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Discussion in 'TT Translators' started by saiwun, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Telemak

    Telemak Well-Known Member TT Translator

    Thanks you.
  2. saiwun

    saiwun PAYLOAD STUDIOS Developer Producer

    Hi TT Translators. Are you free to translate names and descriptions for 15 TerraTech achievements please?

    Added to the intermediate translation sheets for Russian and Swedish and to translation docs in rows 4713-4742 for other languages.

    Many thanks, Sai Wun
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  3. TheSpaceMan

    TheSpaceMan Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe TT Translator

    I will soonishâ„¢
  4. Mr-Vagabond

    Mr-Vagabond Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe TT Translator

    @saiwun Achievement translate for french

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