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    To start the scrapheap off, let's have a scrapper.

    This is kind of a Rube Goldberg type of scrapper that's really only good for a few limited applications--which is going to be a common theme in this thread, I think.

    It's also impractical (another common theme!) and I'm always accidentally reversing conveyors or opening crafting menus just trying to rotate the view. Setting the recipes for all the fab units is also a major pain.

    Let's make it rain with some resource block conversions.

    I needed to convert a lot of GSO blocks to Venture and this made it happen almost as quickly as I could feed blocks into the scrappers.

    But the real reason behind this tech is that I needed Venture Luxian blocks. GSO STUD lasers--I call them 'cans' because they kind of look a fancy tweeter, plus they're always littering the landscape in improbable places like aluminum cans. Also, what kind of name is 'GSO Wide Gauge STUD Laser' anyways??? It makes sense if the G in GSO stands for Government. But I digress.

    Anyways, cans are a decent source of Luxian, along with some Plumbia and Carbius. I didn't have any GSO Luxian blocks and I hate collecting it manually (when did the three rubber jelly chunks appear in my silo?) so scrapping cans is the name of the game.

    With a big collection area I can just drop stuff in and let everything happen instead of feeding each scrapper individually.

    Some blocks get kicked out because the collection area isn't big enough but that's fine. Those extras went to zeroing everything out at the end since I didn't bother counting how much I fed in. Once in a while the GSO alternator conveyors let more go to one side than another so there could be some manual cleanup too. By cleanup, I mean sending the tech back to inventory and considering it an acceptable amount of waste.

    So there you have it. You could plop down a 3x3 silo and a few scrapper/fab pairs and do the same thing, or you could spend hours on something that may get used a handful of times at best. In any case building this was fun and taught me a few new things. I feel like I'm just entering the stage where I know enough to make a few fun techs, and this is my thread to do it in.

    The first few seconds in each video are really poor quality and I'm not sure why. (edit: It's YouTube auto picking the resolution at first.)

    Hope you enjoyed!
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    The other day I went through a pillars biome and thought an organic charger would look good here. You can't really see it but the Venture 'vines' cling as close as possible to the pillar.


    wider view:

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    I got tired of NPC techs inconsiderately shooting everything in the flats biome I was living in, so I made this exquisitely hideous tech to protect a Celestite crystal and function as a dropoff/recharge station. Naturally, I wound up shooting it with a battleship cannon by mistake and it's gone now. :rolleyes:

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    Ignite is so hard to fin-- screen124.jpg
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    :eek::eek::eek: I LOVE IT
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    I see people complaining about pull requests from silos and needing six or more CFs to handle everything correctly. Here's a Big Bertha made with four Component Factories and no overspill. I haven't tried using less CFs yet.


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    Order of placement with the CFs makes a huge difference. I noticed that the CF with the 3rd tier dongle was requesting Tier 0 stuff, like Hardened Titanic. The CF with no dongle should really be doing that.

    So I yanked all the CFs, replaced them left to right--and had enough spillage to nearly make another battery.

    Yanked them again and placed right to left = no spillage.

    I'm not sure I can place everything correctly so parts are crafted faster. I still like bulk crafting better but an on demand system like this would be good until Venture 3 (= scrappers).

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