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May 20, 2017
This is a thread on all of the mods I have worked on so far:
Most of these works are aided by the TerraTech Community, there is no way I could make these on without the aid of the fantastic community!

Heavy credit to TerraTech and Payload Studios in the Vanilla-Like blocks.
Some models are made to be very Vanilla-Like - This means they look close to vanilla blocks in terms of visuals.


This Thread Includes:
+ Forums Block Mods - (Discord/Official Forums)
+ Steam Mods - (Steam Workshop Subscription)
+ Incomplete Concept Mods - (Loose Plans)
+ Unofficial ID Range - [584000-584999]


There will both be remasters and reworks of my previous blocks on request.

Once a Forums mod goes to Steam, it's Forums version will still be updated here if it was ever Forums to begin with.

Steam TAC Pack - Only Basics

Forums TAC Pack - Most Complete TAC Pack

GSO Letter Blocks Pack
Mecaniccoid Myriad "Corp"

Mecaniccoid Fragment Corp [MFC]:
Has blocks that are constructed entirely of of the 4 crystals in the game, has "shapeshifting Fab Cab" and color-coded crystals that match the spectrum of the rainbow.

+ Blocks have varying strengths and rely on hard armoring as they have no effective power storage or shield methods.

- All their blocks have severe weakness to fire-based and impact attacks.

There will be both Culler and Mecaniccoid variants Cabs will look like Mecaniccoid Brains and double as a fabricator/ scrapper, if possible.

Yeet Yellow[Luxite] = Props

Thonk Green[Erudite] = Heavy Armor/AI

Mobilius Blue[Celestite] = Wheels

Clad Red[Ignite] = Melee weapons, Middle Armor

Combustive Orange [Ignite & Luxite] = Ranged Weapons, Flamethrowers

Oozy Purple [Celestite & Ignite] = Light armor, Walker legs

Reliant Rainbow [ALL CRYSTALS] = Player Cabs, Factories and Refineries

- Notice the lack of power-related matters

Generators are powered off of any resource in the game, but it MUST be raw!

- Constructive criticism is appreciated here -

and as always,
[This thread may be frequently updated]
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taking a break from TAC Pack
May 20, 2017
GeoCorp Swerve Wheel
Corp: GeoCorp
: Wheel
Grade: 2
Size: 2x3x2
(Same size as Workaday Wheel)
Health: 940
Price: 1275
Mass: 6.0
(Refined contents of Rugged Wheel + Luxian Crystal)
Rubber Brick (4)
Titania Ingot (8)
Olastic Brick (1)
Luxian Crystal (1)

"Mining all day at the rocky cleaves commonly results in a snagged tire.
It's just too hard to move around rocks when all you can do is go in forwards and reverse, hoping you don't get stuck on what you were trying to avoid.

With the Swerve Wheel, you can ensure a hard, productive day maneuvering effortlessly around the typical mountain biome."

Carrying Capacity: Same as Rugged Wheel
Top Speed: Same as Rugged Wheel
Handling/Steering: Unlimited, auto-swerve with 0.5 degree error

SPECIAL: [Swerve]
Handles like an Omniwheel, but same speed and torque in all possible directions.
Set your control scheme to Hovercraft to take full advantage of this.

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May 20, 2017
GSO (semi-)Original Big Bertha Heavy Artillery Gun

Corp: GSO
: Weapon
Grade: 5
Size: 5x5x7
(Similar to the current Big Bertha)
Health: 8000
Price: 47802
Mass: 62.0
(Big Bertha)
Plubonic Alloy (6)
Blast Caps (6)
Z4 Explosives (4)
Dervish Gel (3)
Gluon Beam (1)
Seed AI (1)

"The Big Bertha Heavy Artillery Gun is one of the most powerful weapons available to off world miners.
It must be anchored at the rear of a combat area, then a forward spotter should call out targets back to Big Bertha, who will then commence bombardment at that position.

It's a drawn out process, so don't try to hit anything that's moving quickly.
But when it does hit, you'll know about it.

The original Bertha models are made by and owned by Payload Studios, models tweaked and updated to fit the modern GSO better. This mod is to put it all back together before it was changed drastically to a fixed gun in TerraTech."

Weapon: (Same stats as Big Bertha but more control)
Deals 3000 Damage on projectile hit, 250 Damage in Explosive Radius with normal falloff. (Same as current)
Shell Velocity is 135, Kickback is 3500. (Less effective than current)
Cooldown is 8.0 Seconds (Slower than current). Rotation Speed is 12 when placed in a block, 11 when anchored.
When Unanchored Azimuth is +/- 17.5 Degrees, Elevation is -1 to 45 Degrees. (Azimuth is increased, but elevation is decreased)
Ground Contact Anchoring yields 360 Degrees Azimuth Freerange, Elevation is -1 to 45 degrees. (Superior to current)

SPECIAL: [Anchored Artillery]
Anchors to the ground to form a base, increasing maximum turn range and enabling long-range artillery mode.

It MUST contact the ground as mounting it to a single block will NOT allow this to work!

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