Legion Weapon Ideas

Jun 27, 2020
Currently, the description of the Rodius Capsule reads: "Rodius is an extremely acidic and corrosive liquid. There may be weapon applications for this substance in the future. For now, we can use it in the production of components with electric properties." What better corporation to add acid-based weapons to than Legion, an insect-themed and creepy corporation? I think every Legion weapon should require Rodius and afflict a damage over time debuff to blocks that they attack.

The second thing I think would fit perfectly in Legion is a scorpion tail shaped device that has one or two attachment points on the top. It would rotate to face enemy Techs, rotating the weapon on top with it. Of course, it shouldn't be too fast, and you shouldn't be able to use it for massive, heavy weapons like, say, a Giga Plasma, but for things like the Seeker Missile Pod, I think it would fit perfectly.