird series. It accomplishes this by sacrificing more armor though...
    Red Bird.png

    Be sure to keep your birds healthy by giving them a daily feed of electricity from a GEO Corp Electric Charger.

    (Upon further thought, the Great Dark Shark isn't that operational at the moment, so it technically isn't my strongest Airborne AI Tech)
    If anything, this might be the best AI Aircraft I have created yet!
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  20. Sozin

    Sozin Well-Known Member

    @Legionite The side wings/rudders aren't strictly necessary, as your tech's main source of upwards thrust are the hovers

    On that note: anyone manage to figure out how to control the altitude? If altitude comes primarily from hovers, then they stay perpetually at the same-ish height, but if it comes primarily from wings, then theres the possibility of an infinite ascending spiral
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