Lazer targeting system buff please? And keymapping additions


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Jan 3, 2015
I'd never known what I could use the Hawkeye laser targeting system for until just now while wishing there was some sort of targeting reticule on screen similar to heli HUD, telling us where the weapons are pointed at and also roughly where it may land as a result of the vehicle moving.
As you can see, there is a reticle shaped like a text cursor floating around to show just roughly how much the pilot needs to compensate the aiming.

The HUD would be massively cool and I say pleaaaaaase consider doing that. In the meantime though, I realize the laser pointer goes only a short distance before fading out and also project a very transparent dot, making them hard to see.
Could we please have them travel out further and also be quite solid and bright in color? That would be a massive boost for its usability.
It looks like a bad ass, military grade tech, but while in use it feels like a cheap little lazer pointer you fool around with.

Now the new key bindings: we gotta have key bindings for Tech snapshots, saved Tech screen, and lastly but of most importance, anchoring Techs. Trying to click those little buttons at the corner of the screen gets pretty annoying especially when I'm around hostiles.
Pretty please?
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